3 Tips To Pack And Safely Ship Bulky Items After COVID-19

Regardless if you’re migrating to Singapore or moving overseas, the entire process can be quite stressful. Worrying about transporting large, fragile and bulky items can double it. Personal belongings like antiques, books, glassware, golf club set and musical instruments require more care and attention in both the packing and shipping process to ensure that your package arrives safely and intact.

Even though travelling is not recommended at the moment during Covid-19, it’s good to be prepared before your actual move once the situation gets better. Here are three tips to transport your bulky items safely. Plan Your Journey Now! 

1. Measure and weigh your items

Weight is definitely a challenge for packaging and shipping. If you don’t choose a durable solution, then your packaging could give way in the moving process – putting your product at the risk of damage throughout the shipping process. Meanwhile, the size is another setback, mainly if they are irregularly shaped or have uneven edges that could easily be damaged during transport.

You’d want to know what you’re dealing with in black and white. To do so, you must measure and weigh your items first. Only then can you determine the type of packaging and the international relocation service you require to transport your heavy items safely.

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2. Properly pack and secure your items

As your items are bulky, you would want to make sure that your packages can withstand any form of vibrations or movements while in transit, especially for granite items which could easily shatter. No matter the material, imported items should be packed to withstand the rigours of travelling long haul.

Here are some tips to keep in mind for properly packing your heavy items:

  • Use stronger, thicker constructed boxes with stapled seams rather than glued seams.
  • Invest in new boxes instead of reusing old ones, which may have lost its durability, and ensure that they can carry the weight.
  • Fill up the empty spaces with engineered foam and bubble wrap to prevent movement.
  • Seal the boxes with heavy-duty tapes. Go over the seam’s multiple times for extra security.

For preventive measures, double the box and then pad the space around the carton with adequate cushioning.

3. Choose a moving company to transport your items safely

Now that you have the details of your items penned down, you can start looking for a team of experienced removalists that knows how to ship and transport your goods in a way that minimises damage. When planning for a move, it is understandable how overwhelming the situation can be, especially if it’s your first time having to deal with moving large, heavy items. For instance, if you’re moving to Auckland, enlisting the help of a moving company that you can depend on can help ease the load and guide you through the process.


As one of the world’s trusted international relocation platforms, we curate quality partners who are well-versed with the handling of heavy items. From planning the move to packing your items for shipping, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Know that your items will be in good hands as our movers pride themselves in taking the utmost care when handling your belongings.

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