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  • A Day In The Life of Business Operations Intern At Moovaz – Chye Shi Min
A Day In The Life of Business Operations Intern At Moovaz - Chye Shi Min

A Day In The Life of Business Operations Intern At Moovaz – Chye Shi Min

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Shi Min

Hi readers, I’m Shi Min, a year 4 SMU Business student on a 3 months summer internship with Moovaz, under the Business Operations & Process Optimisation team. I’ll be sharing my experience to give you a better idea of the life of an intern at Moovaz.

Where It All Began

Optimising business processes has always been something I wanted to pursue. When I saw the job scope (optimisation of business workflow) for the intern position at Moovaz, I did not hesitate to apply. During my interview, I learnt about the direction the company was heading in and the part I would be playing. I saw myself contributing to the company’s growth while enhancing my skills. 

Daily meetings Shi Min has with her team
Daily meetings on Google Meet

A Start to a Fruitful Day

My day at work officially starts at 9.30 in the morning. Due to WFH policy, I attend my daily meetings on Google Meets with the various teams from other departments throughout the day. As a business operations intern, my role is to ensure that new changes to the work flow are clearly communicated across teams, and address any concerns regarding the changes. Further, I follow-up on urgent issues that are brought up by other teams.

Just Like Friends

Most of the people I work with are interns and full-timers around my age from the various departments. I would say that there is no hierarchy within Moovaz, as everyone here communicates freely with one another. The open communication between full-timers and interns makes me feel like I am speaking with a friend, and not to a coworker. 

My Growth 

One of the things that I like about Moovaz, is the fact that the company values growth in everyone, even if you are an intern. With the guidance of my department head, MingHui, I learnt new skills especially in the areas of time management and people skills. 

Time Management

During the initial days of my internship, managing my time efficiently was a challenge. There was a period when we were short-handed as some of the interns were on leave for exams. At that point in time, with the back-to-back meetings I had on top of the daily operational work to complete, I felt too drained for the last few meetings of the day and still had to continue working on daily operational work even after the meetings ended! This meant working overtime!

I took this as a great opportunity to learn time management. Together with MingHui, I planned and spread out the meetings across the entire week. This gave me sufficient time to prepare for the meetings which were productive! Balancing my meetings and daily operational work became easier. At the end of the day, I didn’t have to work overtime and could close my laptop on time.

Shi Min organises one-on-one calls with teammates to understand them better  
One-on-one calls with teammates to understand them better  

People Skills 

Moovaz is fueled by interns. With a large number of interns in the team, there is an abundance of great ideas that come up which drives the daily discussions. However, in the interest of time, we aren’t always able to discuss all the ideas. For this, we have smaller teams of relevant interns for each meeting to discuss the relevant topics. After which, we will share the final outcome with the rest of the team. 

Initially, under the guidance of my team leader, I had one-to-one calls with all other team members where I checked in with them to understand their workload and knowledge on the process. Through this, I could better guide and assign tasks for them so that everyone is familiarised with different processes. After settling in, I did this on my own. 

Apart from the calls, we took a personality test at the beginning of internship. I got a view of each member’s strengths and was able to better navigate the work arrangement for my team. An example would be for those who are stronger in strategising/analysing, I would involve them in idea generation meetings.


The most memorable moments for me in Moovaz are the times when I can bond with my teammates. Moovaz is not all about work! We have fun too. Since Work From Home is the default mode for work right now, there are not as many opportunities to bond as before but we still chit chat and joke around with each other from time to time either before the meeting starts or on Slack. We use the stickers function in Slack as a form of acknowledgement to messages or to ‘disturb’ one another. It actually makes one feel closer virtually and bond together as a whole team.

Watch the video to find out more about Shi Min’s day in Moovaz!

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