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For many parents, selecting the right international school in Australia is the most important decisions following a relocation. In Australia, expat parents are spoilt for choice, with many fantastic options that offer globally recognised curriculums. To help, we’ve curated the best international schools consultants in Australia that can help Junior find the right environment to shine.

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Regent Consulting specialises in advising parents about their private school choices in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Unlike others, Regent’s independent ex-educator staff have an intimate knowledge of the market. They know that each child, and family are different, and can help with enrolments, interview preparation and advocacy services. Regent’s services are best for undecided parents who want good, independent advice before committing hundreds of thousands of dollars on an international school in Australia.



ACIC is a world-class education consulting firm that specialises in Australian college education. It has offices across China, Taiwan and Eastern Europe, helping over 70,000 students from 40 countries to study in Australia. Whether you are a student in Australia, a student overseas, or a parent who wants to send your child to Australia, ACIC has the answers for you.

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PSC helps students select the best suited international schools in Australia. It also assists you in the entire process of admission, including credit transfer and scholarship applications. Furthermore, the PSC network grants you access to its partner institutes such as Kaplan and RMIT, giving you unparalleled insights into the Australian education system.



Highschool is a government accredited agency that consults on international schools in Australia. The team can arrange study abroad, prep programs and even higher education placements for international students. Indeed, Highschool is there to help even after your placement, guiding you through the entire education journey.



LH Global looks beyond education into headhunting. It helps you make the best choice of international schools in Australia by understanding the skills which are most valuable to employers, and equipping your child with these skills. This includes professional career planning and internship opportunities. LH operates in the space of higher, vocational and primary education, making it the choice for all parents and students.



While international schools can be a great option, they can also be an expensive one. Therefore, it is normal for parents to stress over their decision. Undeniably, the right education consultant in Australia can help you stretch your dollar. Most importantly, it can give Junior the best platform for success.

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