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All you need to know about Work Visa in Canada

How Can I get a Visa to Work in Canada?

Canada is without a doubt one of the most desirable places for many to relocate for work. Multitudes of people move to Canada for work on a regular basis. The process of learning how one can do so can be a somewhat lengthy one, however. Like all work visas, there’s a lot that one needs to know before they can properly apply. Our goal in this guide is to walk you through every single thing you’ll need to know for the process. We’ve compiled all the necessary information that goes into acquiring a Canadian work permit. If you’re interested in working in Canada, this guide is certainly for you.

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Requirements for a Canadian Work Visa

There are certain eligibility requirements for Canada work visa that everyone must meet when applying for a Canadian work permit. These requirements are listed below:

  • Display proof that you’ll leave Canada after the expiration of the work permit.
  • Prove that you can sustain yourself, and any dependents, financially during your entire stay.
  • Have a record free of any criminal activity.
  • Demonstrate that you won’t be a danger to Canada’s security.
  • Show that you’re in good health. A medical exam may be deemed necessary in some cases.
  • You should not be planning to work with an employer who is incompliant and don’t meet their responsibilities.
  • Provide the following:
    • A valid passport valid more than 6 months from the planned arrival date.
    • Two passport-sized photographs taken recently.
    • All academic qualification documents and certifications.
    • Proof of professional capabilities, this can include work experience.
    • Application fee.
  • Provide biometrics and photo ID.

The aforementioned requirements are the general ones that everyone will be expected to meet. There may also be specific requirements depending on the type of permit you’re looking for. The requirements may also change depending on the employer you’ll be working for in Canada.

Different ways to acquire Canadian Work Visa

A Canadian work visa, also referred to as a work permit, is of various kinds. There are multiple ways through which one can acquire authorization to work in Canada. The most common and sought-after ones are as follows:

Work Permit Through Studies

Students studying in any post-secondary program in Canada that lasts at least six months can apply for this permit. This permit will enable the holder to work 20 hours per week while studies last. This particular permit.

Work Permit Through a Co-Op Program

A Co-Op program in Canada is similar to an internship and plays an integral role in studies. Anyone on a program such as this one is allowed to work full-time. A person with this permit is allowed to work no more than 40 hours per week.

Post-Graduate Work Permit

A post-graduate work permit is exactly what the name implies. This permit is for those who’ve completed a study program in Canada that’s at least 8 months long. This covers Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate Degrees. Those who acquire this work permit can work in Canada for a length equivalent to their study program, not exceeding three years.

Work Permit for Accompanying Spouse of Post-Graduate Student

This permit is for the spouses of individuals who are completing their study programs in Canada. If you’re eligible for this permit, you’ll be eligible to work in Canada for a duration equivalent to your spouse’s studies.

Working Holiday Visa

The working holiday visa is a result of Canadas agreements with various countries and institutions around the world. This particular visa leads to a work permit that’s valid for a year. There is an extensive list of countries covered in this program including most European countries, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and several others.

Work Permit Through Free Trade Agreements

This work permit is due to Canada’s free trade agreements with Mexico, USA, Colombia, Peru, Panama, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and some others.  The specific terms of this particular permit vary depending on the country of the applicant. The type of work and occupation also has an impact on the conditions of the work permit.

Work Permit Through Intra Company Transfers

This work permit can be acquired by those who are working for a company with a relationship with a Canadian entity. If the Canadian entity provides a managerial and executive level position to you, you’ll become eligible to work in Canada via this permit.

Labor Market Impact Assessment

This program enables Canadian employers to hire temporary positive workers in the case that there isn’t a permanent Canadian resident or a citizen of Canada that’s unable to fill the role. This permit is valid for up to two years and requires the LMIA approval letter as well as a job offer from the employer.

Global Talent Stream Program

This program enables Canadian employers to hire foreign workers who demonstrate exceptional talent in tech. Permits through this program are processed extremely quickly. The program doesn’t require proof that a Canadian citizen or resident is unavailable to fill the role.

Work Permit through Employer-Driven Provincial Programs

This is a work permit that’s one to two years long. The permit is a result of employer-driven streams in Canada’s provinces that enable employers to hire foreign workers.

Work Permit through Employer-Driven Pilot Programs

This is a one to two year long permit that one can acquire through the various pilot programs in Canada. The goal of these programs is to address the specific needs of a certain region. Employers can hire foreign workers to fulfill these needs.

Job Offer to Care for Children or Elderly

This work permit can be acquired by those who have the education, language skill, and experience necessary to work as a home care support worker or child care provider.

How to Apply for a Canadian Work Visa

The following are the steps you’ll need to go through to apply for a Canadian work permit:

  • Confirm eligibility for your permit.
  • Complete all the documents and forms necessary.
  • Submit a Canadian work permit application per IRCC guidelines.
  • Wait for your information to be processed and cleared.
  • Send your passport out for stamping.


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