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14 Best Job Sites In The USA To Help Kickstart Your Career

By collecting and displaying available remote and local positions, job websites act as the contemporary counterpart of classified advertisements. With millions of postings and other services like career counselling, resume customization and informative blog articles – utilising some of the best job sites in USA is one of the most effective and efficient methods to search for hundreds of possibilities.

Whether you’re looking for work while studying or after having completed a course or degree, the internet is handy resource for job hunting and career advancement. There are many different job sites that cater to finding employment in various sectors. The best part? It’s within a click of button. Some job search sites even provide career advice!

Despite Covid, the job market seems to be stabilising over the past year, with an upward trend in employments rates from 57.4 percent in October 2020 to 58.7 percent in September 2021.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Roy Maurer reports that talent acquisition is expected to remain high post-Covid. “Talent acquisition professionals will have their hands full, as unemployment is expected to remain high and a majority of people in the labour force expect to look for a new job despite, or possibly due to, the economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19.” he reports.

In the same article, a survey conducted by online HR resource site XpertHR found that approximately one-half of employers expect to increase their workforce in 2021. Surveys editor Andrew Hellwege adds, “After Covid-19 rocked the economy in 2020, employers won’t want to miss out on the potential recovery in 2021 … and recruiting and hiring efforts will be key for attracting talent and ramping up operations.”

With its large and open economic system and abundant natural resources, is to no surprise that the US is one of the most attractive cities in the world for professionals looking to further their careers. And we’re here to help you get started.

Here are some of the best job sites in US to help take your career to the next level.

Best job and career sites in the USA

The days of looking for a job opening in the classifieds are over; the internet is full of resources and job sites in USA help with your next employment. If you’re an employer, it is also useful to understand where to best invest your time into. Here are some of the best job search websites to get you started.

1. Indeed

According to its website, it is estimated that this US-based worldwide job search engine receives more than 10 million visits per month – making it one of the highest-traffic job websites in the United States. Indeed is available in over 60 countries and 28 languages.

Here, employers can actively promote its brand via a customised company page and source for candidates from Indeed’s resume database. Simply create a profile and upload your resume into its database and start clicking away!

2. adzuna

If you are searching for work in the USA, the global job site adzuna will assist you in expanding your reach and reaching a more significant number of people. Adzuna is UK-based job search engine operating in 16 countries worldwide – Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States. With a known collaboration with newspapers, job advertisements here tend have a wider applicant reach.

3. CareerJet

Based in London, CareerJet is a global job search engine that operates in 94 countries around the world and the US market, in 28 major languages. It sources over 40 million job ads from more than 70 thousand quality websites from all over the world. CareerJet gives job seekers direct access to an extensive database of jobs, targeted to their needs, in just one straight forward search.

Employers can also find qualified individuals in any industry and at any level of expertise by posting relevant marketing on Craigslist and other job boards. It is simple to search for and it indexes recently published job postings on other websites from the employers’ CareerJet careers pages.

4. Gumtree

British-based online classified ads site Gumtree is one of the largest classified ad sites that feature a wide range of job industries to choose from. As of 2020, it has an average of 13.8 million unique visitors to its site.

This site is trendy among companies in the hospitality, service, manufacturing and construction industry – individuals looking for a career in these areas, Gumtree may be something to consider.

5. Flex Jobs

Since 2007, Flex Jobs is known to be the number one job site for professionals to find remote, work from home career opportunities globally. With over 28,986 remote and flexible positions from 50,000 companies in over 50 career categories, its goal is to provide you with a top-notch job search experience from start to finish… and even beyond!

Apple, Pearson, Dell and Xerox and just some of the companies offering remote positions at Flex Jobs. You can even gain access to career coaches and exclusive research on employers to help you nail that job interview. Not satisfied? It has a 30-day money back guarantee, too.

6. Jooble

Jooble is another international job search website operating in over 71 countries in 25 languages. On average, it reports a billion visits annually. Today, Jooble is a global partner of LinkedIn and Google, whose technologies help overcome unemployment.

Jobs on Jooble are aggregated and displayed in a single location, allowing users to search for and apply for jobs from various sources, including job boards, company websites, recruiter pages, and newspaper classified ads. You may also submit a VisualCV, which will assist in the short-listing process by making your CV more visually appealing to potential employers.

7. THEunijobs

THEunijobs is the best place to look for work in academia and higher education. This section includes academic positions (tutors and lecturers), support positions and senior executive roles. Additionally, students at universities may be able to find part-time employment during their semester breaks. Additionally, you can save job advertisements and apply for positions online, which is a convenient option.

Some featured employers here include The University of Newcastle Australia, University of Worcester, Nanyang Technological University Singapore and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

8. JobServe

Over 8 million job seekers have registered with JobServe, connecting them with permanent and contract positions throughout North America, Europe and Australia. It started in the UK in 1993 as a job advertising company. Presently, JobServe has a database of over 500,000 positions. Some featured career opportunities featured here include positions in telecommunications, computer and information technology, engineering, sales, finance and healthcare.

9. GlassDoor

This American job site allows prospective employees to access anonymous reviews and salary ballpark figures of various companies via and anonymous employee review system. Employee evaluations, benefits ratings, salary reports and work-life balance reviews for businesses are all available here. If you’re looking to get insider information on job interviews, some companies even have ex-employees reviewing their interview experiences as well.


USAJOBS is another government-funded job search engine tailored to help USA residents find career opportunities in the land of the free. Temporary, contract, part-time, full-time, government, traineeship or apprenticeship positions are all available through this website. It even has a detailed “hiring path” function to help ease the process of job search for the various demographic: public, federal employees, veterans, military spouses, students and graduates, individuals with disabilities, Native Americans, family of overseas employees and more.

Additionally, the site provides information on how to locate training and employment assistance programmes, occupational and industry data, and advice on how to complete a job application.

11. LinkedIn

You can’t possibly miss out LinkedIn when it comes to career opportunities. Based on your own profile, LinkedIn regularly recommends related job listings that are most suited according to your expertise. You can also toggle a “Open For Work” function to increase your visibility to recruiters. You may choose to pay for a subscription, of which allows you to become top applicants by increasing your search visibility. The subscription also allows you access to unlimited professional courses that you can complete to upgrade and improve your professional skillset and portfolio.

It is also an incredible tool for online networking, allowing you to add individuals of similar industries as “connections” and expand your professional social sphere.

12. Monster

Another popular job site in the USA, Monster in a one-stop professional platform that allows users to find, secure and advance their careers. Simply register and upload your resume to get access to related job listings and also free job alerts delivered straight to your email inbox.

It also presently has a “Work From Home” category curated specially for individuals searching for remote career opportunities. Its “Covid-19 Resources” category also features companies that are ramping up their hiring efforts due to the pandemic. This category also includes companies providing temporary career and training support for individuals who were recently let go due to the pandemic.

13. CareerBuilder

With over 100 million jobs listed on its site, CareerBuilder connects job seekers and employers from North America, Europe and Asia. In addition to career advice articles tailored to various demographics, its “Salaries & Advice” page is also a unique function that allows users to look for jobs based on their desired salary.

14. ZipRecruiter

Often touted by many for its ease of use, this top-rated job site in the USA allows users to access to salary data that is useful to career advancement and salary negotiations. It filters salaries based on “most popular”, “trending”, “top part-time” and “top entry-level” – so if you’re a fresh graduate with zero clue about your intended industry, this tool will make it a lot easier when applying for that first job.

With the help of these job search sites in US, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a fresh-out-college graduate, these tools will help you find the confidence in finding the right job for you.

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