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Best List of Pet Relocation Companies in Singapore (Updated 2024)

Planning your relocation with your pet can often be a time-consuming, difficult task. Seek the help of expert movers that are specialised in transporting pets to any destination in the world. With their knowledge and expertise, they can provide you with all the information you need and handle the travel procedures, giving you total peace of mind. Below, we share a list of the best 8 pet relocation companies in Singapore to help transport your pets overseas safely and efficiently. Relocate with your furry friends today!

*This list is placed in alphabetical order with no particular ranking. Feel free to contact us at if you have comments or wish to contribute to this list.


Breeze Pet Relocation Service

Breeze Pet Relocation

With the professional service offered by Breeze Pet Relocation Service, they aim to make your relocation experience stress-free for you and your four-legged friend. They understand that the process can be confusing and complex, so they strive to provide constant updates and ensure a safe and comfortable travelling experience for your pet. Besides pet importation and exportation, they also provide help in other areas like customs clearance, veterinary visit for relocation purposes, and pet boarding services with 3rd party partners.

What the Customers Say:

Lance Lin: “Decided to try to engage their service as they are very responsive to my queries, helping me and providing information. Pet agent constantly giving the latest updates on my dog’s relocation process etc. Pricing wise considered competitive. Excellent service by Breeze Pet! Anyone who needs pet moving service can try them out.”


Jason’s Pet Relocation

Jason’s Pet Relocation

Specialised in relocating pets to and from Singapore, Jason’s Pet Relocation has almost half a decade in operation, having transported animals to over 200 cities in more than 53 countries worldwide. This family business comprises a dedicated team of pet lovers and movers who are passionate in ensuring every furry friend is reunited with their owners. Aside from a step-by-step consultation, they also provide up-to-date global procedures and requirements for your peace of mind. Leave the paperwork to the experts at Jason’s Pet Relocation – they will also plan and tailor your pets’ travel solutions to suit your needs.

What the Customers Say:

Ekaterina Ivanova: “I am so glad I found Jason’s Pet Relocation! The team were absolutely great helping us transship our dog in Singapore on her way to Melbourne. I enjoyed my communication with them – they always replied very quickly and from those emails I could see that their team genuinely cared about our fur baby’s wellbeing. They also sent us photo updates of my dog when she arrived in Singapore, walked her and gave her water. Cannot recommend them enough!!!”


Mitchville Relopet

Mitchville Relopet

Sparing no effort to detail and comfort for your pets, the team at Mitchville Relopet makes every endeavour to ensure that every shipment of pets is handled with utmost care and concern. They offer hassle-free pet relocation at competitive prices to help you handle the tedious tasks of veterinary works, documentation, and transportation required. If needed, they also supply IATA approved cages for a safe and secure pet travel. Other services they provide include rabies testing package, microchip implantation and transhipment to help ease the relocation journey, so your pets can be with you whenever you are.

What the Customers Say:

Dunxiang Foo: “Excellent experience with mitchville to relocate my cats from Singapore to Dubai. As this is my first time relocating pets, there are many questions marks. Dwayne and Ying Hui has been very patient and helpful in answering and assisting me throughout the whole process from arranging my cats for check-ups to settling all the paperworks. On the actual day, they kept us inform and updated the moment they arrive at the airport, clearing custom and board the plane. My cats arrived Dubai, safe and sound at their new house after almost 21 hours. I will definitely engage mitchville again when I am returning back to Singapore.”


Pets Lighthouse

Pets Lighthouse

The founder of Pets Lighthouse has more than 16 years of experience in relocating pets in and out of Singapore. As a veteran in handling pet shipments, she is dedicated to providing a safe pet moving service for your furry friends any destination in the world. Whether you require pet importation or exportation, Pets Lighthouse is well-versed in the various entry requirements and regulations involved for many countries. Let them help you with their customised services and ease your mind to make your pet’s move trouble and stress-free.

What the Customers Say:

Robert: “Coco & Chloe made it to Atlanta without issue, they are with Joan on the way home, thank you all for a very smooth shipment. In my line of work (Oil & Gas industry) dealing with international shipments worldwide don’t always go as planned! This went very well.”

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Pets 2 Go

Pets 2 Go

As an expert in the pets’ relocation industry, Pets 2 Go is specialised in importation, exportation, transhipment, and transit comfort care of pets to and from Singapore. They endeavour to assist you in your pet’s relocation and ensure the process goes stress and hassle free as possible. As pawrents of their own furkids, they know what’s best for any pet travel and will provide sound advice on the relocation process. Their wide range of relocation services are specially customised to each and every individual’s needs so your furkids will reunite with you at any part of the world safely!

What the Customers Say:

Lisette Mantel: “I would like to thank Pets 2 Go, especially Ophelia and her colleagues, for the excellent services regarding organising all necessary papers and checks for the move of our dog and cat from Singapore to the Netherlands. All was very well organised, pet friendly and personal! Thank you so much!”


Shiloh Animal Express


With over 20 years of pet relocation experience, Shiloh Animal Express have transported thousands of animals to more than 300 destinations worldwide. They know how to treat your furry friends and get them to their destination safely and comfortable, according to the IATA Live Animals regulations. Apart from the standard cat and dog relocation, they also have experience in horse transportation as well as the occasional exotic animals, ensuring that the necessary documentation and regulations are taken care of to move your beloved pets internationally smoothly.

What the Customers Say:

Camille McMillan: “Lance and Jamie provided a fantastic service getting our George home to the UK from Singapore. We were really worried about George travelling, and how he would cope but he surprised us all with how chilled and relaxed he was when he arrived in the UK. Fully recommend Shiloh to anyone travelling from Singapore with pets. :)”

Pet Embassy logo

Pet Embassy

Pet Embassy specializes in pet relocation services to countries like AustraliaIndonesiaUnited Kingdom and United States, just to name a few. With the help of their global network of pet relocation and transport specialists, they can make your import and export process a breeze! Pet Embassy treats each of their furkids as family members, which is why you can be assured that your furry friends will have a No Frills, No Hassles, No Worries travel experience with them.

What the Customers Say:

Mark and Sheila McDermott: “Entrusting your pet with anyone is difficult and we relied on the personal recommendations we had about Pet Embassy. We are delighted to say that they were 100% accurate as you could not have done enough to capture our trust. You guys have done a fantastic job getting Daisy from Singapore to the UK, your professionalism and love for the pets you take charge of is evident from the first meeting with you. Thank you to everyone involved. Thank you again for everything and a huge lick from Daisy!!”


As a pet owner, it can be stressful trying to relocate with your furry friend while worrying for their comfort and safety. With the help of these professionals, you can receive guidance and expertise for a hassle-free pet relocation process. Enquire more on their services to know how they can lend support for the necessary documentation, permits and veterinary works required as well as anything else you would need before engaging in one!

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