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There are a list of good places to visit in Australia, but Adelaide definitely ranks amongst the top. This is due to its many exciting characteristics, which contributes to the overall beauty and tourism of the Australia. The city boasts of a rich cultural heritage, as well as beautiful natural attractions and landscapes. Consequently, these are some of the factors that has helped it develop a robust business landscape and economy, from over the years.

Some of the things to look out for on your visit should include the wide variety of cuisines, tourist attractions and the city’s architecture.

Adelaide is one of the most populated cities in the whole of Australia. As a result, there’s always something going on, all-year-round and there is never a dull moment.

Employment opportunities

Employment is one of the most important aspects of moving overseas. It should be the first thing you secure before making any other decisions. It determines how you would be able to live in the new city, what kinds of lifestyle you will live as well as the type of house you will stay in. Adelaide’s economy provides plenty of employment opportunities for both citizens and immigrants.

One advantage of securing jobs in South Australia’s Adelaide city, is the fact that there are several listed jobs that would take workers without a work experience. This means, applicants can pick up the jobs, once basic training and educational requirements have been met.

Aside from this, job listings may be broadly categorised as those requiring some form of formal training, and those that are largely unskilled. There are work and study job packages for students, where they can work during their scheduled free hours. It is also possible to find part time manual jobs with flexible working hours, where you can earn up to a hundred thousand dollars per annum.

When on the hunt for a job, do be proactive and explore all opportunities available. This could be in terms of job portals, recruitment agencies as well as the employers’ own website. Always be prepared for interviews and make sure your resume stays updated.

Recommendations for professional job seekers

Now, for professionals moving into the city, some other practical steps may be recommended so as to facilitate faster and your most desired job placements. A good way to get considered for a position by employers, is to be an active member of your professional work association. There are trade and labor associations such as those for health practitioners, engineers, media experts, etcetera.

Work permit process for foreigners

Usually, all immigrants intending to work in Australia, are required to obtain a work permit. The work permit may differ, depending on the purpose and duration of stay in the country. For student visas, it often comes with the additional benefit of working for up to 20 hours per week during the academic term, and for as long as they want to, while their schools are on vacation. Regulations also allow family members of all visiting students that have joined them in the city, to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week.

However, other types of foreigners in Adelaide require a separate work visa, depending on the type of their intended activities.

The permanent skilled work visa is further divided into three different subclasses:

  • The permanent skilled nominated visa, otherwise known as the subclass 190

Holders of this work permit have been sponsored by the state, and are allowed to work in Adelaide as permanent residents of South Australia. As the name implies, this work visa is only issued to skilled professional immigrants who want to stay and work in the state.

  • The permanent skilled independent visa, otherwise known as the subclass 189

Holders of this work visa are not in any sponsored by a third party. Interested persons for this visa are required to submit an the expression of interest (EOI) form, after which a screening and selection process would take place.

  • The regional sponsored migration scheme, otherwise known as the subclass 187

This type of work visa is granted after that an indigenous business must have requested to source for employee for their businesses, outside of Australia. Immigrants holding this visa would be mandated to work for the business, through which they got the permit.

Other categories of work permits are the business visa, issued to existing entrepreneurs who are intending to expand their businesses to cut across new frontiers.

Temporary work visas on another hand, are now generally known as the temporary skills shortage (TSS) visas. They are of two broad categories namely the short term and the middle term.

Housing and cost of living

On average, monthly house rent for a 900 sqft home in the Adelaide area, goes for about A$1,445. This is excluding cost of basic amenities, and other essential services like transportation.

Even with the supposedly high housing rates, Adelaide homes are still reasonably cheaper than other major cities.

There are a number of cheaper yet reasonably comfortable housing options in the suburbs, few minutes drive from the Adelaide city area.

Schools and education system

South Australia’s educational system is well structured to provide one of the best educational services in the world. Aside from the fact that the educational system is top notch, you wouldn’t find it any difficult putting your children in a school with guaranteed standards.

There are a good number of schools for all levels, and the requirements are quite similar with international standards.

Most of the tertiary institutions among amongst the best in the world, with the University of Adelaide falling within the top 120 universities as at 2018.

Driving license and its requirements

To be eligible to drive, drivers must first be issued a South Australian driver’s license before they can be allowed to ply its roads. Obtaining a drivers’ license from the state’s authorities is simple. Applicants only need to follows a step-by-step process, which could be initiated on the South Australia state’s official road license website.

The basic requirements before application are:

  • Applicant must be over 17 years of age.
  • Such persons if over 25 years of age, must have been holders of the learner’s permit for a period not less than 6 months. If less than 25 years of age, then applicant must have been holder of such permit for not lesser than 12 months.
  • Should have passed a practical driving test, aptly monitored by an approved instructor. The driving test includes a 75 hour driving record, out of which 15 hours must have been carried out in the night.
  • Applicant must also complete a CBT and A course, under an instructor.

Healthcare systems

The healthcare system in Australia is remarkable, especially Adelaide which ranks amongst the country’s best. There are national free health service schemes for immigrants, as well as subsidised health provisions for the population. Note that the free healthcare provisions only applies to immigrants coming from countries like the New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, and a few other countries.

But, the subsidised healthcare provisions would cover the indigenous populations, as well as other immigrants to a specific extent.

The Medicare service is responsible for the free healthcare services. Its office in Adelaide is located along Port Adelaide, while two other functioning branches are located at Torrensville and Modbury.

Do note that healthcare, infrastructure, education, and other factors have contributed to the reasons why Adelaide ranks amongst the first 10 most liveable cities in the world.


According to major world rankings, Adelaide has continued to top the list of cities with the best characteristics, like security. Over the years, the city has recorded relatively low instances of security challenges or inadequacies. In fact, Adelaide has been tipped to be the safest city of all the 30 major cities in Australia.

Food and culture

In the whole of Australia, Adelaide prides as one of the cities with the most diverse array of food cuisines, and culture. In fact, this is a reason why it has become a popular tourist destination for people coming on vacations, and other visits to the country. Enjoy the varieties of food and drinks from palaw to pickled octopus, lamington, oxtail broth, and a list of others. The Kaurna customs and cultural legacies are an ingrained part of contemporary Adelaide’s cultural presentations.

Fun facts about Adelaide

Below are some five interesting facts, that you probably did not know about Adelaide:

  • The city is the largest reservoir of aboriginal artefacts and cultural elements.
  • The new Royal Adelaide Hospital (nRAH) situated on a 10 hectare piece of land, costs over 2 billion Australian dollars, and hence one of the most expensive buildings ever constructed.
  • Adelaide plays host to the largest glass houses in the whole southern hemisphere. It’s botanic gardens is a massive entity, that has become a major wonder to tourists.
  • The city is highly accessible such that you can reach every major point in the city within 20 minutes. This is an indicator to its top notch transportation framework.
  • Adelaide is remarkably known for its best wine brew products, and is definitely one of the world’s best wine originators.

The city of Adelaide is a good reason to travel, and you wouldn’t know much of this until you’ve arrived at the city. Everything is well organised, with a lot to enjoy and explore.

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