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Best Pet Relocation Companies in India

Love for your pets is natural, and you don’t ever want to leave them behind while changing your residence. Especially when you are moving out of your country, taking them along can be a real hassle, and the only option left for you is to deliver them to a pet shop or leave them at your helping friend/relative’s placeEven though you do not want to leave them behind, the lengthy and complex pet relocation processes might force you to do so. 

But not now! Pets are the best alone-time partners; changing the residence should never prompt you to leave them behind. Many pet relocation companies help you welcome your pet to your new residence without any hassle and trouble. 

If you’ve been searching for pet relocation companies and couldn’t find the one that could help you carry on the task smoothly, here are some that you must reach out to. All these pet relocation companies are known for their easier, hassle-free, and professional pet relocation services. 

Here are some of the top pet relocation companies that will help you achieve your goal: 

*This list is not placed in any particular ranking order. Feel free to contact us if you wish to partner with us.


PMR is working to ease the pet relocation processes for people for 35 years. The company intends to help people take their pets along with them anywhere they go outside of their state and keep the pet safe, secure, and comfortable during the process. 

The trust it earns from the people besides its professional and advanced services is mainly because of its certifications by IAM, FIDI, PAIMA, EURA, WECONNECT INTERNATIONAL, WORLDWIDE ERC, EURA, FFFAI & FIATA. 

The best things about this pet relocation company are: 

  • Its success in moving more than 2 lac homes
  • The potential helped it cover more than 150 countries with its services
  • Its success in satisfying 98% of potential customers
  • The efficient working of a team of 600 professionals

Carry My Pet 

Carry My Pet is another pet relocation company that offers a comfortable and affordable solution to pet transportation problems to all pet parents. It ensures to keep your pets safer and provide special attention to them during their abroad travel. 

Carry My Pet takes care of all paperwork needed and keeps the process as simple and smooth as possible. Their affordable and hassle-free pet taxi services are specially introduced to make your pet travel easier. 

With its advanced, expert, authentic, and transparent pet relocation services, it has become one of India’s leading companies to handle pet international relocation issues. 


When you are busy handling your immigration and international relocation paperwork, you might not find the time to handle all that for your pet: this is where you would need to seek help from Petfly. The top-rated company takes all the work from your hand and proceeds with care, professionalism, and responsibility.

Being an important part of your family, you wouldn’t want your pet to be treated carelessly when busy doing your important things. Thus, Petfly is the best option as it knows how important your pet is for you and takes care of everything. 

  • Petfly is IATA credited and IPATA awarded company. 
  • It has succeeded in relocating more than 20,000 pets around the globe. 
  • It has its own veterinary clinic.

Global Pet Relocation

Another renowned company when it comes to talking about getting the best pet relocation services is Global Pet Relocation. Being an IPATA member and IATA accredited, this company is known widely for its trustworthy services. 

The company has a professional team of staff that deals with the pets in a very friendly way, being pet lovers. It ensures to keep them comfortable and at ease during the whole process: from starting to relocation completion. 

Global Pet Relocation has advanced knowledge in: 

  • Live animal transportation
  • International air transportation methods
  • Customs clearance processes

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Air Pets 

Air Pets is one of the most trusted pet shipping experts and has built a great reputation based on safe and secure pet relocation. Air Pet knows how to deal with them for successful pet relocation, whether you own a dog, a cat, a guinea pig, a bird, or even a rabbit. 

The company provides services for: 

  • International pet relocation 
  • Pet boarding 
  • Domestic pet relocation

Furry Flyers 

Whether you need to import your pet to India or export it out of it, Furry Flyers is ever ready to take the task. The professional 24/7 assistance and complete guidelines on the website show its concern to save your time visiting the company time and again. 

Furry Flyers has vast experience in pet relocation services and is extremely sensitive to all your needs regarding your pet. It also ensures to keep your pet comfortable, safe, and secure during all the process so that your pet meets you in a perfect condition as you had left it. The company provides: 

  • Pet-friendly taxi services
  • In-transit pet-friendly accommodation 
  • IATA Pet crates 
  • Pet-friendly holidays 


Many pet relocation companies are working in India to make your life easier, and above are some of the top-rated ones. However, if you wish to reach out to these companies by making less effort, getting touch with Moovaz can quickly help you do that. 

We can help you get to the most professional and affordable companies that allow you to go through the pet relocation process smoothly without letting you stuck in dealing with any troubles.

Here is our relocation check list you may find useful for your journey. You can also find other tips may help your relocation. Check these out!

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