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Immigration and Visa for relocation to Australia

Expat Guide 2021: All You Need to Know About Immigration and Visa in Australia

Moving to Australia to work, study or play is a goal shared by many. Maybe it’s the lush beaches or the cool vibes. There’s just something about the land down under that has held a magical charm. Whether you’re headed to the bustling city of Melbourne, or looking forward to enjoying the sunshine of Perth, you will need to know all about immigration and visas in Australia. Here’s a guide to get you started:

Main Immigration And Visas In Australia

Are you looking for a visit and tourism? Going to Australia to study at one of the many world class universities? Looking for short or long term work? The truth is that there are many visa options available, with 24 different types of working and skilled visas alone. Therefore, figuring out which one applies to you and your prospective move is going to be challenging. Thankfully, the Australian Government has created an excellent self help option that can show you the visa options that might suit your needs here.

As a general guide, the administrative costs of immigration and visas in Australia varies. For example, you can expect to pay about A$500 for a working holiday visa, up to A$8,580 for a skilled or investment visa.

Relocating during COVID-19 period? Vaccine Passport is another thing you shouldn’t ignore. Check here for more information.

How Do I Apply For Immigration Or A Visa To Australia?

Thankfully, you can apply online for most visas and immigration pathways to Australia online. Here, the Immi portal will be your trusted resource.

Step 1: Create your ImmiAccount

Relevant for most expats would be an individual ImmiAccount, which you will use if you are an individual applicant, or a family member acting on behalf of an applicant.

Step 2: Start and manage your application

The Immi portal has detailed guides on each immigration and visa pathway to Australia. With your ImmiAccount, you can start a new application, manage it, and even share it with another account. If you hire an immigration consultant, sharing your application would be an important process for your consultant to view your application and help you to attach further documents to your application.

Step 3: Attach the required documents

Each immigration and visa pathway to Australia has a unique set of documents required. Your application form will explain in detail what documents to attach, and whether to attach them before or after you submit. Do note that the Immi portal does not accept email documents, and all documents will have to be uploaded to the portal.

Step 4: Wait for your result!

After you submit your application, your ImmiAccount can check on the status of your application. You can also inform the authorities if a mistake has been made in your application, or if you have to update your details.

Do I Need A Consultant?

Navigating the immigration process may not be the most exciting aspect of your move, but it is absolutely essential. With the wide range of visa options available, securing your move will not be easy. Thankfully, immigration services are available to help you along the journey. It is true that the market for immigration services in Australia is competitive. Therefore, ensure that they are registered with the office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), the regulatory body in Australia. In addition, we recommend choosing an agent with a good track record, strong list of client references and experience dealing with your specific visa. Here are some of our best picks.


Austral aims to make your immigration process a stress free experience by providing world-class service every step of the way. Furthermore with its team of immigration lawyers and agents, Austral is well equipped to navigate the complex immigration system.


SeekVisa specialises in employment visas to Australia, focusing on Temporary Skill Shortage visas, Skilled Work visas and Business and Investment visas. It also provides a PR Points Calculator that helps you to better understand your eligibility.

This is Australia

If English is not your first language, This is Australia is the partner of choice with a team of international and multilingual staff. Also, by liaising with the Immigration Department on your behalf, This is Australia aims to be your single point of contact in the process.

Applying for an immigration or visa to Australia is only the first step of the journey ahead. Therefore, it is important to get a head start where you can. For example, an early application can impact potential employment options. It will also prevent further stresses along the way, knowing that you’ve got your application in good order already. Are you moving to Australia soon, and need help getting started? Book a free consultation with our Relo Buddies today!

Otherwise, discover more of our favourite immigration consultants here, or read our one-stop guide to moving to Australia here!

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