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Ease Your Child’s Moving Stress And Anxiety: 6 Steps To Take

We are all creatures of habit. Once we settle down and get comfortable, we begin getting accustomed to a new routine to stick with. That’s why moving is one of the most stressful things one can go through because it requires change. When you make plans to relocate, you’re travelling way beyond your area of comfort. It’s not a bad thing, per se, because one can only grow and learn when they’re at the edge of their comfort zone. Plan Your Journey Now! 

As parents, there are many areas to cover when moving, like setting a budget, finding a company with global relocation services, and packing up. So, if moving is stressful on you, then it’s probably just as stressful for your children, especially if they’re still schooling. But by ensuring that they’re well taken care of, you’re dealing with one less source of stress off your plate.

Here are six tips to help your children manage and cope well with the stress and anxiety that comes with relocation.

  1. Break the news way in advance

Regardless of where you’re moving to, try to find an ideal time to break the news. The earlier, the better. It is still a significant decision that concerns the rest of your family – so your child deserves to have some time to come around to the idea too. Hence, break the news way ahead of moving day so that they can have the time to process it and prepare for the reality of moving some time in the future.

  1. Acknowledge their feelings

Upon breaking the news, you might be faced with feelings of confusion, anger and unhappiness. Keep in mind that it’s completely fine and that their reaction is normal. The root of their anger could be similar to the reasons for your stress, like delving into the unknown, experiencing changes and having to start anew at school or work. Be sure to check in on your kids regularly and establish the fact that you’re open to talk or answer any questions they have.

  1. Get them involved

It takes time for your children to adapt to the idea of moving. In the meantime, you shouldn’t let them disassociate themselves from the overall process. Instead, try to get something done by starting small. It could be packing up all your books or donating your used clothing to charity. You can also encourage them to check out their future home on the Internet and get excited about the activities they can partake in upon moving in.

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  1. Let them have a say

You’re not the only one moving; your kids are too. No matter how old they are, their ideas and suggestions are coming from a place of concern. Take it into consideration to let them know that you’re listening and that their opinions matter. You can give them some authority over certain moving aspects such as picking their new room and decorating the house. Let them participate earlier in the moving journey as they slowly get used to the idea.

  1. Don’t pack last minute

Try not to save everything for the last minute. Finish packing ahead of schedule, so you won’t spend your last few days in a hurry. Regardless of where you’re relocating to, engaging the help of a team of international movers is a great way to start. Especially if it’s your first time moving, you’d need all the help you can get.

If you plan to move heavy furniture or bulky items, you can leave it to us at Moovaz. With our relocation services, you can have peace of mind as we follow through every step of the international relocation procedure carefully and use modern technology to elevate the moving experience.

  1. Let them bid farewell

Give both you and your kids a chance to properly say goodbye to your old home, friends and loved ones. Also, let them know that goodbyes are not final. There will always be opportunities to keep in touch through social media. And remind them that more opportunities are waiting for them at the new location. Reiterate the fact that there are reasons behind the move, and while transitions are stressful and scary, we can flourish through change.

As we’re still living amid a global pandemic, you might feel overwhelmed since you’re faced with many uncertainties. So, while you try to ease the moving process for your children, don’t neglect the state of your mental health as well. Be in tune with your feelings and find ways to cope with the stress effectively about relocating.

At Moovaz, our team of removalists in Singapore is dedicated to bringing you the best relocation experience with care and professionalism. Get in touch with us to learn how we can accommodate your moving needs!

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