A Simple Relocation Checklist for Foreign Talents Moving to Singapore

If you’re seriously considering moving to Singapore for professional reasons, you are not alone. According to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the foreign workforce in the Little Red Dot totaled 1.4 million in 2019.

Are you taking your career to the next level by working as a foreign talent? Here’s a list of the necessary documents and other legal requirements that a non-citizen would need, whether you are relocating to Singapore with or without dependants.

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Relocation Checklist for Expats Moving to Singapore

What do you need to prepare before working in Singapore?

You will need to prepare these requirements before you leave your country of origin.

1. Flight/travel tickets/itinerary papers

2. Health, travel, contents/property insurance papers

3. Visa papers/work passes and/or passes for family. Read more here.

4. Birth certificates/adoption papers of children (if any) and photocopies

5. Bank records

6. Copies of credit card/bank card numbers and contact numbers

7. Driving license and photocopies, if any

8. Passport and photocopies, additional passport-sized photos

9. Identity cards and photocopies

10. Marriage certificates and photocopies, if applicable

11. Medical and dental records and any medication details

12. School and education records

13. Pet passport, medical records, and travel documents, if applicable

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How can your HR department help with your move to Singapore?

The most vital role for your Singapore-based company is to assist you in securing a work pass from the MOM, which lets you take residence in Singapore for business or professional reasons.

Expect the HR staff to coordinate with you for these:

1. Requirements and process of application of the appropriate visa at the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and work pass at the Ministry of Manpower

2. List of required customs, duties, and taxes to be paid, as well as the contraband rules to be followed when moving to Singapore as required by Singapore Customs

3. Medical and health insurance requirements, including vaccinations

4. An apartment or house that suits your family’s needs

5. Your signature on lease papers

6. A transnational moving company to transport possessions

Whether you’re moving by yourself or relocating with your entire family, the immigration process is quite seamless once you have these requirements ready.

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