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Relocation from HK to SG with Moovaz

All You Need To Know About Moving From Hong Kong To Singapore (Updated July 2021)

Considering the outlook of the COVID19 situation in most countries, more people are starting to accept that it is endemic. Recently, Singapore explored the option of opening a travel bubble or ‘corridor’ between Hong Kong and Singapore to take a step closer to opening up the economy. In addition, the immunity vaccinations have boosted the assurance and confidence of the neighbouring countries to take the next step forward. 

To those who are thinking of moving out of Hong Kong to Singapore, continue reading or Plan Your Journey Now! 


Stay Ahead

What is your game plan? Planning too early may result in increased uncertainties while planning too late may result in stress and overwhelm. You are not alone, this is indeed a problem expats, and even regular travelers face. The need to juggle between visa and immigration, accommodation, job, and family can take a toll on you. As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Therefore, it is always good to plan early and make minor adjustments along the way.

You may refer to our 30 days checklist where we break down the focus for each week to streamline your relocation planning process.

Things to Consider Moving out of Hong Kong 

Before moving out during this period, the biggest consideration is to ensure that you have negative COVID-19 test results to prove that you are indeed safe to travel. Thus, take the necessary steps to get yourself tested or vaccinated.

Administrative Matters

Next, administrative matters such as bank payment, tax status, and services have to be sorted out to avoid unnecessary charges. Also, remember to terminate rental lease, prepare withdrawal of school for your children, engage house cleaning to tidy up the house, and engage pet relocation (if any).

The amount of packing, planning, and preparing could take up to months. In another article, we shared more about all you need to know about moving out of Hong Kong which you could have a better understanding of how you could quicken your relocation process to Singapore.


Things to Consider Moving In To Singapore

Covid19 News and Visa

The pandemic has changed the process of entering Singapore. Apart from gaining the appropriate visa, employment pass or permit, there may have additional requirements to fulfil. Therefore, follow our Moovaz COVID-19 Mobility Updates to keep yourself updated with the latest news. 


Upon arrival, Singapore has a wonderful train system which is known as the Mass Rapid Transport which connects you islandwide. However, many expats would still prefer private charters. It cost slightly more but it is definitely a more convenient and comfortable mode of transport, which you could find out more about here


Short-term accommodation in the heart of Singapore is very popular among expats. Often surrounded by like-minded people who are open to sharing their relocation stories. Therefore, location is one of the biggest factors that determine the different experiences you may get. As different neighborhoods have different cultures, people, and environments, thus location above cost. 

Find out more about renting a space in Singapore, here.

Bank Account

When it comes to financials, we usually have to spend a little longer to find the best, the most reliable, easy to set up and meet our needs before opening an account. As a financial hub, Singapore has many banks that offers what an expat will need and hassle free processes. 

Find out more about bank services in Singapore, here.

Singapore might have been recognised by many to adopt a better education system. It can be nervewreaking with the competiton for a spot, given that we do not get your first choice, we need to know what is our back up plan. We believe all parents want the best for their children, so it is important that we identify what we want. 

Find out more about international school in Singapore, here.



In fact, many expats engage international relocation companies to settle the whole relocation process. It could not have been easier with guidance from experts. 

Relocating during Covid-19 period? Vaccine Passport is one thing you should take into consideration. Click here for more information.

Now that you have a better idea of what to consider, and if you are thinking to relocate from Hong Kong to Singapore, Plan your relocation journey with our Relo Buddies today!

If else, discover further with our Singapore Moving Guide 


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