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Naveen from Codebots | Moovaz

Meet Naveen, Managing Director of Codebots, Australia

Hi! Can you introduce yourself?

You can call me Naveen, I am an Australian but I moved to Singapore 2 months ago to help my company expand!

Help your company expand?

Yes, I’m from Codebots, and we’re part of the Australia Landing Pad Programme which helps Australian companies to expand beyond Australia.

Wow, the Landing Pad program sounds really cool!

Yes, yes it is pretty cool indeed. The application process wasn’t easy though, there was a couple of rounds (of interview) that we had to pass… I can’t quite recall what we had to do.

(Edit: the first step would be to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria. Then next you can submit an application form!)

Anyway, the program offered me a 90-day residency in an office here (Singapore). It was at Wework, a co-working space.

I was also introduced to a network of investors, partners and various government bodies who were all very relevant and helpful for me! I’m really grateful to all the help I’ve received thus far!

That sounds amazing! Sounds like they made the move really easy for you!

Yeah! Yeah they kinda did! Business-wise. But I still ran into some small problems with visa applications.

Australia Sydney opera house

Problems with Visa Applications?

Yep, 90 days after I arrive, I’ll need to return back (to Australia) and come back again.

Why would you need to return?

There was actually something that went wrong with the incorporation process. Not sure if you are familiar with the Employment Pass (We are. We even wrote an article about Singapore work visas.)

Oh okay then, so you know the requirements to obtain the work pass thing?
(The Employment Pass?)

Yes that.

(Ah, so I’m guessing there was no registered company so no EP?)

Yes, exactly.


How would you have tackled that issue if you knew earlier?

So I actually made the mistake of only incorporating one day before I left Australia. So, actually, the incorporation process was very fast! It was less than a week. But because I entered Singapore with a tourist visa, that means I would have to exit and re-enter the country anyway.

Next time (if there is a next time,) I would apply for incorporation and an EP earlier. Much much earlier.

There are companies such as sleek that can help with incorporation too, even if I was still in Australia. Using one of them should iron out the issue nicely!

Thanks for your time, Naveen

Thank you too 🙂


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