6 Steps To Securely Pack Kitchen Tools And Appliances

From the small items in the drawers and cupboards to the larger, bulkier items like your oven and pans, the kitchen is probably one of the most challenging places to pack for your relocation. Aside from the food items, the kitchen contains objects that vary in shapes and sizes – more so than any other rooms in your entire home.

To tackle this, try taking a systematic step-by-step approach to transport your kitchen essentials to your new home. Plan your relocation journey with our Relo Buddies today!

1. Sort and select your kitchen items

Your kitchen might be filled with mini tools like a cookie-cutter, pizza slicer – basically, things that you can afford to leave behind and repurchase from your new country. Instead of uprooting your entire kitchen, you can first start by sorting your items based on what you need and need not bring along. Be very selective throughout this whole process. Once you’ve picked out the things you don’t plan to bring along, you can choose to donate or give them away.

2. Set aside some essential items

Once everything is packed in the box, your team of removalists will pick them up for storage and shipping. If you still wish to cook or expect to get busy in the kitchen, keep a small bag filled with the kitchen tools you need during your last few moments that you are spending in your old home and the first few days in your new home. This way, you’re saving cost from buying items you already have, but don’t have on hand.

3. Clean your kitchen tools and appliances

Before we get started with packing your items, it’s best to thoroughly clean and dry each of your kitchen items before packing them. This will keep you from transporting loose crumbs and grease to your new homes. It’ll also prevent your silverware from rusting during the journey.

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4. Get the necessary packing materials

There’s no perfect-sized box to pack all your kitchen supplies. In fact, you’d probably need a variety of them, with varying materials depending on the items you plan to fill it with. For instance, large boxes are great for lightweight items like baking tins and kitchenware. Meanwhile, fragile and bulky items would require heavy-duty boxes that are much thicker. Don’t forget to get sufficient bubble wrap to prevent breakage during the journey.

5. Pack them in boxes

Before you place your appliances in the box, line them up with bubble wrap, newspapers, or a towel for added cushion. Then, carefully place your wrapped-items inside. To prevent them from moving around during the move, fill in the gap with crumpled paper, styrofoam or more bubble wrap.

6. Seal and label

Once you’re confident that you’ve packed all the items you need, it’s time to seal up the boxes. Clearly indicate or label the boxes with its respective contents so you will know where everything is. Your post-relocation self will surely thank you for all your effort. Also, mark the boxes with “fragile” stickers so your movers will take extra care when handling them.

Get your items delivered safely

Once you’ve packed your kitchen appliances and tools, you’re one step closer to your relocation journey. But if you’d like to take one less thing off your plate, then why not leave the packing process to us, at Moovaz?

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