using lead generation platforms to improve your international moving business

Best Lead Generation Platforms for International Mover

Bang-up your international moving business by choosing the best lead generation platform!

Moving leads are the bread and butter for international movers. People (your prospects) who are relocating are easy to find when you hire these lead generation platforms. These are the vast sources that provide leads to almost all types of industries.

They offer tremendous tools to automate lead-related chores. They carry out almost all ways, such as marketing devices, email follow-ups, data collection, social media management, statistics, and much more.

Is your moving business getting no clients? Looking for the best lead generation platforms?

Here is the list of best platforms that offer the most effective international moving leads that convert:

  1. Moving24
  2. TriGlobal
  3. Relocator
  4. Unpakt
  5. ShiftX
  8. Billy
  9. Moving Leads

Let us dive into the details of these providers so you know what platform you should choose.

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1.   Moving24

Moving24 is a worldwide lead generation platform that comes with several features. The company has this offer of providing a 14-day free trial with no commitment and canceling anytime coalition. The leads this company lends you are pay-per-received quotes. However, during the 14-day trial, you will not be asked to pay the company.

The company provides this service with plenty of privileges, and you can learn them below.

  • Highly Targeted leads that actually work.
  • Get leads in minutes.
  • You can track your potential clients by using smart technology. 
  • Lead campaigns are customisable.
  • Proper validation of leads.
  • Flexible options are provided.

2.   TriGlobal

TriGlobal has been in this profession for over 15 years now. This company is offering its services to 70 countries. Along with offering paid leads, the company provides the following services as well:

  • free leads
  • reviews
  • load exchange
  • business insights

Moreover, the company offers great customer service because of its global presence. Plus, its agents speak in the customer’s chosen languages.

3.   Relocator

The company has been working since 2013 with the only goal, which is to provide leads to the international movers. The company has already worked with 500 movers, and these deals went really successfully.

The company is very passable, and you can easily have a quote with them without any hassle. One thing is: this company only works with renowned movers.

Plus, the most important factor is the company offers free service and that too within seconds.

So, do not wait any further. It’s an easy and completely free service.

4.   Unpakt

Unpakt is a digital marketplace that helps its customers to get guaranteed services.  This is the place where consumers can differentiate between accessible moving and warehouse organizations in their area and book the service online at any time – be it day or night.

There are more than 40 million American citizens who move each year. Unpakt has made this easier for them to book online. They can instantly find multiple movers on the website and sign in. So, you can blindly put faith in this provider. They offer high-quality leads that convert in no time.

5.   ShyftX

Shyft is a smart technology company that is concentrated on cultivating cutting-edge antidotes for the relocation business. This company is providing its services to around 300+ movers in 68 countries of the globe.

The customers get real results from them, and they come back to buy again and again.

The user gets real-time leads that provide a delightful experience. Moreover, the company has 55 years of experience and is a real-time expert.

6. is a website that generates leads for movers by making a quote comparison. The movers that are affiliated with them are available for quotes. The company works with over 700 companies. Some of them are among the well-known moving companies around the globe.

By working with this company, the movers can set up their profiles, get reviews, and seal approval on their website. Plus, the leads are exclusive, filtered, and real-time. Moreover, they are also made with inventory lists.


Goodmigrations is another website that allows people to book moving companies from its website. The moving companies are affiliated with the website, and they receive customers from the website if and only if they are linked to it. By doing this, you get real-time leads and prospects.

8.   Billy

Billy deals with services such as moving and plumbing, and much more. The company lets their consumers pick the assistance they require and engage them with the service providers in their region.

The company also uses SEO techniques that help to get real-time customers. So, you can easily sign up with them to get leads.

The company offers movers’ leads through emails, texts, or amplifies them in their app. But the sad part is; this company is only for the USA and Canada.

9.   Moving Leads

Moving leads use a unique and distinct approach to provide real-time leads to the international movers. The company provides leads in seconds to its customers. The strategy they use is they survey the market and compile addresses of properties that are for sale. The network delivers the evidence to the mover, and they have the choice. They can either email them or send a postcard and invite them to get services.

This website has its designer as well that can design a good postcard for you to send to your customers.

The Bottom Line

Of course, these are not all of the companies that provide lead generation services. You can do your research and sign up with a platform that sells moving leads. But the ones stated above are the top companies. That is.

You can also partner with Moovaz to optimize your customers’ experience. We can help you in providing a better digital experience to your prospects. Acting as a relocation platform, we can increase the value for your business to scale with ease.

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