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4 Signs That It’s Time To Consider Relocating To A New City

Moving to a new city may seem incredibly daunting, especially if you’re doing so for the first time. Uprooting the life you’re used to and beginning a brand new one often comes with a mixture of feelings: while part of you may feel excitement towards embarking on a new chapter in your life, another part may feel a sense of failure. Whether you’ve landed a job in a new city or you need a change of pace, there comes a time where relocating is the best option for your needs.

Finding the best time for a move can be tricky. You may feel reluctant to leave behind the life you’ve built in your current home, the relationships you’ve forged and the career that you’ve been working on. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to miss out on new opportunities that you can’t receive in your current city. Plan Your Journey Now! 

If you’re feeling conflicted on whether to stay or move, here are 4 signs that it may be time to consider relocating to a new city. 

1. You need a change of pace

Has fast-paced city life gotten too stressful for you? Missing fresh, clean air with little pollution? If you’re looking to slow down and live off the land, moving to a smaller city may help you to fulfil just that. Conversely, if you’re tired of the mundane pace of your small town where everyone knows each other, it’s a great idea to move to a bigger city where only a few people know who you are. Regardless, relocating to somewhere new can embolden you in ways you never knew.

If you aren’t sure of which pace is ideal for you, you can always move to a country that offers a mix of both. For instance, relocation to New Zealand can provide you with the freedom to choose between either a fast-paced city or a mellow town – it can be anything you want it to be!

2. You’ve found better job opportunities

 In today’s ever-connected world, having to live in the same city as where you work has become obsolete in some ways. Remote working is becoming increasingly popular, with many opting to live a digital nomad lifestyle. However, location still remains prime in certain industries.

For instance, if you want to build a career in entertainment, music or fashion, living in big cities like New York or Los Angeles is ideal. Tech enthusiast? You can’t go wrong with living in San Francisco! Even if you’ve yet to enter the game, don’t hold yourself back from moving for the career that you’re dreaming of. 

3. Your goals have changed

After pouring years of study and thousands of dollars into pursuing our chosen fields, it almost feels wrong to change your path. Given that you likely chose your career path in your late teens, it’s only natural that your goals change over time. If you decide that you’re tired of your office job and aspire to start your own culinary business instead, by all means head to the city that will give you the best opportunities to do so. In the case that you decide to switch back to your old career, at least you’ll have stories to tell about your experiences.

4. You haven’t lived elsewhere

While some people wish to spend their entire lives in their hometown, living abroad at least once broadens your perspective and contributes to self-growth. Living in a foreign country changes your outlook on different cultures, which transforms you into a more critical and reflective individual. Through learning how to assimilate, you also become more open-minded. Navigating through the hurdles of living abroad helps you to achieve a better sense of ‘self’, as you learn more about your strengths and weaknesses when facing these difficulties.

If you aren’t completely sure about where you want to spend your life, it doesn’t hurt to explore somewhere new and figure things out while you’re at it.


Living abroad is a life-changing experience. But apart from settling into your new life, there are also many relocation logistics that you’ll have to handle. To take some of it off your plate, consider engaging with Moovaz to help you out!

As one of the best international moving companies in Singapore, United States of America, New Zealand and more, we strive to ease your move with our quality global relocation services. From packing and moving, to connecting you with our network of trusted partners, we provide all the resources you need to settle into your new city! 

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