Top 5 Relocation Platforms That Will Provide Great Engagement Throughout The Relocation Journey

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Imagine an untapped population the size of Italy, with an average annual income just shy of USD 100,000. With high purchasing power and customer engagement, they are both willing and able to spend on the goods and services that will make their lives better. Imagine all the opportunities this market can bring to your business. If only you can find a way to reach them.

Well, meet the global expat population. In 2017, the international market research company Finaccord estimated that there were over 56.8 million expatriates globally. According to the Singapore government, there are close to 200,000 of these expats in the country as of 2020. This number represents untapped potential for your business. However, companies are slow to market to expats despite the high potential. This is unfortunate because expats are often easy to convert, digital savvy and actively in need of solutions.

So you want to market to expats, now what? If you’re new to the field, perhaps the best place to start is by partnering with relocation platforms for customer engagement. These are businesses that focus on making the relocation process an easy one for expats, by either handling the entire process for them through start to end, or connecting them to the right services they need for a hassle-free move. They are often the first port of call for expats, and the trusted advisor as they venture into their new lives. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite relocation platforms to  help you understand how they work for their customers better.


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Moovaz is an international relocation platform company that provides end-to-end overseas relocation services. This spans from visa and immigration, accommodations, job search and even school search. Till date, Moovaz has relocated more than 10,000 individuals and families across 200+ cities globally. What this means for you is that partnering with Moovaz gives you instant access to millions of customers searching for trustworthy relocation services like yours. Furthermore, Moovaz offers a one-stop relocation platform for your clients to plan and purchase all things relocation; increasing your sales revenue without much effort from your end.


Localyze is an all-in-one platform that aims to guide customers through global mobility challenges, from relocating new hires to visa changes, postings and transfers between offices. Localyze provides great engagement throughout the relocation journey by bringing together seamless technology, transparency, and unrivalled service.


UrbanBound is the smart relocation software solution which leverages on technology and removes the inevitable stressors of relocating for a new job. It offers relocation solutions for enterprise companies during the employee relocation process. UrbanBound empowers companies with the technology to administer, track, and optimize relocation benefits, all while providing a tailored employee experience. Their platform connects the right people at the right time by forecasting and containing relocation costs, building smarter policies and distributing better benefits. What this means for you is that partnering with UrbanBound allows for higher efficiency through the relocation journey.


If you are in the real estate or property management industry, Updater might be the partner you need. Updater helps make moving easier and less stressful for your clients, driving increased value for your business. It does this through personalised experiences such as providing a customised corporate dashboard that shows exactly what your customers needs. This allows you to deliver excellence, on time, every time. For instance, Updater allows you to upload your preferred offerings into the system, increasing the chances that your clients will purchase value added services directly from you.


FLYTTA is a Next Generation Mobility Company that offers a relocation software which is built for enterprises and their employees. Their one-stop shop manages domestic and global relocations and is used by various companies to scale their relocation needs. Flytta is committed in ensuring high customer satisfaction and boasts high efficiency with the use of cloud based analytics and other technology integration. If you are looking for a technology-driven and a customer centric mobility platform to interconnect all stakeholders, FLYTTA might be the partner you need.


With the right strategy and partner(s), you can be on your way to greater customer engagement in this mobile community as well. Thankfully, Moovaz is the end-to-end international relocation platform that can help you do just that. Partner With Us Today to get started!

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