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Top Most Culturally Diverse Places In Chicago And What To Do There

When it comes to abundance in opportunities, America always tops the list of providing a better life. For this reason, many citizens from abroad seek to shift to a country where they can provide good financial and environmental support to their families. Moreover, if we discuss the number of South Asians living in the United States, Indians take the lead. The second-largest immigrant group is the Indian American Indians in the United States.

The total of Indian-origin residents residing in North America sums up to 4 million, and the community’s diversity is enhancing over time. As per the American Community Survey (ACS) study conducted by the U.S Census Bureau in 2018, the total number of Indian Americans is 4.2 million. Out of this ratio, 38 percent of the large proportion are not U.S citizens. The estimation refers to 1.4 million Indians as neutralized citizens, 2.6 million as actual U.S citizens, and 1.2 million born in the U.S.

So why does the United States play an important role in Indian residents’ relocation? Read the guide to acknowledge the cultural diversity found in the United States.

The Culture and Civilization of the United States

The United States is defined as the “melting pot” by various people. The title of melting pot describes the contribution of various cultures that made up America’s distinctive civilization. In the present era, the American culture influences the world just like the different civilizations influenced America. For this reason, the term ‘Western Culture’ around the globe often refers to American and European culture.

According to a recent academic study, the United States of America tops the list of most culturally diverse countries worldwide. The Library of Congress suggests that nearly every culture influences shape the American culture and traditions, especially Latin Americans, Indigenous Americans, Asians, and Africans. Further, various immigrants merge in different ways and form a community. For instance, South Asians, such as Indian and Pakistani communities, keep their family traditions and cultural language but have embraced the American lifestyle and are integrated within the urban community.

Chicago “The Melting Pot” Pioneer

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One of the most preferred cities in the United States to shift to is Chicago due to various beneficial factors. Even in history, it is viewed as an exceptional place due to Chicago culture as a trade city, railroads, canals, and various positive lifestyle and environmental traits. Overseas, people from different North American cities also shift to Chicago. Various people from different backgrounds shifted to Chicago between the 1850s and 1990s. Therefore, you can observe Chicago’s cultural diversity and inclusion, including China, the Philippines, Italy, India, Norway, and much more.

During the 1900s, the people from these countries were first-generation immigrants to the U.S. The Chicago culture has grown immensely over time. In addition, if you are a sports lover, then Chicago is the best place to move into as the city is considered a very enthusiastic sports town. The city also leads the category in reforming public schools, providing budget-friendly housing, improved security and public safety initiatives, and having economically sound economies. The city is well-known for its economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

Different races and cultures in Chicago

As per the study conducted by United States Census, Chicago consists of 1,194,337 households and 2,695,598 people. More than 60 percent of the state of Illinois’s population resides in the metropolitan area of Chicago. Further, the study suggests that 35.1 percent are married couples living together, 40.4 percent population lives with no family. Moreover, 18.9 percent population consists of a female with no supporting husbands in the Chicago culture.

With the increase in migrated population, many immigrants from different backgrounds started to build up ethnic neighbourhoods and communities. These communities play a major role in providing a safe space for bringing up their families within their cultural heritage. Therefore, you can find places like Little Italy and Chinatown that depict the cultural diversity in Chicago and the heritage of immigrants who migrated from countries around the world.

So does cultural diversity in Chicago make the city famous? The answer for Chicago culture and reputation is defined by its being a segregated city. However, Chicago cultural diversity and inclusion are also extremely divergent as per the facts. The citywide population of Chicago is equally divided among 32 percent non-Hispanic whites, 33 percent non-Hispanic blacks, and 29 percent Hispanics. The racially diverse population in Chicago mostly includes black and non-Latinos. In addition, Chicago’s population consists of 36 percent black and mostly non-Latino. Further, the increasing number of immigrants is playing an important role in enhancing cultural diversity in Chicago.

Different ethnicities living in Chicago

Chicago best defines the rich melting pot characteristics of the United States. From Little India, Chinatown, Little Italy, and Greektown, immigrants from around the globe settled in these neighbourhoods back in the 19th and 20th centuries. The different neighbourhoods remain vibrant, with bustling restaurants, museums, cafes, and public art, further enhancing Chicago’s cultural diversity. Another amazing fact includes 77 diverse neighbourhoods within Chicago, making it the most preferred place for people looking for cultural diversity and inclusion as their top priority.  

Chicago, the third-largest city in the United States, is considered an actual melting pot of culturally diverse populations. Locals speak various native languages such as Spanish, English, Arabic, Italian, Greek, Russian, Hindu, Urdu, and other 100 languages on different streets. However, around 80% of people speak English in Illinois, but places such as Little India, Mexican quarters, and Devon Avenue feature cultural diversity in Chicago. Keeping all factors in mind, the Chicago culture played an important role for immigrants in the previous decades. Chicago is defined as the “Promised Land” for the southern black population. The city is popular for its big-city life stories, good jobs and wages, basic freedom to different cultures, and homes with running water.

For this reason, the city is considered the prime destination for immigrants coming from around the country or the globe. The historic diversity and distinctive traditions are reflected in the Chicago culture vibe. The residents are a fusion of ruggedness and chic personality, making them fun and adaptable for any situation. Hence, Chicago has been inhabited by various cultural groups over the decades. The city’s demographics are brightened with cultural diversity and inclusion of more than ten racial and cultural groups.

Diverse communities in Chicago

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Even though Chicago’s cultural diversity and inclusion make it a multicultural city, there are numerous ethnic neighbourhoods found in Chicago. The different ethnic neighbourhoods separate the culture of specific ethnicity from the usual American culture. Therefore, we have gathered a list of a few ethnic neighbourhoods that you can find within Chicago.


The commercial district area in Near West Side was once home to the Greek community of cultural diversity in Chicago. The Greek cultural heritage remains essential with a vast variety of Greek bakeries and restaurants; Greektown gives a glimpse of Europe’s unique streets and culture. Further, the National Hellenic Museum takes the Greek immigrants back to their roots.


Chinatown can be visited either by water taxi or by driving. Chinatown Square consists of various Chinese shops and restaurants making it perfect for the Chinese immigrant to keep in touch with their culture in Chicago. Secondly, the history of Chinese neighbourhoods as per the Chicago cultural diversity and inclusion is best described in the Chinese-American Museum

Little Italy

It is another great area that describes the popular Italian cultural heritage. When Italians migrated to Chicago in 1920, they brought their famous foods and recipes reflected on the streets of Little Italy. You can find numerous authentic restaurants in this area, along with the National American Sports Hall of Fame that best describes the Italian American sports players’ history. The area is ideal for Italian residents as it reminds them of the Italian aura and reminds residents about Chicago cultural diversity and inclusion.


The area which gives an authentic Mexican vibe is none other but Pilsen. The Mexican American neighbourhood of Pilsen is the best for finding various amazing Mexican food options. Further, mosaics and murals are found throughout the neighbourhood’s infrastructure. This is the beautiful Mexican culture and artwork found in the National Museum of Mexican Art, where the artists have defined Mexico’s cultural diversity in Chicago with their precise art.

“As a multicultural city that thrives on the harmony and diversity of its neighbourhoods, Chicago today embodies the values of America’s heartland-integrity, hard work, and community and reflects the ideals in the social fabric of its 77 distinct neighbourhoods.”

So, if you are thinking of relocating to a North American city, you should consider Chicago as the priority. The ever-growing residential location options, entertainment, arts, and glitzy skyline reflect Chicago’s comfortability and cultural diversity. The friendly and warm feel, humility, and respect found in Chicago’s residents make it better than the popular cities of New York, LA, and Miami.

Lastly, visitors from around the globe have voted Chicago as the best large city in the U.S for three constant years. The Chicago cultural diversity and inclusion provided by the diverse neighbourhoods make it quite easy for the newcomers to settle in this city with the help of Moovaz.

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