Best Software for International Mover

Best Software for International Mover

Bang-up your international moving business by choosing the best software to complement your business functions!

Software offers businesses with tremendous functions to help them simplify existing business processes. By leveraging on AI and deep technology, software for international mover can help them with video surveys and provide more accurate information than before.

Is your moving business facing trouble digitizing? Looking for the best software to complement your business functions?

Here is a list of some of the best software for movers:

  1. Virtual Moving Technologies
  2. Yembo
  3. Voxme
  4. Ace Relocation Systems
  5. Move ware
  6. MovingPro
  7. eMove
  8. MovePoint

Let us dive into the details of these providers so you know which software for international mover best suit your business’ needs.

Best Software for International Mover
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Virtual Moving Technologies 

Virtual Moving Technologies is the fastest, easiest, responsive, and most accurate and affordable software that helps moving companies upgrade their services.

The software was founded back in 2015 and has performed over 50,000 corporate virtual moving surveys thus far.

The software is known for:

  1. Providing specialized short-fused video surveys. 
  2. Offering 2 different types of surveys – managed and unmanaged.
  3. Having no installation process since the system is in the cloud.
  4. It allows companies to make their video surveys as well to attract more customers.


As an artificial intelligence company that uses advanced deep learning technology and understands videos just like humans, Yembo’s AI-powered camera app can measure the size and weight of furniture and other items in a room.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, this renders this feature particularly useful for moving companies, as they are now able to tap onto Yembo to estimate the workload of a move and deliver quotes to customers — without ever visiting in person.

Yembo was founded in 2016. It grew in popularity much faster than any other software of its type during 2020, when the pandemic struck.


Voxme is a cloud-based moving software that comes with monthly or yearly payment plans. Supporting desktop platforms, it is an advanced software that helps moving companies take their business to another level.

This moving software was founded in 2013 and has gained expertise in: 

  1. Ultimate mobility for convenient survey making.
  2. Offering GSA Moves/ Military, Storage Management, Employee Management, Billing & Invoicing, Shared Truckload, at one place 

Ace Relocation Systems 

Ace Relocation Systems was founded in 1968 and has successfully conducted more than 12,000 virtual pre-move surveys for hundreds of moving companies

The software is ProMover certified and has earned the even stronger trust of most moving companies around the globe. 

It is famous for: 

  1. Easy chat/video chat availability 
  2. Easy virtual home survey making
  3. Affordable and competitive rates  

Move ware 

Move ware helps the moving companies to manage their customer’s relations with ease and convenience. Its use of the most unique and innovative tools helps businesses manage any service from the very start right to the end.

The best features of Move ware include:

  1. Entirely integrated operations management tool that allows for detailed plans, like departmental separation, resources allocation, and complete visibility into all essential information and job details.
  2. Complete accounting package that is fully integrated.It also allows seamless data integration for efficient processing of the company.
  3. It has detailed reporting over 200 in number already into the system.Each report can be generated into several formats and are available also via an online graphic dashboard. 
  4. Efficient and skillful document creation that your company might need along with its life.


For all moving companies/businesses, MovingPro provides exclusive assistance in getting more customers and providing efficient services. Its availability for automated E-mail and SMS makes it easier for moving companies to attract more customers. However, you will find this software a bit pricy, demanding $299/month.

Unique features of MovingPro: 

  1. Easy tracking of customers, employees, jobs, estimates, and bills of landing. 
  2. Possess quick and easy creation of documents and contracts.
  3. Guaranteed winning of more jobs by providing help in making easy calculations to be sent to customers and get signed in one click.


eMove serves as the best business partner for Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises with its outstanding services. It is a cloud-based software that offers monthly or yearly payment plans. It supports Web App, Windows, and Android platforms to make communication more accessible and convenient between customers and businesses.

They also support the provision of price estimates on the spot for customers. This way, movers like yourself are able to provide FIXED, GUARANTEED prices through eMove. Additionally, they also serve as a CRM and helps international moving companies to manage all customers in a single place and supports lead management.


MovePoint is another software that helps Startups, Enterprises, SMEs, and Agencies in providing excellent services. Its advanced features help it make the moving process simpler for all the moving companies, get them more customers, earn positive reviews, and takes their businesses to another level of success. 

The features of MovePoint include: 

  1. Efficient Customer Management, Lead Management, Work order management, Employee Management, Claims Management, Dispatch Management, Job Management, Storage Management, and Fleet Management
  2. Easy Billing & invoicing process 
  3. Impressive Quotes / Estimates
  4. Convenient Interstate Moves, Local Moves, and Military / GSA Moves. 


In today’s digital age, there’s a pressing need for relocation businesses to embrace digital transformation.

Here at Moovaz, we believe in the power of new technology and new software. We believe that as technology evolves and embraces digitalisation, the relocation industry can better inspire freedom.

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