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Cleaning Services In Singapore For Expats

Residents of Singapore lead a hectic life. Thankfully, cleaning services are readily available in Singapore. Their affordability and accessibility make them an enticing option for those who could use a helping hand. If you foresee yourself in a similar scenario, the Moovaz team is here to help. We have curated a short list of professional cleaning services available in Singapore for your consideration.

*This list is not placed in any particular ranking order. Feel free to contact us if you wish to partner with us.

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ProCare is a professional cleaning service in Singapore. If you find ever yourself in need of a one-stop solution for all your cleaning needs, you need go no further than ProCare. It offers a comprehensive list of services, from basic cleaning, upholstery care, stain removals and steaming, polishing and even industrial grade sanitization and disinfection. Using professional techniques such as misting, you can rest assured that your surroundings are safe for you and your loved ones.


Ever wished that you can enjoy the benefits of living in a serviced apartment without actually living in one? Well, your Whissh has been granted! Whissh is an international, one-stop home cleaning platform. In addition to offering a suite of cleaning solutions, they also offer services such as laundry, plumbing and maintenance of electrical parts. Whissh uses a fuss-free online booking system for clients to request ad-hoc services. Alternatively, for clients who require regular scheduled cleaning services in Singapore, separate arrangements can be made at reasonable rates.

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Helpling is an award-winning cleaning service in Singapore. Services are affordable and easy to book, organized into simple packages that are made available on their user-friendly phone app. A typical booking has 4 steps. First, enter your postal code so that the system may search for cleaners in your area. Next, select your desired package and time. After that, make payment. Last, enjoy your time off ! Cleaners on the Helpling network are experienced industry professionals who are trained in techniques used in 5-star luxury hotels. 


SGcleanXpert offers a wide range of quality cleaning services in Singapore at affordable prices. Their packages are highly customizable and you can maximize value by only paying for what you need. Perhaps most unique is their Samak cleaning service. If you ever find yourself in need of such specialized cleansing services in accordance with Muslim requirements, SGcleanXpert have you covered. They also offer a 24-hour cleaning service for the unplanned emergencies such as the aftermath of a party or an accidental spill on the carpet. For time-sensitive cases such as these, be sure to give our friends a call!

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If you simply require a no-frills, cleaning service in Singapore, NTUC is perhaps the most affordable on the market. Due to its affordable nature, it is a highly popular service amongst both locals and expatriates. As such, cleaners are not always available so be sure to plan ahead and book early to avoid disappointment! It is important to note that only cleaners are provided for this service. Per-visit fees are lowest when you sign up for a minimum of 4 visits a month and a service period of 6 months or more.




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