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All you need to know about Work Visa in New Zealand

How Can I get a Visa to Work in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a phenomenally developed country and the place of choice for many to relocate to for work. This is a place that’s easily among the best in the world when it comes to the day-to-day quality of life. Tons upon tons of people attempt to relocate to New Zealand for work related purposes. It’s worth noting that not everyone is able to successfully get their visa due to the sheer number of applicants. Those who are able to succeed at getting it, though, are usually much better off. The country offers solid wages, an environment that promotes growth, and several other highlights. All these things make New Zealand a place that many people around the globe would like to relocate to for work.

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Requirements for a New Zealand Work Visa

The eligibility criteria for a New Zealand work visa depends on the specific kind of visa. There are certain requirements that are common for eligibility across all the visas. See requirements below:

  • A fully completed and signed application form by the applicant.
  • A passport that’s valid at least three months after the tentative departure date.
  • At least two passport pages must be blank and it shouldn’t be more than a decade old.
  • Two photographs that abide by the standards established by the International Civil Aviation Organization.
  • Valid return permit.
  • Cover letter explaining the purpose of travelling to New Zealand.
  • A complete copy of current passport.
  • All prior passports.

The aforementioned requirements are some of the key document requirements. There are also some other essential things to keep in mind such as:

  • The applicant should not have a criminal record.
  • The applicant must not have any immigration related convictions, violations, or offences.
  • Proof that the applicant is a person of good character.
  • Proof that the applicant will not pose a threat to New Zealand citizens throughout the stay.

Types of New Zealand Work Visas

New Zealand offers a wide variety of different work visas. The multitudes of options ensure that most people are able to find a visa that perfectly suits their needs. The most common visa types that apply to the majority of the people who’ll be applying are as follows:

Working Holiday Visa

The Working Holiday Visa is for people who’d like to travel to New Zealand during a long-term holiday period and work while doing so. The length of this visa is up to 12 months. The visa can last for up to 23 months for people who are from the UK or Canada. Any applicant applying for this visa must be within the age range of 18-35. The upper limit for the age range can also be 30 in some cases.

Essential Skills Visa

The Essential Skills Visa, as the name implies, is for people who have essential skills that are required in New Zealand. This visa allows those who possess the necessary skills to move to New Zealand and work for a specific employer who’s offered them a full-time job opportunity. The length of this visa can be up to a total of 5 years and there isn’t a specific age limit to apply. It’s essential to remember that this visa is tied to employment and doesn’t lead to a permanent residence unlike some other New Zealand work visas.

Work to Residence Visa

This particular visa type is for people who’d like to migrate to New Zealand for work related purposes and eventually acquire residence. The visa is a perfect for anyone who’d like to establish themselves for the long-term in New Zealand. An applicant must have a full-time job offer from a New Zealand employer in order to be eligible for this visa. The general length of this visa is for up to 30 months. Applicants can, however, apply for permanent residence once they’ve held the visa for 24 months.

Skilled Migrant Visa

The Skilled Migrant Visa is for those who’d like to come to New Zealand and stay for an indefinite amount of time. If you want to build an entire life for yourself in the country, this visa is perfect for you. There are several things that set this visa apart from others. The primary factor being that the visa requires applicants to send an Expression of Interest (EOI). Applicants are able to claim points for the skills they possess as well as the job they’ve been offered through their EOI. An applicant is successfully able to acquire this visa if they have enough points. The length of this visa is indefinite so anyone who holds it is allowed to have residence in New Zealand and stay for as long as they’d like.

Long Term Skill Shortage Visa

This is yet another visa through which people can acquire residence in New Zealand. An applicant must have the necessary experience required to fulfill the skill shortage in New Zealand to be eligible for this visa. The length of this visa is for up to 30 months. During this time, holders of this visa can work in an occupation for which there is a shortage of workers from New Zealand. Applicants can apply for permanent residence after two years of working in the aforementioned occupation.

One critical thing to remember about this visa is that applications for it will be closing on 31st October 2021. This visa will then be replaced by the Accredited Employer Work Visa by roughly mid-2022. This Accredited Employer Work Visa aims to replace multiple work visas with one. The visa uses a new 3-check process that’s led by the employer before the applicant can apply.

How to Apply for a New Zealand Work Visa

The actual application process to acquire a work visa, or any other kind of visa, for New Zealand is fairly straightforward. The process consists of the following steps:

  1. Gather all the documents necessary according to your visa and prepare your application.
  2. Submit your application online or through post with all your supporting documents.
  3. Wait as your visa is assessed and remain available in case additional information is required.
  4. Once they approve your application, Relocate to New Zealand!


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