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Most Culturally Diverse Areas In Manchester And What To Do There

The United Kingdom is an attraction for many people around the world. Given the richness and the glory of the British Empire, the country still has much to offer its people. UK’s population has reached an epitome of cultural diversity in Manchester, with every city offering incomparable opportunities.

Manchester is known to be the most culturally diverse city in the world. Many of the locals are bilingual and there are about 153 languages spoken by the people in the city. The people of India are especially attracted to the UK. This is because of the many opportunities in studies, jobs, businesses, and overall better life. Safety and healthcare in the UK are remarkable, making it a dream country to study, work and live.

The diverse races and cultures of Manchester

Manchester is up and coming city in England with some beautiful architecture
Manchester is up and coming city in England with some beautiful architecture.

The cultural diversity in Manchester has positively impacted its ranking as the top culturally diverse city in the UK. This is due to its extensive history of migration from different parts of Europe and the world. Migration to Manchester started back in the 18th and the 19th century when European Jews fled persecution in their home countries.

There were many Irish immigrants during the Industrial Revolution as it opened doors to better job opportunities. Moreover, after the Second World War, many south Asians and the Caribbean people found a home in Manchester. People also came from the African colonies of Uganda and Kenya.

During the transformation of Manchester into a tech hub in the early 2000s, many skilled workers migrated in hopes of better job opportunities. There was a huge demand for IT professionals during the time. Moreover, there was also a high demand for skilled workers in the health care sector. Today, many nurses and healthcare professionals from around the world are contributing to the National Health Services (NHS).

NHS has been notable during the COVID19 pandemic with hard work amidst the virus outbreak. These valuable contributions define the cultural diversity of Manchester. Additionally, this diversity in the workforce has played a major part in transforming the economy of the UK.

With the arrival of immigrants to Manchester, the social landscape has also transformed into diverse economies. The cultural mix of global nationalities is visible in the curry mile in Rusholme. The Northern Quarter and Chinatown are also great examples of the cultural diversity in Manchester.

Population of Manchester

As of 2021, the population of Manchester was 532,200, which is an increase of 5.8% from 2011. This has been the largest increase in any city outside London. However, the city is home to the largest number of non-white population, which is why Manchester is the most culturally diverse city in the UK.

A resilient population

People sitting and enjoy their beer outside the Old wellington bar at the Cateaton Street near Manchester Cathedral in Manchester UK
Manchester, United Kingdom, July 16 2019: People sitting and enjoy their beer outside the Old wellington bar at the Cateaton Street near Manchester Cathedral in Manchester UK

When immigrants come into Manchester, it does more than contribute to the social and economic values. This Indian nurse’s work with hospitals and healthcare centres has resulted in boosting organ donation in most South Asian regions.

Moreover, the horrific bombings in 1996 by IRA brought the city together. After the Manchester Arena attack, the difference between Hindus, Christians, Atheists and Muslims vanished. Replaced with kindness and empathy when everyone helped one another. All residents opened their doors to provide shelter, food and help to those affected.

Future of Manchester

By 2035, the plan is to transform Manchester into the ‘Northern Powerhouse’. This will make Manchester a global city after big investments in transport and infrastructure. However, this vision leaves out a major part of the city’s dwellers.

Where developments are happening at a great speed, poverty is also increasing along with crime rates and homelessness. This shows that the city has unfair and unequal access to opportunities such as education, security and housing.

Battling of Manchester

Manchester is a vibrant and friendly city. With its cultural diversity, discrimination of any kind is discouraged. However, that does not mean that it does not exist. The Manchester City Council has designed the Equality Act of 2010 that ensures no one faces discrimination in private and professional life. Built on equality, Manchester prides itself in battling discrimination of any kind.

The equality act 2010

Keeping in mind the city’s cultural values, the current legislation meats the legal requirements on equality through the Equality Act 2010. This Act is a list of legal requirements that need to be followed by all public and private sectors.

The Equality Act 2010 is a consolidation of the previous acts, like the:

  • Sex Discrimination Act of 1975,
  • Race Relations Act of 1976, and
  • Disability Discrimination Act of 1995.

All individuals affected in their jobs or schools are protected under this updated Equality Act. Moreover, this protects the citizens of Manchester from gender reassignment, sex, age, race, religious beliefs, pregnancy, disability, and ethnicity.

Section 149 of the Equality Act is titled Public Sector Equality Duty, whereby the public bodies must have due regard for every action. This includes:

  1. The elimination of discrimination, victimization, harassment and any other unlawful conduct described in the Act.
  2. Creating equal opportunities among individuals with protected characteristics and those who have them missing.
  3. Fostering and creating better relationships between racial and social groups whereby one party has protected characteristics.

Moreover, the Council is responsible for:

  1. Minimizing or completely eliminating the disadvantages faced by individuals without protected characteristics.
  2. Ensuring that the needs of people from unprotected groups are met since they are different from the needs of protected individuals.
  3. Encouraging individuals from protected groups to participate in public events and activities in the city where it is low.

Although the Act sums up everything required by all groups in Manchester, unique cases are common. In order to tackle this, the City Council extends its legal requirements so it can deliver the best possible equality outcomes for the city.

The cultural diversity in Manchester has been since the 18th century and has had its vicissitudes. The diversity of the UK inspires the unique culture of the city. Foreign skilled workers have brought with them a little of their own hometown, which is why it is vibrant today.

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No individual feels out of place when studying, working or living in Manchester. However, it has its challenges when some parts of the city are left out. Although the city is growing at a great pace towards its dream of becoming the Northern Powerhouse, it will not be an easy journey.

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