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The Tower Bridge is a culturally diverse area in London

3 Most Culturally Diverse Areas In London And What To Do There

Recently, London has turned into one of the most ethnically diverse cities. More than 300 languages are spoken in the city, and the 201 census reveals an overwhelming cultural diversity in the land. Today, London is categorized as the world’s great global city. The population here is soaring, and the dominance of the UK’s economic and cultural life is more entrenched than ever.

In 2019, the people born outside London made up an estimated 14 percent of its total population. Speaking of the exact figures, the foreign-born population in the UK increased from 5.3 million in 2004 to 9.5 million in 2019. During the period from 2014 to 2019, the share of foreign citizens also increased from 5 percent to 9 percent. When looking for cultural diversity UK, you will find countless stats illustrating the increased migration over the past few years.

The financial perks of migration are also evident. London has become the most productive city and a vivid image of cultural diversity in the UK, robust in internationally traded services. Apart from this, people who live or visit here are exposed to a wide array of leisure and opportunities. Like Chinatown and Brixton, top multicultural neighbourhoods are the ultimate tourist places.

There are more than 200 languages spoken in London, making it the ultimate definition of multicultural. Perhaps the distinct fusion of British heritage spikes multiculturalism and draws people towards it, making it an immigrant-friendly London.

Or maybe it is due to the incredible amount of activities and attractions offered by the city that catch the most eyes. Some of the most culturally diverse places you can visit in this city are:

1. Chinatown

Chinatown in London
Photo credit: 123RF

There is never a wrong time to visit Chinatown. It stands in the centre of London’s West End. The unique mélange of shops, diners, and cafes makes this an attraction for the Londoners. The place is bounded by four gates marking your passage in an area unlike other sites in the city.

Chinese immigrants settled in this part of London in the 18th century. And today, Chinatown is packed with Chinese bakeries, supermarkets, and more than 80 Chinese restaurants. With this in the discussion, we recommend getting yourself in the Dim Sum Parlour on Gerrard Street. Some restaurants feature Chinese cuisine that you won’t find in other places.

Regional entertainment

This is the place that provides you with real insight into how the Chinese live in London. Many dining places are waiting for you to explore and devour the scrumptious cuisine. Along with these, there are many ornate decorations to marvel at. This includes Pagoda-style street furniture, Paifangs, and the Lion.

In February, if you are there, we highly recommend visiting Chinatown for Chinese New Year celebrations. It is an extraordinary event with fireworks, floats, and performances. The Chinese Festival is a depiction of cultural diversity in the UK.

Work culture

The Chinese culture is evident in all the nooks and crannies of this town. You will find most people engrossed in Chinese businesses and promoting their culture.

Housing neighbourhood

Even the residential area of this town speaks out loud about the Chinese inclination. The housing units follow an ancient Chinese architectural pattern embellished with lanterns and ancient scribbles

2. Camden Town

Camden town in London
Photo credit: 123RF

Camden Town is well-known for its restaurants, shopping, and endless entertainment.

Camden Town should stay atop your list when pondering where to go in London. It is creative, artsy, and buzzing with live music. The markets and the hustle of this town will surely keep you spellbound for a while. No wonder Camden Town tops the list when discussing the immigrant-friendly London.

One of the best things that make this town worth visiting is its people. It has a diverse mix of visitors and locals who hail from across the world to enjoy the relaxed vibe in this town. Given its artsy inclination, it isn’t a surprise to know that most famous poets and writers hail from this place.

Virginia Wolf, Amy Whitehouse, Charles Dickens, and Dylan Thomas are some famous residents.

Regional Entertainment

When in Camden Town, one should not miss visiting the market at Camden Lock. Another market worth mentioning in this town is the Buck Street Market. This is a quirky site made of recycled shopping containers. When strolling in the streets of Camden Town, the artwork on the walls will surely surprise you. The areas where you are likely to find the best artwork are Hawley Street, Kentish Town Road, and Castleheaven Road.

There are Cuban cafes and bars all over Camden Town. Some eateries worth visiting in Camden Town include the Shaka Zulu and Poppies Fish and Chips. And when it is time for dessert, look into the Chin Chin Lab located right by the Camden Market. This was the first UK ice cream parlour to freeze the ice cream with liquid nitrogen,

One of Camden’s most famous spots is Roadhouse. It is a circular Victorian building used to turn around the train engines. This has become a renowned place for performing arts, theatrical performances, and art workshops.

Work Culture

Camden has the world’s third-highest number of startups. Even large corporations are trying to find homes in the town because of its robust work culture. The creative mindset and ethical organizational balance bring fruitful rewards for the corporate entities working here. The transport links and atmosphere has proven quite effective for them.

Housing Neighborhoods

Camden has proven itself as one of London’s best places to live. You must visit here if you want the true taste of London cultural diversity.

Its location, diversity, and lively vibe are undoubtedly a jewel to live in. The bustle will keep you entertained and on your toes throughout the stay. If you are visiting, you can easily find a place to rent. But if you are here to stay, we strongly suggest you find an apartment in the centre of the town.

3. Brixton

Brixton mall in London
Photo credit: 123RF

Brixton was a secret treasure of London for years. It was only recently when people started exploring the place and what to do in London when they discovered this fantastic location.

The town has had a substantial artistic and cultural impact on the world. This is where well-known names like David Bowie, Danny Kirwin, and Adele lived once upon a time.

Regional Entertainment

When you are in Brixton, don’t forget to check out The Clink Restaurant by Her Majesty’s Prison. It is staffed by the prisoners eligible to earn credits towards the National Vocational Qualification in Catering and Hospitality.

Besides this, the town is crammed with Caribbean food. You can hear Reggae music as you stroll down its streets. Moreover, they celebrate Jamaican Independence Day yearly.

Not only this, if you are in the mood to dance it away, you can check out Gremio de Brixton, where they host DJ parties and dance evenings.

Splash Festival is the festival that happens in Brixton regularly. It is held on the first Sunday of August every year. It involves celebrating Jamaican culture where the local artists and singers perform on the stage. This is another depiction of the cultural diversity of London that we always hear about.

Work culture

Brixton has a work culture that follows specific regulations. Although many people find them rigid, you can watch the rewards when you keep working in the area for a long time. Also, most people are working from home, so Brixton is a popular place to live now. This town’s culture and glorious food are definitely a compelling factor for people.

Another feature that stands out about this place is the currency. Brixton has its own currency called the Brixton Pound. The idea is that this money will encourage the people of Brixton to shop locally.

Housing Neighborhoods

You will find plenty of housing societies in Brixton. You can choose a space according to your budget requirements. Besides this, the tube takes only 15 minutes to travel from Brixton to central London. Impact Brixton is only a minute’s walk away from this transport hub. This makes it one of the most accessible co-working spaces in the town.

If you like the sound of everything that London has to offer, you might be packing your bags by now. But before you do that, let us remind you that you should know how to tread in this culturally diverse land. Acknowledge yourself about what to do in London and where to go in London before you take a flight.

You may find hundreds of languages being spoken on the streets, but you should learn where to find your clan. A little help is always needed when you are new in busy London. You will find a new culture to dive into and explore on every street. You can pick places according to your interests and spend time according to the demands of that place. Believe us when we say that London is a must-visit place for travel freaks.

The dynamic energy of this city, coupled with its sophisticated aura, will engulf you in its glory the moment you step in. It is the place that shows humans from all over the globe can live in one place and turn into a productive force. The city will surely steal your heart with its cultural diversity and compel you to return!

We hope this guide helped you map your journey here. Don’t forget to share which town attracts you the most!

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