5 Tips For Single Parent Relocation During Covid-19

The everyday life for a single parent is no doubt fulfilling, rewarding and yet challenging. Especially during the Covid-19 outbreak, trying to relocate on your own with your child can turn out to be much harder. As a single parent, the sole responsibility falls on your shoulders to manage the situation calmly, but don’t fret. We share some tips on how you can go through this relocation process with your child.

1. Communication is key

As a single parent, there might already be a lot on your plate – but take the time to communicate with your child so they are aware of the relocation as well. Change can be scary and intimidating for them, so encourage them to ask questions so you can do your best to answer truthfully and honestly. They will also observe how you react, so remain relaxed and calm so both of you can feel better prepared for the move ahead

2. Plan early

It is best to plan as early as possible before relocating so that you can be well-prepared without any last minute stresses. Even if the move does not seem possible currently, given the Covid-19 situation, it is always wise to plan early. You can make it a family activity where you and your child can plan what they wish to bring along, or share any ideas on what is the first thing they wish to do in the new country.

3. Contact relocation services

Moving on your own is no doubt difficult. With the availability of international relocation services in Singapore, you can start contacting international movers early and let them know of your plan to relocate. You can benefit from professional global relocation services that will help to provide guidance and assistance in transporting your belongings safely. At the same time, they have the relevant experience and knowledge to address any concerns regarding travelling once travel restrictions are lifted.

4. Pack only your essentials

Make a checklist on what you are keeping and bringing, so you can start packing up your essentials. This is also a good time for you to declutter and donate or discard any old, unwanted items. Ensure you have the packing materials ready to start putting what you need in the boxes properly to minimise any damage during the move. Go through this process with your child so they can get involved with the process and feel some excitement in moving.

At Moovaz, we also provide a temporary storage facility for your moving boxes to be picked up and stored via an interim arrangement. This makes your relocation much smoother as they can be easily picked up for transportation when your relocation plans are safe to resume. As one of Singapore’s trusted removalists, we strive to offer worry-free global relocation services for you and your family.

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