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[:en]5 Important Places To Locate After Moving To Your New City[:]

Moving to a new city can be overwhelming and disorienting. Unfamiliar surroundings, new faces and a different routine can make you feel alienated and uneasy at the beginning of your relocation. An effective way to cope with your post-relocation acclimatisation is by introducing order to your new space and getting to know the exact location of every important place in the area.

Explore your new city and find the important places you will need on a daily basis. This will allow you to adjust quickly and effortlessly to your new environment as well as help you deal with a number of urgent post-relocation tasks if needed.

But where should you be heading to? Here are 5 important places you need to locate after moving to your new city.

1. Supermarkets and shopping centres

Replenishing your provisions will be vital upon arriving at your new home. Although you may have prepared some essentials such as toiletries and non-perishable food, you’re likely to need some urgent supplies during the first few days of your arrival. You’ll be in need of cleaning supplies, fresh produce, personal care items and a few other small but crucial items. Knowing where the local supermarket is will definitely be useful to help you stock up on ingredients for healthy home-made meals and household supplies that will enable you to organise your new home and get your daily routine on track.

However, you probably won’t be able to acquire everything you need from a supermarket. As such, shopping centres are your next best bet. Research on all nearby shopping centres as soon as possible. This not only provides you with a variety of shopping options, but it also gives you the opportunity to interact with your neighbours as well.

2. Your workplace

You won’t want to be late on the first day of work, so don’t leave locating your workplace to the last minute! Even if you’re living close to your workplace, make it a priority to find the easiest, shortest and most convenient route to get to work every morning.

If you intend to drive your own vehicle, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the infrastructure and traffic flow to know which roads to take and estimate how long it’ll take to commute. Furthermore, you’ll need to be sure of the available parking space and how much you may need to pay to park your vehicle.

If you’re travelling by public transportation, make sure that you’re familiar with the schedules of buses and trains, along with their corresponding stations.

3. Your child’s school

Regardless of how much time you have before the start of a school year, it’s crucial to take your school-age children on an exploratory trip to their new school. Your children will certainly experience some uncertainty while transitioning to another school, so taking them there beforehand helps to ease their anxiety and allow them to be familiar with their surroundings.

This trip will also give you some peace of mind by finding the shortest and safest route to drop them off at school every day. The first week of school will be a lot less stressful when you’re well-prepared and know what to expect.

4. Medical care facilities

Even if you’re healthy and don’t require any medical assistance soon after you move, your new family clinic and a nearby pharmacy should top your list of places to locate after moving to a new city. Do your research on trustworthy, experienced healthcare providers to ensure your well-being during a medical crisis.

Be sure to also locate the nearest hospital and walk-in clinic, just in case. On your first visit to your new health providers, don’t forget to bring all relevant documents such as medical records and test results.

5. Institutions

To successfully complete all your relocation paperwork and run daily errands efficiently, you’ll need to find these key institutions at the earliest opportunity:

Banks: You’ll need to locate your nearest bank offices to take care of your finances. Upon moving, you’ll probably have a few financial obligations to settle, or you may want to open a new bank account and update your credit card. For these purposes, convenient bank services are essential for security and financial stability in your new city.

• Post office: You’re likely to find a good number of post-relocation services at the post office. You can change your address, use a temporary post box to receive your mail, renew your subscriptions and send letters to friends and family in your old city.

• Auto services: If you’re renting a car after relocating, it’s a good idea to have your car checked and serviced by an authorised auto service. Find one near your area and only entrust your vehicle to professional auto services that have the specialised equipment and experience to handle your car type and model. You’ll also need to fuel up your car regularly, so research and compare your options to locate an affordable gas station near your new home.


Without a doubt, starting a new life in an unfamiliar location can be incredibly overwhelming. However, as you explore your new city on a daily basis, your self-confidence and peace of mind will improve over time. International moving is extremely stressful, so why not ease some of your worries with Moovaz!

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