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4 Ways How Technology Enhances The Relocation Process

Technology has left a prominent imprint in our lives, and there’s still more to come. It has changed our lives and impacted almost all industries, and the moving sector is no exception. Here’s 4 ways how technology enhances the relocation process.

The integration of technology in global relocation services has significantly shaped the development of moving companies, allowing them to progress and expand beyond borders. With that, let’s find out how Moovaz incorporates technology in our system to elevate your relocation process.

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1. Provides 24/7 customer support through a chatbot

With artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots being the hot topics in technology, most businesses have turned towards 24/7 customer support services, usually in the form of chatbots. For example, our Moovaz Relocation Consultant chatbox provides four prompts that you might have regarding our services. As international movers in Singapore, we can then serve you better by overcoming the time zone barrier since it’s available online regardless of time and location.

Furthermore, chatbots can handle multiple conversations that happen concurrently with various clients. With the introduction of constant communication through chatbots, our customer service can save time on answering frequently asked questions. Instead, they can focus on dealing with more complex matters, which can be prompted by clicking on the “Speak to a relocation consultant” button.

2. Ensures an excellent level of service through feedback

At Moovaz, it’s necessary to know what we’re doing right or wrong from our customers. Our customers are the best people to share with us their first-hand experience. And as a result, we can consider our customers’ feedback and enhance our services.

In terms of the moving process, we work with numerous intermediaries to bring a single move to fruition. That’s precisely why we’ve included a scoring system to ensure that our partners are always giving their best service. At the same time, customers can also provide their feedback on our services with ease. All in all, we get to continually improve our services rendered while maintaining quality service for our customers.

3. Calculates the estimated cost for a move

Through AI, we offer customers cost estimations and quotes. Customers can key in the location they’re moving from and to, along with other fields as required. Thereafter, they can easily receive a price quotation without much hassle or a package that suits their criteria.

Due to the precise and quick nature of this kind of service, it will certainly enhance the customer’s experience. By giving customers the ability to “self-generate” a quote, they can start to plan for their relocation more smoothly. At the same time, customers can curate their preferences and requirements of their moving needs aside from just enquiring on cost.

4. Ability to track goods

From start to finish, Moovaz allows customers to keep track of the journey of their household items and others, anytime within the process. As we emphasise on customer experience, we want to give our customers a sense of control as well as reassurance that their items are on their way to them.

The ability to track goods also allows for the creation of a realistic timeline. This is excellent for us to manage our schedule better as we might be juggling with several requests. It also helps customers plan their touchdown date according to their shipments’ arrival.

With that, the four factors mentioned above are some of the many ways in which our technology reshapes the relocation process for both Moovaz and our customers. As we’re part of the moving industry, our removalists are often adapting and evolving with the changing times, which is no surprise since they’re always on the move. Through our various use of technology, we strive always to improve our services so that we can serve you better in time to come.

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