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Best List of Pet Relocation Companies in Australia

Moving to Australia requires thorough planning especially if you’re moving with your furry friends. Prepare for your international move by seeking professional assistance for your pet(s) move so you can avoid all the hassle and stress. This lengthy and complex process can be better managed with the help of experts. As such, we’ve gathered a list of 10 best pet relocation companies in Australia that will help pet parents through the intricacies of the relocation process with their four-legged family member. Here is all the information you need to know about relocating a pet to Australia!

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Founded on a foundation of love and passion for animals, Aeropets’ goals is to provide safe, comfortable and seamless transportation for travellers and their furry friends. Over the years, they have built a solid reputation providing personalised, premium service at affordable pricing. For interstate pet transport, they have specialised teams in every state with major service ports to provide rapid assistance. And when it comes to relocating your pet overseas, they provide a full service including import permits and veterinary checks, so your pet travel arrangements will go seamlessly.

What the Customers Say:

Engela Labuschagne: “Aeropets were extremely helpful and professional. It was fantastic working with one point of contact throughout the process. Our puppy arrived safe and very well taken care of. I would recommend them without a doubt.”


All Care Pet Transport

At All Care Pet Transport, one-on-one personal service is their speciality. Based in Perth, they focus on offering a tailored service according to the needs of your pet to ensure a safe, well-planned travel. With 10 years of experience in pet travel, they have gained a hands-on understanding on providing the care and attention your pet deserves. Whether it’s interstate or international pet transport and pet relocation, their experienced pet travel consultants are ready to provide you with reliable pet travel advice and quality service so you can be assured with a smooth and seamless process.

What the Customers Say:

Samantha Kilford: “All Care Pet Transport were excellent in helping get our dog from Perth to Auckland. Leanne managed to get it all organised with only 2 weeks until our departure. Service was amazing and best value for money I could find. Would highly recommend!”


Departure Pets

A family run business that began in Melbourne, Departure Pets has many years of experience in the pet travel industry, offering one-to-one service that guides you throughout the process and cares for all your pet travel needs. Armed with qualifications in animal handling and behaviour as well as experience in pet transportation, their team is available 24/7 to offer professional advice and service. From flight routing and documentation to IATA approved airline crates, they also tailor individual packages to meet your needs and ensure the journey is as stress-free as possible.

What the Customers Say:

Sean Young: “Shane from Departure Pets was so fantastic for the entire time for my dog Archie to fly from Cairns to Calgary. The entire time I was updated constantly with the status of Archie’s flights, well-being and progress on the journey. I can not speak highly enough of how amazing Departure Pets were in this whole experience. Especially considering how things are in this world. My boy arrived safe and sound and we are reunited once again.”


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With more than 40 years of experience delivering reliable pet transport across Australia and the world, Dogtainers Pet Travel offers a tailored solution for your pet’s travel needs. Whether it’s international or interstate pet relocation, Dogtainers has a well-connected pet travel network in Australia and beyond, ensuring your pet arrives safely to anywhere around the world. They partner with over 300 pet transport shippers worldwide and major airlines to deliver the best pet transport solutions. For added peace of mind, Dogtainers also offers domestic insurance plan and a web-based Pet Registration program to assure your pet’s safety.

What the Customers Say:

Nicki Eggie: “This was such a seamless process! I got a detailed, tailored quote, that was very competitive and a follow up phone call from a lovely lady discussing my options and talking me through all my questions. Booking was also super easy.  I had one very happy puppy waiting for me.”



Founded in 1991, Jetpets was founded by the need for a pet travel agency that is focused on the safety, welfare and comfort of pets. Over the years, their team of expert Pet Travel Consultants, Pet Handlers and Vets have worked to safely and comfortably transported thousands of pets around the globe. Whether you require interstate pet transport or international pet travel to or from Australia, they can take care of everything to ensure a seamless journey for your pet.

What the Customers Say:

Emily Meyer: “My experience with Jetpets was amazing. I dealt with Kate Bradley she made the whole process stress free, she answered my thousands of questions and assured me my two furr babies would be okay. The portal was really easy to use and a great tool to track what needed to be done before their flight. The mobile vet that came to our apartment was very thorough and quick. The pick up service was amazing and made everything so easy. I even received photo updates of the kitties before their flight. Our cats arrived safely and are now enjoying their lives in NZ. Thank you to Kate and the team at Jetpets!”


KCR Pet Transport

Located in Melbourne, KCR Pet Transport is a family business that is specialised in the safe and efficient transport of your four-legged friends, dedicated to providing personalised attention to your pet needs. While they mostly work with dogs and cats, they can also transport a wide variety of animals domestically and internationally. With strict airline guidelines and various regulations to take note of, KCR’s mission is to simplify the complex process of relocating your pet and help you organise everything in your pet travel arrangements for a stress-free process.

What the Customers Say:

Michael Taouil: “I honestly can not recommend KCR pet transport highly enough. Jacquie did everything in her power to look after me and my dog during this process. I will never bother trying to use a different company to transport my 4 legged family member.”


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Pet Carriers International

Started in 1994, Pet Carriers International is known to be the most experienced pet importer in the country, having undertaken some of the most difficult imports of pets into Australia successfully. Specialised in overseas pet transportation, they have in-depth knowledge of all export requirements and provide a complete service including airline bookings and veterinary health certificates. You can rest assured that your pets will be in the safest of hands and travel in complete comfort with first class care.

What the Customers Say:

Hadleigh Pedler: “We bought our two cats from Sydney to New Zealand during covid restrictions.  The team at Pet Carriers couldn’t have been more knowledgeable or helpful – and they looked after the cats for two weeks while we were in isolation, sending regular photos and updates.  The cats arrived happy and well cared for.  Definitely recommended”


Pet Express Transport Services

Pet Express Transport Services (PETS) was founded with a vision to provide tailored travel solutions for pets travelling in and out of Australia. With their comprehensive network of transport partners, they have gained the recognition as specialists in the animal transport industry, offering a complete world travel service to customers. Their domestic pet travel services cater to all types of animals, from birds and reptiles to guinea pigs and rabbits, and cover all major cities as well as regional parts in Australia. For international travel, their team of experts also provide a comprehensive service with customised options and competitive pricing.

What the Customers Say:

Tyler Burness: “I can’t praise Pet Express enough. Simone was beyond exceptional – and so was the team! I would recommend this company to anyone in need of detailed care for their pet transport needs. Our dog has never experienced international travel – and Pet Express not only extinguished our anxieties over the process, but also informed us of every step along the way.”


Premier Pet Transport

Based in Melbourne, Premier Pet Transport pride themselves in providing professional and personal transport service to meet you and your pet’s needs. Their team is made up of trained and knowledgeable travel consultants who will give the right advice related to all things travel for your pet. Armed with years of experience, they maintain the highest safety standards and quality service to meet strict airline guidelines as well as a range of air travel regulations. With Premier Pet Transport, you can count on them to guide your pet relocation journey around Australia or across the globe.

What the Customers Say:

Bhuvaneswari Sengundhan: “I am really impressed with the friendly service offered by Premier Pet Transport Team. The crew members treated my pet well until it reaches the destination. I would recommend them.”


Sherae Petlink

Established since 1975, Sherae Petlink is a family-owned and operated business that offers international and domestic pet travel service. From dogs and cats to guinea pigs and birds, they can transport your pet to just about any corner of the world. As true animal lovers, their caring team will provide the utmost care and attention with your four-legged family member’s welfare in mind. Travel fees can get expensive without an experienced team working with you – Sherae Petlink also has a proven record of success that ensures no costly slip-ups!

What the Customers Say:

Nathan Grover: “Absolutely stoked with Colin and the team at Sherae Petlink. We had a precarious situation that we were stressing about and from the very beginning he was wonderful and assured us we would be able to resolve it. Which we did. Our baby girl and her siblings arrived to us safe and sound and are ready to start their new lives with their families. Thank you for all you’ve done!”


Moving CompanyContactWebsiteGoogle Review RatingsNumber of Reviews
KCR Pet Transport +61 1300 766 992
Departure Pets +61 1300 900 400
Premier Pet Transport +61 419 566 895
Moovaz 6252 3362
All Care Pet Transport +61 8 9454 5736
Jetpets +61 1300 668 309
Dogtainers +61 1300 135 252
Sherae Petlink +61 8 9455 1249
Pet Carriers International +61 2 9700 7223
AeroPets +61 7 3164 1463
Updated since 12 July 2021

Planning your pet’s international travel may not be as easy as your own relocation plans. Check out our article on the 15 ways to make relocation with pets easier here! Working with a professional pet relocator right from the start ensures your pet’s needs will be taken care of for a smooth travel process. Whether you require help in import permits, door-to-door service or customs clearances, get in touch with these pet relocation companies to find the right one for you!

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