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6 Things You Need to Know About Australia Before Relocating

The bright blue skies, beautiful beaches and laidback lifestyle are some of the few factors that are very attractive to those who choose to relocate to Australia. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia is home to approximately 25 million people. Even so, the country is considered as one of the densely populated areas with more than enough space for people to breathe.

And just like their diverse population, there’s also a variety of things for you to learn and discover. So, if you’ve decided to move to the land down under when it’s safe to travel again, here’s a brief, yet concise guide to help you navigate the country.

1. The cost of living

Moving to Australia might not be as cheap, but residents would say that the quality of life is worth it. As mentioned by Moon Travel Guides, life outside Sydney and Melbourne can be rather affordable. But for newcomers, the country itself can still be considered quite costly – seeing as Australia is the 11th most expensive country to live in, according to GOBankingRates which looked at the daily cost of living and local purchasing power for each country.

To give you a gist, the minimum standard of living as found by Moon Travel Guides is 600AUD per week for individuals. But if you’re living in Melbourne or Sydney, then you’ll need 200AUD more. In total, this cost encapsulates a fairly accessible and safe apartment, basic necessities, transportation, food and low-cost entertainment.

2. Housing

Of course, housing prices vary according to location. For instance, rental costs and home prices are significantly higher in larger cities. It’s great to do your research beforehand so you can get to know the market prices. The COVID-19 pandemic might affect the market prices now. So, even if you’ve done your research, you should not let your guard down since the prices might either skyrocket, reduce or remain the same.

3. Safety level

Australia isn’t just home to humans, but to unique animals too. As both humans and animals coexist, you should still beware of wild animals on the roads when driving. There are several other threats also, from dangerous species of animals, riptides, bushfires, high UV exposure and more. Depending on where you’ve lived before, you may or may not have encountered wildlife and know what to do. Pay close attention to warning signs and advice from authorities to ensure your safety.

4. Quality of life

Australians enjoy an exceptionally high quality of life. This isn’t just hearsay; it’s substantiated by the fact that it has a second-place ranking based on economy, education and life-expectancy, according to a UN report. In addition, Australia is relatively family-friendly too!

If you speak English, then the main language barrier you’d have to worry about is the Australian slang! Australia has an abundance of them that there’s even a website (Koalanet.com.au) dedicated to a substantial amount of its definitions. While some can be deduced through logic and context, others might be a little more challenging to decipher.

5. Healthcare system

The healthcare system provides both private and public services. Not only are their healthcare systems one of the best in the world, but it’s also safe and affordable for residents. Medicare, which is the foundation of their health system, is mainly responsible for free or low-cost healthcare to residents, permanent residents in Australia, and people from countries with reciprocal agreements.

6. Immigration requirements

Aside from finding your preferred removalists to assist with your move, you’d also need a visa. Depending on your nationality, age and intent, there are different types of visa available. The two most common options are the Student Visa and Working Holiday Visa, which cater to students and youths looking to live in Australia temporarily.

To become a permanent resident, newcomers would require either a family-stream permanent visa, work-stream permanent visa or a business-stream permanent visa. For more detailed information, you can visit Australia’s Department of Home Affairs website.

Prepare for your move down under

Relocations are certainly stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! In fact, there are areas where you can work on to ease the entire process, and one of it includes hiring professional movers like Moovaz which offers global relocation services. With the ongoing pandemic, non-residents aren’t allowed to enter Australia at the moment, except for certain exemptions. In the meantime, you can stay up-to-date with the news here. If you’re keen on uprooting to Australia, you can redeem $100 off by engaging in our relocation services at Moovaz for your post-pandemic move.

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