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Everything you need to know about the Climate And Weather in Sydney

Sydney is one of Australias largest cities. With its well-known landmark, the Sydney Opera House, the capital of New South Wales sees both tourists and immigrants visiting or moving in. If you’re someone who plans on exploring this city, it is good that you know the different seasons of Sydney. Besides, it’s always good to plan your trip in accordance with the weather so you can bring the right clothes to visit Bondi beach.

The humid subtropical city sees a sunny climate that has warm summers and mild winters. Read on to find out more about the weather in Sydney!

Spring In Sydney

The cooling weather in Sydneys Spring beautifies the bustling city of Sydney. During this time, the weather in Sydney makes exploring the city easier. You’ll see many on their bikes cycling around the Syndey Opera House to get a good shot.

When the September to November period comes in, the temperatures range between 11 to 23 degrees celsius. However, with a lower humidity level, the city feels more suitable to explore than during the warmer temperatures of the summer.

You can cycle or even take a romantic stroll down the Royal Botanic gardens, here you will see the beautiful Spring blooms that you must take pictures of.

Besides this, another fun activity to do would be a picnic at Hyde Park. You’ll have a picnic amidst nature at one of the oldest parks in Australia when you relax at Hyde Park.

If you’re more of a city person, Centennial Park is a must to visit. One of Sydney’s most famous attractions, you’ll find yourself enjoying the view of the buildings whilst you have a picnic there. You can even try Horseback riding if you’re feeling adventurous!

What to bring

Given the cool weather, it is recommended that you bring clothes that will keep you warm. These include scarves or cardigans. You don’t want to bring something too warm as it isn’t as chilling as the wintertime! Also, don’t forget your umbrellas in case it starts raining!

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Summer in Sydney

The best time for exploring Sydney would definitely have to be during the summer. With the warm weather in Sydney, you’ll definitely catch many people having a good time on Bondi beach or even exploring the Metropolitan side of the city.

From December to February, the temperatures can vary to about 18 to 26 degrees Celsius. Sydney’s humid conditions are due to the conditions from the South of Australia. The dry winds and cool airs cause the humidity levels to rise to about 65 percent in Sydney.

Even though the temperatures may be a bit too warm at times, the storms that come will cool the temperatures down. During the “Wet season”, the rain falls for a few hours, making the environment cooler in the summer. This will definitely be of great use for when you want to visit the beach for a tan or a surf. As the saying goes, “After the rain, comes a rainbow”.

What to bring

Since it is warmer in Sydney, you might want to use clothes that feel airier. Perhaps you could pack items like shorts and tank tops. Remember to pack an umbrella too as rains are expected during thr summer. If you’re planning on going to the beach remember to bring your swimwear and of course sunblock too. You don’t want to get a sunburn during the summer!

Autumn in Sydney

The Autumn season is a cool and quiet season for you to explore Sydney. The food and drinks are cheaper and the scenery amidst the orange leaves makes the city a spectacular sight to see.

When the period of March to May starts, the temperatures vary between 14 to 22 degrees celsius. The humidity level drops as well making the atmosphere in Sydney fresher than usual.

When the weather in Sydney, Sydney has many parades that you can experience. Saint Patricks Day is a traditional Irish celebration, during the parade you’ll see the traditional costumes and hear the melody of the drums and bagpipes. This is a parade that you should definitely go to.

Should you decide to enjoy the quieter side of Sydney during the Autumn time, be prepared to see the beautiful orange leaves that will be scattered throughout the city. You can even take a stroll down the Sydney Opera area and the Royal Botanic Garden to further experience the beautiful fall that Sydney has.

What to bring

The weather will be cooler in Autumn than in Spring so we do recommend that you bring clothes that will keep you warm. You could bring statement coats and hoodies so that you can keep warm whilst watching the parades. We wouldn’t want the cold to disrupt our day!

Winter In Sydney

Downtown at night at the waterfront in Sydney harbour
Downtown at night at the waterfront in Sydney harbor. Sydney, Australia, 2019.

The Winter season in Sydney is beautiful. Whilst walking down the coast you may spot whales while taking in the breathtaking view of Sydney.

The June to August period has temperatures that vary between 9 to 17 degrees celsius. The humidity is at its lowest but during this period, Sydney experiences many rainfalls.

When you’re in Sydney during the Wintertime, you must see the Vivid Light Festival. This is the worlds largest light festival that occur in over eight locations in Sydney, the most famous spots would be the Circular Quay and the Sydney Opera House.

Other than this, you can visit the many bars and pubs to enjoy a beer or mocktail whilst relaxing in the cold atmosphere. Some of the famous bars include The Wild Rover and The Temperance Society.

What to bring

Similar to Autumn, the winters in Sydney can get even more cooler than the previous season. We do reccommend that you use thermal wear below your jackets or hoodies. Bring an umbrella in case it rains. For a warmer feel, bring a thermal flask to store a hot drink for when you want to warm yourself during the chilling weather in Sydney. Remember to always keep yourslef warm during the winter so as to enjoy the season as much as possible!

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