10 Best International Moving Companies in Singapore 2024

Are you planning to move abroad? Perhaps your company has just posted you overseas for a new job assignment, or you’re relocating to join your spouse or children abroad.
Regardless of the reason, you will need the best international relocation companies in Singapore to handle your relocation needs.

Moving can be a stressful and demanding undertaking, that’s why we put together 10 of the best and most trusted names in the international moving business so you know you’ll be taken care of! Let’s go!

*This list is placed in no way indicative of any particular ranking.


Website: https://www.moovaz.com/
Address: 71, #01-09 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139951
Contact: +65 6256 0331

Moovaz is a logistics technology startup that aims to design an intuitive and fuss-free planning process. Unlike traditional international movers in Singapore, Moovaz integrates the latest technologies to streamline the online process.

Moovaz’ provides economical, efficient and safe relocation services. They make sure that your international relocation is cost-effective with fully transparent pricing, without compromising any of the quality. They serve a wide variety of moving packages that work best within your budget.

Moovaz also emphasizes reliability and timeliness whenever they make a move as we know that time is the most important resource. This is also why Moovaz’ ReloBuddies offer expert guidance every step of your international relocation.

And as with every partnership, they highlight the importance of safety, that’s why they offer free insurance coverage for moves that are under $5000l.

What this all means for the customer is more significant savings, a stress-free move, and better communication throughout the entire international moving experience.
With a team of experienced specialists in every step of the international moving procedure, each customer is assured a fuss-free planning process and complete visibility into every step of their move.

What the Customers Say:

Rosma (Moved from Singapore to Tokyo): “We engaged Moovaz when we had to ship 4 tonnes worth of books and other office equipment from Singapore to Tokyo. It was a very stressful period but the Moovaz team, including their partner in Japan, handled the shipment process from start to finish very efficiently, putting all our worries to rest. At a competitive rate, everything was well-secured and organized, and we were impressed by the good cooperation every team member provided. We would like to specially thank Yoges, Charlene, and packers Raja and Kanaga. Highly recommended for international moving!”

AGS Movers

Website: https://www.agsmovers.com/
Address: 31 Jurong Port Rd, #06-10/11, Singapore 619115
Contact: +65 6777 1166

AGS Movers offers international moving services for businesses and individuals alike. The company is a pioneer in the mobility industry, having been around for the last 40 years.

AGS Movers ensures it prioritizes your needs by providing you with tailor-made services in removals and secure storage. These include handling international, domestic, and office moves and vehicle transfers.

With a commitment to client satisfaction, the company will offer you no less than excellent moving services.

What the Customers Say:

Antoine D (Moved from Cambodia to Singapore): “ I used AGS services to relocate from Cambodia to Singapore, everything went very well. Quotation was fast and competitive, the packaging fast and efficient, estimate of volume well done, the follow up of my belonging without any issue. All were delivered on time, without anything missing. will re-use AGS next time.”

Allied Movers

Website: https://www.allied.com/sg/
Address: 4 Shenton Way #29-02 SGX Centre 2 Singapore 068807
Contact: +65 6862 4700, (+65) 6861 4100

As an award-winning moving service, Allied (formerly Allied Pickfords) is synonymous with high-quality international moving. The company’s services extend to over 600 locations in more than 40 countries. Their team of highly trained movers and packers, drawing on years of experience and the support of a global network, strives to deliver a moving experience that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Allied services include international and domestic moving and other value-added services like pet and vehicle relocation. They position themselves not merely as movers but as moving partners, accompanying clients at every stage of their journey. The difference in their service is marked by unparalleled reliability, trust, and efficiency.

What the Customers Say:

Victor Kuo (Moved from Singapore to USA): “ They were excellent. I had to move in a hurry and was relocating from Singapore to USA during around Nov. The Christmas season was approaching and I was nervous about delivery schedule. The staff in Singapore assured me they would expedite and try to catch the first available vessel. They were able finish packing, loading, and shipping immediately and my furniture arrived in 5 weeks.

I was also not physically available to be present during the loading of my belongings and was worried at first. However, Allied had exceeded my expectations by constantly keeping in touch and did an amazing job of packing and shipping. Nothing was broken and all valuable items were double wrapped with bubble sheets. Everything was on time and both loading and unloading was professional. I’d highly recommend their service. The price was also very competitive as I’ve gotten multiple quotes.”

Asian Tigers Mobility

Website: https://www.asiantigersgroup.com/
Address: 6 Lok Yang Way, Singapore 628625
Contact: +65 6261 8116

With over 45 years of experience, Asian Tigers Mobility is a household name for international moving. The company provides moving services both locally and internationally. Their mission is to offer world-class international relocation solutions. Clients can benefit from their international perspective, enhanced with an Asian touch, via their broad network of offices spanning 14 vital commercial hubs in Asia. Each year, over 16,000 families relocate with Asian Tigers, leveraging their strength and experience. Understanding that one size does not fit all, they provide solutions customized to meet individual needs.

To deliver a seamless moving experience, the company goes the extra mile for you by offering value-added services like immigration, move management, home search, and more.

What the Customers Say:

Nick Mider (Moved from Vietnam to Singapore): “I used Asian Tigers for my move from Hanoi, Vietnam to Singapore. The team was fantastic, from start to finish. The sales team kept within our budget, stored our container until we were ready to receive the shipment in Singapore, and packed / unpacked all items effectively and efficiently. I would HIGHLY recommend Asian Tigers for moving needs. They are simply the best!”

Collin Movers

Website: https://www.collinsmovers.com.sg/
Address: 22 Jurong Port Road Singapore 619114
Contact: (65) 6873 9595, (65) 6774 4156

Collin Movers is a global moving industry leader and has been helping people settle in their new homes since the late 1980s. The company’s client base includes individuals, families, and corporate organizations. Collin’s Movers ensures it upholds stringent quality service levels by engaging a team of professional and experienced packers and supervisors. You’ll sigh in relief knowing that each packing team always has at least 20 years of collective experience between them.

With its exceptional expertise in corporate relocation, the company has built a reputation over the years as a leading office-moving company in Singapore.

What the Customers Say:

Benny Mu (Moved from Singapore to China): “The sales person, admin personnel and the packing crew are very courteous and helpful, excellent!”

Crown Relocation

Website: https://www.crownrelo.com/singapore/en-sg
Address: 36 Pioneer Rd, Singapore 628504
Contact: +65 6593 7385

Crown Relocation has over 55 years of experience in the relocation industry. The company takes care of your end-to-end moving journey by offering services that range from packing to pet relocation, short and long-term home finding, and even orientation and language training. Their advice covers the essentials and first-hand guidance that ensures an enhanced experience of discovering a new home. From the initial contact, they handle all facets of the relocation process, aiming to simplify the transition, minimize potential disruptions, and provide support throughout the journey.

The personal advisors of Crown Relocation maintain regular communication, offer helpful advice, and collaborate closely to address any concerns the client might have.
With Crown, you will never have to worry about being alone in your moving journey.

What the Customers Say:

Lillian (Moved from New Zealand to Australia): “I was relocating from NZ to Austrslia and needed to have my furniture and personal gears moved over. I got several quotes and went with Crown because they seemed to be able to do the job within the timeframe I needed. Crown ensured i was involved and kept good communication about the status of my gears. I had someone in Australia to liaise with. My gears were delivered by the nicest team very professional and they made sure i was happy before leaving. The move took 6 weeks also i was able to put my gears into storage for a small charge. Would highly recommend Crown.”

Helutrans Relocation

Website: https://relocation.helutrans.com/
Address: 39 Keppel Rd, #02-04/05 Tanjong Pagar Distripark, Singapore 089065
Contact: +65 6225 5448

Helu-Trans International Moving Company is a leading art logistics company in Asia, offering an extensive range of art handling and transport services and art storage facilities. Helu-Trans has utilized advanced moving technologies, established processes, and world-class service standards for over two decades. As a result, the company’s client list now includes a diverse range of groups, from the most prestigious in the arts and corporate sectors to families relocating to a new home.

The company serves an international client base, ranging from private and corporate collectors to galleries, museums, auction houses, and art fairs.

What the Customers Say:

Nicole Michaels (Moved from Australia to Singapore): “Impeccable service from this company on our arrival in Singapore. They were early with our delivery, worked solidly through the day to get everything unpacked and constructed within one day, cleaned up and assisted with moving happily and promptly. Absolutely faultless. Would highly recommend their service.”

Santa Fe Relocation

Website: https://www.santaferelo.com/en/
Address: 2 Bukit Merah Central, #09-04, Singapore 159835
Contact: +65 6398 8588

Santa Fe Relocation offers professional international moving services. The company’s vision is to provide customers a seamless experience throughout the international moving journey. For personal movers, their affiliate, Sanelo, offers the same quality of service for corporate relocations.

Boasting an impressive 130 years of moving experience, with a global network of 38 countries in more than 60 languages, Santa Fe Relocation has endured the test of time. Santa Fe goes above and beyond by offering a fully customizable international moving service.

What the Customers Say:

Nathalie (Moved from Lisbon to Paris): “Santa Fe relocation helped me to find my new home in Lisbon. They were very helpful and the organization was very good. They helped me with all the services (water, internet, electricity, etc) as well which is very useful to save time. My moving with all my furniture from Paris was perfectly managed. Thank you to all the team.”


Website: https://www.unigroupworldwide.com/
Address: 31 Jurong Port Rd, #07-12 Jurong Logistic Hub, Singapore 619115
Contact: +65 6266 5525

UniGroup offers a full suite of international moving services globally. The company is part of one of the largest transportation enterprises in the world and is comprised of a network of global movers located all over the world.

With over 60 years of international move experience and thousands of customers internationally each year to countries worldwide, UniGroup is a reliable mover for every aspect of your move, including packing, transport, customs clearance, and more!

What the Customers Say:

Mark (Moved from Sydney to Singapore): “I couldn’t believe how quickly and efficiently the guys brought our things in. They were on time and not a single thing was broken. I would certainly recommend them as they were excellent!!”

Vimbox Movers

Website: https://vimboxmovers.sg/
Address: 7 Mandai Link, #03-24 Mandai Connection, Singapore 728653
Contact: +65 6339 4439

Vimbox Movers specializes in domestic and international moving in Singapore. The company’s top priority is ensuring the security and safety of customer belongings throughout the move.

Vimbox also highly emphasizes a “Customer First” approach throughout the company. The firm regularly takes measures to enhance the quality of its residential and commercial international moving services, considering this an essential part of its business practices in Singapore. This explains why many of their previous customers returned to them. With a team of dedicated consultants, ground crew, and service staff, you can be assured that your moving needs will be carefully and effectively tended to.

What the Customers Say:

William Leong, (Moved from Singapore to Malaysia): “Thanks Vimbox for an excellent job moving our stuffs from Singapore to JB. The team led by Mr Chai were professional and swift in the entire process from picking up the items from our Singapore home through clearing immigration and smooth delivery within 2 short days as scheduled. Pricing quoted by Jonathan was also very reasonable and with response too. Well done & keep it up Vimbox team ! Overall, we are very happy and satisfied with Vimbox’s mover services and strongly recommend to anyone who needs it.”

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*This list is placed in no way indicative of any particular ranking. Feel free to contact us at enquiries@moovaz.com if you have comments or wish to contribute to this list.

Conclusion On Best International Relocation Companies in Singapore

When looking for the right international moving company, consider their experiences and expertise carefully, especially for the location you are moving to. After all, you want to have reliable international movers as your partners that can best handle your needs! We know that moving to another country is stressful but there are so many ways companies can scam you for their profit! That’s why we compiled this list of the best International Roving Companies in Singapore, so you know that whoever you choose, you will get only the best service.

Every day, people find new adventures in moving to new cities worldwide, and we want to help that adventure come true. What are you waiting for? Start planning your adventure and make a move with Moovaz today!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best International Relocation Companies in Singapore

What should I consider when choosing an international moving company in Singapore?

When selecting an international moving company in Singapore, consider their experience, customer reviews, range of services, and cost-effectiveness. It’s essential to choose a reliable company with a good track record and comprehensive services, including customs clearance assistance.

How do I get a quote for my international move from Singapore?

Contact the moving company directly through their website or phone to get a quote. Provide details about your move, such as destination, volume of items, and preferred moving date. Most companies offer free, no-obligation quotes after assessing your specific needs.

Can these companies help with customs and import regulations for my destination country?

Most reputable international moving companies in Singapore assist with customs and import regulations. They have expertise in navigating the complexities of international shipping laws and can offer guidance on necessary documentation and procedures.

How long does international shipping from Singapore usually take?

The shipping time varies based on the destination and mode of transport (air or sea). Generally, air freight is faster but more expensive, taking a few days to a week, while sea freight can take several weeks, depending on the distance and shipping schedules.

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