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8 Best Job Search Sites For PRs In Singapore

It can be daunting to find a new job in a whole new country. If you’re worried about how to find a job in Singapore, or where to find one as a PR, we’ve got you covered. Finding a job in Singapore is not impossible, and using the numerous job site portals available would guarantee to help make your search easier. 

Take the next big step in your career by finding good job prospects in Singapore, especially catering towards PRs like yourself. As a multicultural society, it is unlikely that you’ll face any discrimination in Singapore’s working industry, regardless of race or gender. Some key industries that are booming in Singapore with a demand for work include engineering, chemicals, biomedical sciences and healthcare. It’s important to do your own research on industries in Singapore that match your career interests and profile. 

If you’re a foreigner, ensure that you have a valid working visa before starting your new job in Singapore. Check out these job sites listed that may help you in your search to find a job in Singapore.

1. Indeed

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If you’re a PR looking for a job in Singapore, Indeed is one of the best sites you can use to find a job and further your career. Established first in America in 2004, Indeed is a worldwide employment website available internationally for job seekers. With thousands of jobs online for you to search through, it’ll be a breeze for you to find employment in Singapore.

Besides job postings for job seekers to find, Indeed has additional tools to help your resume, job search and look through company reviews. If you’re an employer, you can also use Indeed to post job positions and scout through potential employees.


2. LinkedIn

Not just for networking and updating your career profile or job, Linkedin is also a place where you can look for jobs and apply to those that suit you. Once you’ve filled in your resume and updated your profile, you can also choose to receive alerts for job positions that you’re looking for. Receive emails the moment a job posting is uploaded so that you can apply as fast as possible. You can also toggle an “open for work” option to let job recruiters know your availability.

Linkedin is perfect if you want to combine both online networking and job hunting, making it the perfect place for PRs to grow their careers in Singapore.


3. JobStreet

JobStreet is one of Asia’s leading employment marketplaces online and is also one of the most popular job search websites in Singapore. It mainly helps to facilitate job opportunities between employees and employers in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. With a huge database of jobs available, JobStreet is where startups, businesses and even bigger organisations advertise jobs.

If you’re a PR looking for a job in Singapore, JobStreet is definitely one of your best bets. There are also handy filters available on the website like “minimum salary” and “direct employers” for you to streamline your job search.


4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is another one of the top job search sites in Singapore that allows you to check company reviews and salary figures from anonymous employees. It’s an American website where current and former employees anonymously review companies. So if you’re worried about the work culture of a particular company that you’re interested in, check out glassdoor to see what fellow job hunters say!


5. JobsCentral

If you’re looking for jobs in Singapore, JobsCentral is perfect for you! JobsCentral has thousands of full and part-time jobs available across growing industries in Singapore. With its job-matching process, JobsCentral recommends jobs based on your searches, applications and employment history. Receive job alert emails so that you can instantly know when a job position suitable for you is available.


6. Gumtree

Gumtree is a British-based online site that features a wide variety of jobs from various industries that you can choose from. It has an average of 13.8 million users visiting its site and is popular for companies looking for employees in hospitality, service and administrative jobs. If you’re looking for an entry-level job or part-time job, posting on Gumtree is your best bet!


7. JobsDB

JobsDB is an online marketplace for job seekers looking for a job in Asia. With its wide database, you can find job opportunities in different countries like Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. Whether you’re looking for a job in a start-up or a large well-known organisation, JobsDB will have the job that you’re looking for.

Some filter options to help you streamline your search include “job types” “location” and more. These filters are useful to help you find the perfect job and place for you.


8. STJobs

If you’ve heard of the Straits Times, you’d know that it’s Singapore’s number one daily broadsheet newspaper owned by Singapore Press Holdings. The newspaper used to help people job hunt through advertisements, but now there’s no need to scour through the newspaper to look for the perfect job. With multiple job postings available on the website, it’ll be easy for you to find the job you need. STjobs also hosts career fairs to better allow candidates and job companies to connect.


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