Australia’s capital city, Canberra, is a highly popular city for expats with its appeal coming from its stellar city planning, high gross income rate, population and available institutions. Canberra has a good number of cultural sites and buildings that are heavy laden with historical meanings. It is easy to be captivated by this alluring charm. This city also has the highest gross income in Australia, even higher than the national average.

If you are looking to move to a city with some history and favourable employment conditions, then Canberra is the perfect place for you. Of course, to help you with your move, you will need a city guide and here’s where we come in!

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Employment opportunities

Employment in Canberra is notoriously competitive because employers are known to have high expectations of their employees but this should not scare you away. In fact, at slightly above 95%, Canberra has a very high employment rate. The Canberra environment is a great place to nurture your career due to the healthy career competition be it in the government or private sectors. It also helps that employees in Canberra are well paid, with an average income higher than the nation’s.

Networking with residents

In Canberra, it helps a lot if you already know some people who can link you up with the right employers. This is because not all vacancies are publicly advertised and Canberra. Hence, you should try to get on board these networking groups via social media, especially via LinkedIn. This should help you to stay abreast of what is happening and any new openings that come up.

Job seekers

Canberra is known for its availability of job seekers systems to help people find the right employers. Whether you have a lot of experience or none at all, there are systems in place to ensure that you find a job that fits your experience level. Follow up on job seekers websites like,, and many others to know about openings that suit your interests.

If you are new to Canberra, you will need a working permit in order to find a job.

Work permit process for foreigners

There are different types of visas available and issued by the Australian government. Each one has their own advantages and limitations.

  • Student visa: You can get a student visa if you are moving to Canberra for education related purposes. 25% of immigrants to Canberra are students.
  • Skill shortage visas: The employers advertise and get employees from places outside Australia and employees are provided a temporary visa for the duration of the project.
  • Permanent residency visa: This is an option that will allow you to be able to secure a job when moving to Canberra. It has includes benefits like insurance and tax as well as extending to the ability to invite relatives.
  • Citizenship: Citizenship comes after getting your resident visa and having lived in the city for a while.

There are different supporting schemes set up by the government to help you with getting a visa. Each visa has its set rules and requirements. You may contact The Department of Home Affairs or find out more information regarding your visa through their website.

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Housing and cost of living

Canberra has a reputation of having high rental rates, but this is due to the fact that residents also earn a higher income as compared to other cities. As with all cities, the prices of houses in Canberra differ based on its location, with prime areas costing more than the others.

More recently, the cost of rent have increased in the city and some real estate experts would suggest that you might even save more in the long run if you decide to buy a house. However, this is entirely dependent on your budget.

Navigating the housing market in Canberra is easy with real estate websites like, flatmatesfinder and others. If you prefer to live close to the city center, you can expect to pay an average rent of $600 per week and if you live in the suburban, it would cost an average of $450 per week.


Canberra is home to over 150 educational institutions ranging from preschool to tertiary institutions. These consist of both public and privately owned institutions, all of which operate according to Australian government standards. Fees as well as school rules and regulations may vary depending on the institution applied for. It is important to check these things before choosing an institution. Expect to see a lot of your people in Canberra, as education is one of the top reasons why people choose to relocate there.


There are various modes of transport in Canberra, with one of the most popular option being cycling, especially if you end up living close to where you work. Otherwise, public transportation by bus or by taxis are also available. can help you understand the transport system and you can save money on public buses by using a MyWay card. Taxis are more expensive but you have the option of on-demand taxi services which may cost you less.

If you have a car and a license, it is important to register and update your license within the first 3 months of your move, while it is still free. Otherwise you may need to do an entirely new license which includes tests and its fees.


Healthcare in Canberra is readily available. There are many hospitals and clinics in and around the city, and these consist of private hospital, public hospital and community health centers. As for health insurance, you may want to check out the “Create your Future policy” under Medicare, in which you will be issued a health card to use any time you visit a hospital. If you prefer a more comprehensive coverage, there are private insurance options available as well. Health is important and you can trust that Canberra has got you covered.

Culture and recreation

When it comes to culture and recreational spots, Canberra does not let down. Being the state capital, it is home to many of Australia’s cultural facilities and has a lot of provision for inland recreational activities like picnics, golfing, taking a walk, hiking, sightseeing and other activities. Expect to see a lot of architectural monuments and interesting structures like the National Zoo, National Museum and Mountain Resort. You can check out more activities here.

Sustainability and city planning

Canberra is a beautifully planned city, where its city planning takes into account the needs of its residents and thus ensures that facilities are located at the residents’ convenience. The city is also big on sustainability with a goal to become a zero waste city, its bans on certain polythene products and its commitment in making use of reusable methods and materials for production. Canberra has policies in place that has reduced the amount of greenhouse effect by a large extent and is still working towards the no waste goal. The sustainable policies in Canberra makes it one of the most pleasurable cities to live in globally.

Canberra has so much to offer and it will definitely put a tick to the checklist of you wanting a fulfilling and high quality of life. Hopefully with all these information you are now ready to ace your move to this amazing city.

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