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  • Digitisation: The State Of Digitisation In The Global Relocation Industry
Digitisation: The State Of Digitisation In The Global Relocation Industry

Digitisation: The State Of Digitisation In The Global Relocation Industry

Digital transformation or digitisation is a big trend that businesses in almost every industry are experiencing for the past decade. 70% of companies either have a digitisation plan in place or are working on one (Source: ZDnet). Companies that digitise are well positioned to capture the market share. 

Digitisation has also shifted consumer preferences to be in favour of digital solutions. The most successful companies in any industry are the ones who recognise their clients’ changing needs and evolve to meet those needs. 

Companies that do not digitise risk losing their market share to those that do. Progress Global Survey reports that 55% of companies without a digitisation strategy, believe that they will start losing market share within a year.

Since almost every industry is digitising and benefiting from it, what about the relocation industry? Has it adopted digitisation and what are they doing to digitise? Let’s find out!

Current state of relocation industry

Despite the global shifts to digital transformation, most businesses in the relocation industry have not digitised. According to a global mobility survey involving more than 20,000 participants, 75% of relocation companies still use traditional methods to manage their relocation processes (source: Santa Fe Relocations).  

Pressure to digitise

The global relocation industry has been under pressure of “digital transformation” just like any other industry. Companies can no longer rely on traditional methods to grow. Customers are expecting businesses to add value in different ways. 

Companies in the global relocation industry have started adopting technology such as blockchain or AI, and are seeing the benefits in using technology to reduce inefficiencies and connect with their customers.

Technologies that are adopted

Cartus International, a relocation services provider, leverages predictive analytics by using data it has gathered over the past 30 years to help customers to plan and forecast their relocation journeys.


With digitisation being the future and most relocation companies have not yet digitally transformed their businesses, there is a risk of such companies losing out to their digitised competitors.

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