5 Ways To Create A Home Inventory List For Your Relocation

No matter how neat and organised you are, you’re likely to have ever spent a couple of hours rummaging through your belongings to find a specific item that somehow seemed to have disappeared. Keeping track of your belongings isn’t an easy feat, and it may feel incredibly taxing during stressful circumstances like relocation.

To avoid facing complications when moving, it’s a good idea to introduce some order and organisation into the arduous relocation preparations. One way to achieve this is by creating a home inventory list. Having a detailed home inventory list will make a world of difference for your entire moving experience.Plan your relocation journey with our Relo Buddies today!

Here are 5 ways to create one that will ensure a safe, trouble-free relocation.

1. Take pictures of your possessions

Photographs are an effective way to improve the practicality and reliability of your home inventory list. Photos or videos capture the distinctive features of every one of your belongings better than a written description could. If you’re engaging with an international moving company, these visual records also serve as proof of their current condition in case of any potential damage during the moving process.

For a quick approach, you can walk through your home and use your phone’s camera to record all your household items. You can also take photos and attach them to your home inventory list. Creating these visual records of your possessions is a convenient approach that complements your written list perfectly.

2. Estimate the cost of your move 

When preparing your home inventory list, include a column with the estimated weight of your items. This will give you an accurate idea of the moving costs you’ll have to pay. With this information, your movers will also be able to accurately assess how much time is required for the job and cater their services towards your needs. They’ll be able to thoroughly prepare for your relocation requirements so that you can be assured a safe and efficient move.

3. Assess the packing supplies you require

Another essential aspect that you shouldn’t overlook in your home inventory list is your packing supplies. After getting a good picture of the type and number of items you need to move, you can determine the amount and type of packing supplies you’re going to need – such as boxes and bubble wrap.

Set aside a section in your home inventory list for these supplies so that you can organise and pack your items more efficiently. You’ll then be able to assess the time it’ll take to prepare your belongings for shipping and the handling requirements to ensure that they’re shipped safely.

4. Determine suitable insurance 

As you list down your belongings, you’ll be able to better determine their value and the kind of insurance coverage that will be the most suitable for your needs. The photos that you’ve taken of your items will come in handy when applying for insurance as you’ll need to give a clear statement of your items’ condition before the move. A detailed inventory list will help you to file an insurance claim against your moving company should any of your items get damaged or stolen during the move. 

5. Keep track of your belongings upon delivery

When the movers arrive at your home to pick up your shipment, be sure to run through your inventory list and ensure that every box, appliance and piece of furniture has been safely loaded onto the moving truck. But most importantly, you need to account for your items on your inventory list once they’ve been delivered to your new home. This is extremely helpful to help you get out of unpleasant unforeseen situations.

For instance, if your boxes got mixed up with other people’s belongings in the truck, your inventory list will help you to identify them easily and avoid any further troubles down the road. And in case something gets lost or damaged, you’ll have sufficient time to notify your moving company and file an insurance claim.


Packing up all your belongings and moving to somewhere new is an undoubtedly tedious process. But proper order and preparation can help to ease the transition into your new home. To take some weight off your shoulders, consider engaging with Moovaz!

Whether you’re relocating to Australia from Singapore or anywhere else in the world, our team of removalists have the relevant expertise and experience to provide seamless global relocation services that fit your needs. We strive to deliver your items safely and have them arrive in their original condition. From aiding in the packing and moving process to gaining access to our network of trusted partners, we do our utmost best to enhance your relocation experience!

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