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  • Expat Market In Australia – All You Need To Know About Expats Before Targeting Them
Expat Market In Australia - All You Need To Know About Expats Before Targeting Them

Expat Market In Australia – All You Need To Know About Expats Before Targeting Them

Australia is a country with rich wildlife, beautiful landscapes, pleasant weather, and high quality of life for people who live there. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics, expats are attracted to work and live in Australia for the same reasons which are why 30% of the population are foreign-born which makes expats an attractive market to target for businesses Let’s find out how they behave and where they can be found.  

What Is An Expat?

Expatriates or expats for short is a person who temporarily lives outside of their native country mostly for work reasons. The term ‘expats’ is often mistaken with the term ‘immigrant’. Immigrants are those who permanently shift to another country whereas expats do not necessarily relocate permanently as mentioned above. 

Expat Behaviours

Understanding expat behaviours will allow businesses to better target expats. Let’s find out what some of these behaviours are.

Where do they live

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the percentage of foreign-born residents in the city are as follows: Sydney (42.9%), Melbourne (40.2%), Perth (42.7%), Brisbane (32.2%), Adelaide (31.8%), Canberra (30.4%) and Hobart (20.2%), which show that expats tend to live in such major cities in Australia where are the more activities and like-minded people. 


According to HSBC’s 2018 expat explorer survey,  61% of expats own properties in Australia which is higher than the global average of 44%. The remainder tend to stay in rental accommodations.


Given that Australia has a shortage of skilled labour and the country actively encourages expats to come to Australia to fill in the gap, expats tend to have high salaries with the average being AUD 172,350 per year which means a high purchasing power (source: HSBC).


What Do Expats Do

The top three employment sectors in Australia for expats are Finance (11%), IT, Telecoms & Internet (11%), and Health (10%) (Source: HSBC) These are the sectors with skill shortages and the Australian government actively encourages expats to come to the country to fill the labour gap.  

Channels Used by Expats


Expats can be found on social media apps such as Facebook. Given that many expats are far from home, family and friends, Facebook is an ideal platform for them to stay connected with their loved ones. As of May 2021, almost 46.2% of Facebook users are below the age of 35, 19% between the ages of 35-44 and 14% between 45-54 years of age (Source: NapoleonCat). Facebook has several expat groups such as Expats in Australia, Expats in Sydney and Moving To Australia Tips  providing advice and support to fellow expats who are moving to Australia.


Instagram is another social media platform used by expats. As of May 2021, 30% of Instagram users in Australia are between the ages of 25-34, 18% between 35-44 years and 12% between the ages of 45- 54 (Source: NapoleonCat). With the largest age group being those between the ages of 25 and 34, makes Instagram an important platform for businesses to reach and engage them.


Expats forums such as Expat Forum for Expats Living in Australia and Expat Exchange are visited by many expats to learn more about working or living in Australia and to help each other out. 


Expats have also started their own blogs, to give those who want to know about what life is like as an expat in Australia more information about it. Examples of blogs by expats in Australia are Londener in Sydney and The Accidental Australian.

Media Sites

Expat-focused media sites and magazines such as The Finder provide subscribers and readers with crucial information about Australia to help them navigate life in Australia easily as an expat. 

Understanding Expats 

Expats are often faced with internal conflict from loneliness and confusion. Living far away from friends and family can be challenging, especially in different environments and cultures. Therefore, pre-planning is a very important stage for expat. Many expats would research the area where they are going to stay, gather some contacts on the ground, chat with other people who have had a similar experience, read blogs, find tips and tricks on how to adapt faster, and many more. Ultimately, to mentally prepare themselves for the move. However, one important thing about expats is that they, in general, are highly adaptive and quick at learning. 

Marketing to Expats in Australia

Social Media 

The Internet has changed the way expats communicate. Long gone the days where they can only get to know each other after meeting up. The digital profile on Social media has increase connectivity across the world, expat can get to know other expats simply by searching them on social media. Nowadays, expats depend heavily on social media to communicate. Therefore, social media channels are a good way to reach and engage expats. 

Additionally, It is important to produce content with a personal voice and less promotional, as Expats mainly enjoy exchanging stories and experiences, so content surrounding personal experiences will do well in this market. Sharing insights, experiences, tips and tricks to make life easier for expats in Australia is another way to connect with the expat community.


Media Platforms

Expats also consume massive amounts of information and knowledge from various media platforms. It is important to target advertisement to bigger cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane as expats have higher purchasing power and higher living standards. Hence, would engage in relocation services to help with their move. 

Click here to find out more about the top 10 media platforms for expats community in Australia.  


Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane are some of the more popular cities that expats live in. Therefore, the community differs slightly from what each city offers. In general, the Sydneys community are more worked-centered and solo expats, whereas Melbourne and Brisbane’s community have a good balance of both family and younger crowd.

Source: (Movehub) 



Australia has no official language. However, English is the most commonly spoken language. It is mainly quite straightforward as many expats in Australia minimally can speak at a conversation level. The Chinese language has been on the rise and seen on an advertisement at bus stops, which are mainly more popular in bigger cities. 


Food is often the conversation starter, this serves as an opportunity to target expats with food-related content. The concept of using food from their country allows them to instantly spark nostalgia and build connectivity. Hence, food can bring people together. 


In conclusion, with the growing opportunities in the expatriate market, enhancing your customer experience and target your clients accurately is more important than ever. Moovaz is an end-to-end relocation platform that serves expats around the world, Feel free to contact us if you wish to partner with us. to promote your business to the expat community. 

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