choosing the right disposal service when moving out

3 Tips For Choosing Disposal Services When Moving Out

Planning to relocate abroad? From handling the logistics of moving to getting your current premises all cleaned out in preparation for the big move, it can get really overwhelming for some. Check out our guide here for decluttering tips!

To help ensure you are on track with your plans for the big move, here is a simple guide to yet another step in the relocation process that most tend to forget about – engaging a disposal service!

Read on to learn 3 simple things to look out for when picking the right disposal services provider.

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1. Check If They Can Dispose of Your Bulky Items

Let us be clear, not all disposal service companies are the same. Some may specialize in disposing of certain types of household items like furniture like beds and sofas and not large electrical appliances like refrigerators.

Others might charge different rates for bulky items or items that require dismantling beforehand as well, so make sure to enquire about the rates upfront to avoid a nasty shock.

Here is a tip on how to go about your enquiry:

  1. Start by making a checklist of the items that you require to be disposed
  2. Drop a call or send an email to the companies to check they provide disposal services for all the categories of items you require help in disposing, along with a quote.

2. Understand if They Have the Necessary Experience

When it comes to waste or furniture disposal, the more experienced the firm is, the better the service they can provide you.

Want a hassle-free disposal process? Simply ask each potential service provider the following questions before engaging them to get a good sense of their experience:

  • How many similar projects have they handled beforehand?
  • How long will the disposal process take?
  • What will the process be like for you?
  • Are there any things you need to prepare before the disposal?

With responses from more than one company, you can easily check across to make sure they are consistent with industry standards.

Our advice? Go for the disposal company that can answer your questions best and confidently. This shows they know what they are doing.

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3. Ensure They Are Certified

Last but not least, you want to make sure that you are hiring a certified and licensed professional. Many countries these days have strict laws on environmental policies, and you do not want to make the wrong move by hiring a company that does not adhere to those laws.

An easy way to go about doing this is to check if they are listed on the local statutory agency’s website or ask them to provide certification for your reference.

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