5 Services You Need To Prepare For Your Post-Relocation

As the saying goes, “life is a journey, not a destination”. With this motto in mind, it explains why we’re always moving and settling down. And since moving is often associated with stress and feeling overwhelmed, unpacking and settling down should connote relaxation and serenity.

Having a peaceful post-relocation is possible, but it can be done well when you engage with the right kind of services to assist you with it. Without further ado, here are some services you’d need as you settle down in the new city.

1. A short-term apartment

In an ideal world, the schedule of your move would match up coincidentally. Your existing home lease will end the moment you leave, and your future apartment will be ready once you arrive. But life works differently sometimes. You need to always stay on your toes, as you prepare yourself for whatever curveball that might come your way.

One thing you can do is to rent a short-term apartment first. Once that’s settled, you can quickly move in after your arrival in the country. Plus, you will have time to explore more about what’s in your neighbourhood and who your neighbours are – this can help introduce you all the fun your new country has to offer. Searching for a place to stay? Get in touch with our Relo Buddies today! 

2. Social groups

Regardless if you are relocating alone or with your family, this is a good opportunity for you to meet new people as you try to create a new life here. Try to get involved in the community by joining social groups or getting a gym membership. That way, you can learn more about your new home and country while meeting a new set of friends.

3. Household needs

It’s good to have the contact information of household services on hand because you’ll never know when you need them. For instance, your new home might need to undergo some construction works to fit your needs better. In this case, leaving the tasks to professional cleaning and repair services can help ease the process of settling down as you focus on other aspects that need your attention.

4. Telecommunication

When you relocate, you’re in it for the long run. In other words, relying on your data roaming plan won’t suffice. It may not be a value-for-money decision too. You’d need to get the basics covered, and this includes a SIM card, mobile plan and most importantly, a stable Wi-Fi connection. Even when you’re miles away from your loved ones, having a stable means of contact can help bridge the gap. Source for Telco and Utilities services with our Relo Buddies today!

5. Transportation

Figuring out how to navigate around the public transportation system is essential. Not only will it save you some cash, but it’ll also help you assimilate and feel like a true local as you get around the city. But if you’re moving to a city with hard-to-access public transport, you can consider getting a car rental so you can easily move around via GPS. By settling this before your relocation, it’ll help you save a lot of time as you can jump into running your errands conveniently. Get around with our Relo Buddies today! 


Get all these services in one place, while simultaneously obtaining reliable global relocation services! Here at Moovaz, we do more than just moving your belongings across the borders. As we know how stressful relocation can be, we go above and beyond to provide you with the best possible services – all in one place. From getting our international movers to aid in packing and storage, to getting access to our network of trusted partners, we do our best to enhance your relocation process.

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