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Analyzing The Trends Of Talent Export Outside Of India

Exporting talent is something that many countries across the world do on a regular basis. This is especially common in countries such as India in which there’s a great deal of talent that wants to move abroad. This move allows these talented individuals to further their careers far more effectively than they would’ve been able to if they stayed back home. There are also several other reasons behind the emerging trends of talent export outside of India. Our goal here is to shed some light on what these trends are and how businesses can utilize them to get their hands on some exceptional talent.

Expatriate Landscape In India

The expatriate landscape varies based on each individual country. In India’s case, there are multitudes of talented individuals looking to move abroad for a varietye of different reasons. A person’s career is, of course, among the key reasons why they’d like to move abroad and this is especially true in India. Many talented people are moving abroad from this country in order to pursue professional opportunities. According to data, roughly 59% of Indians currently working abroad did it for the sake of their career. This figure is actually much higher than the global average of 47%. This demonstrates how there are steadily growing trends of talent being exported from India to a wide variety of countries.

There are several countries to pick from when one is choosing to move abroad for professional reasons. Some of the more popular countries for Indian expats are as follows:

Analyzing the trends of talent expats outside of India

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1. Norway

Low crime rates, high salaries, and liberal immigration policies make this one of the most desirable countries for Indian talent moving abroad.

2. Canada

Canada is far more welcoming to expats than many other ‘in-demand’ countries for expatriates. It also offers an exceptional quality of life, high salaries, and many other benefits for those who relocate here.

3. Finland

If a company identifies an employee with potential, relocation could be part of his or her career development path. It serves as a good training and testing ground to develop his or her potential. Additionally, employees who have been through a successful process of relocation tend to develop a sense of commitment to the company, increasing the chances of retention.

4. Singapore

There’s no doubt that Singapore is quite a popular choice for talent being exported outside India. One of the biggest reasons for this country being a popular choice for Indian expats is that it’s relatively closer to India.

All that being said, it’s clear to see that there’s a steadily increasing trend of Indian expats moving to other countries, primarily for professional reasons. This is a trend that likely won’t be slowing down any time soon because not only is there a demand for talented individuals in many industries but also due to the fact that there’s a seemingly endless array of people who’d like to move abroad. These people will then be able to enjoy a much higher quality of life, higher salary, and a variety of other benefits that they wouldn’t be able to enjoy at home.

Understanding the Market of Indian Talents

If you want them to get on board with relocation plans, you will have to see through their eyes and understand the considerations that may be holding them back. Once their key considerations have been address, you would be surprised by how flexible they can be. 

First and foremost, it’s critical to note that Indian expats working abroad have an average age of 38 years. This is actually far lower than the global average of 43 years. This basically indicates that there’s a far younger pool of talent being exported from India so organizations who’d like to hire young, driven individuals should have a much easier time when picking from the talent pool of Indian expats.

According to global trends, 53% of expats working abroad are men whereas 46% are women. When it comes to talent being exported from India, this is significantly different. Of all Indian expats working abroad, it turns out that 81% are men whereas only 19% are women and this gives key insight to what employers and organizations can expect when hiring from the talent pool from India. Potential employers can also benefit from noting that Indian expats are far more likely to work time as the percentage of these expats currently working full time is 93%. This figure is far beyond the global average of 82% and is worthwhile to note.

Perhaps one of the most essential trends to note about the market of Indian talents is the fact that they’re mostly capable and well-educated individuals. 35% of expats from India have a bachelor’s degree compared to the global average of 33%. What’s even more impressive is that 54% have a postgraduate degree compared to the global average of 47%. This essentially means that 9 in every 10 of Indian expats working abroad are competent individuals who’d be a solid fit for many organizations.

What Do These Indian Talents Work At When Abroad?

In order to make the most out of the growing trend of talent export outside of India, it’s critical to analyze what these expats are actually working as. It turns out that 31% work as specialists or in a senior position which is marginally higher than the global average of 30%. It’s also key to note that a whopping 21% have management or executive-level positions and this is significantly higher than the global average of 13%. This effectively highlights how capable these talents are and how it’s an absolutely worthwhile opportunity to capitalize on this market.

One of the most essential trends to keep in mind in the context of Indian expats working abroad is that their top field of work is IT. The global average of expats working in it is 11% whereas the representation of Indian expats in this field is a noteworthy 20%. This shows that any enterprise that’s working in the IT sector would be extremely well off looking from the talent pool of talent exports from India. It’s also worthwhile to note here that 11% of Indian expats are working in manufacturing and engineering compared to the global average of 7%.

How Moovaz Can Help

With the aforementioned data of the trends of talent export outside of India in mind, it’s evident that this is a market that many organizations can absolutely capitalize on. Not only is the talent pool vast, it’s also quite a capable one.

Here At Moovaz, we’re fully aware of how lucrative this market is and that it holds many opportunities for your company to target. Partner with us today and together we can assist this expanding and promising pool of Indian expats relocate with ease.

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