Best List of Pet Relocation Companies in Hong Kong

For any pet owners, handling the pet relocation process to a new country can be a daunting and stressful experience. From pre-export examinations to permits and certifications, it is better to leave this task to the professionals. Use our guide below to help you decide from these 5 best pet relocation companies in Hong Kong and place your pet’s travel needs in expert, experienced hands.Relocate with your furry friends today!

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Export-A-Pet provides pet transportation and relocation services with priority over your furry friends’ safety, comfort, health and happiness. Established since 1996, they have gained many years of experience serving local and expats, pet breeders, veterinarians and more, earning them an excellent reputation worldwide for their services. They do more than just transporting your pet – their team includes consultant specialists and skilful members who can support logistic issues like import/export documents, air crate preparation custom clearance and flight booking. You can rely on their reliable worldwide connections and attention to details to help you save precious time for your pets’ relocation.

What the Customers Say:

Ana Saulea: “Andie went above and beyond and helped us reunite with our cats in the uncertain and volatile times of Covid restrictions. Without her hard work I know my cats would still be in Hong Kong now. Cannot recommend her enough!!”


Operating since 1994, Ferndale Kennels and Cattery specialises in pet export arrangements including all the necessary regulatory and veterinary documentation. With a wealth of experience, they are well-equipped to look after your pets travel needs – having shipping thousands of pets overseas. Apart from having their own Veterinary Surgeon Director who lends his expertise on animal healthcare and safety, Ferndale also works closely with many veterinary surgeons and clinics in Hong Kong to ensure a smooth paperwork process. No matter where you’re heading to, they aim to provide a personalised service that will ease your pet relocation worries!

What the Customers Say:

Martin Connell: “Best kennels and pet exporters in Hong Kong”


Whether you’re shipping cats, dogs or any type of furry family member, Starwood Animal Transportation Services strives to have your pet’s move be as comfortable, safe and stress-free as possible. As the industry leader in international pet shipping as well as cross-country pet transport, they rely on their years of experience, global connections and the latest technologies to ensure a safe travel. Starwood also offers transparent pricing with 3 service levels: economy, business and premium – which can cater to every pet parent’s different budget needs.

What the Customers Say:

Sean Trejo: “I used Starwood to transport my two cats from Los Angeles to Hong Kong.  Everyone that helped me through the process provided excellent service.  I worked primarily with Ashley Adkins and she was very responsive to my questions and even provided photos and daily updates.  I shopped around before going with Starwood and I can say they are competitively priced.  When I move back to the US in a couple of years I will definitely use Starwood because they provided peace of mind and did and excellent job.”

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Wilcan Group originated in Canada and has grown over the years from a small local moving company to an international group with offices located in 10 global cities including Hong Kong. With honest and transparent pricing, as well as a customer-oriented service, they provide expertise in pet relocation on top of local and international moving. As regulation varies in different countries, they are more than happy to provide reliable advice on regulations and referrals to help export your pet from or to Hong Kong.

What the Customers Say:

Cheung Amy: “Excellent service. Made everything really clear when we were moving from Hong Kong to Toronto. Recommend!”


Regardless of where you’re moving to, the team of caring experts at WorldCare Pet Transport will ensure that your furry friend travels safely and comfortably. They take pride in their ten-year history of gold standard service in moving pets from one state to the other or across continents, from dogs and cats to horses, rabbits and more. With their comprehensive services, you can expect to get more things done for your pet’s move, such as travel arrangements, standard and custom-built flight carriers, veterinary services and boarding accommodations for layovers.

What the Customers Say:

Robert Trumpet: “Fantastic service . Unbelievable cooperation and devotion to the safety and welfare of pets . Best service ever experienced regardless of industry”


Moving CompanyContactWebsiteGoogle Review RatingsNumber of Reviews
Export-A-Pet +852 2358 1774
Ferndale Kennels & Cattery +852 2792 4642
Moovaz +65 6252 3362
Starwood Animal Transport Services +1 239-344-8959
Wilcan Logistics Group +852 2898 3131
WorldCare Pet Transport +1 203-745-2595
Updated since 18 Dec 2020

With a myriad of details to attend to, hiring a professional pet transporter can take the stress out of such a move. Get to know more on the best pet relocation companies in Hong Kong and their array of services, price range and years of experience to know whether your choice of pet relocation company can cater to your needs and ensure a stress-free experience for you and your pet.

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