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Expats Market In Australia: Top 10 Media Platforms Most Expats Can’t Live Without

(This article was updated on 7 July 2021)

Want to promote your business services or products to the expat community in Australia, but do not know where to start finding Australian expats? Fret not, we’ve got you covered with the top 10 expat lifestyle media platforms you can utilise to reach out to the expats in Australia.

*This list is not placed in any particular ranking order. Feel free to contact us if you wish to partner with us.


Since 1997, ExpatExchange.com has supported millions of expatriates throughout the world. Their expat knowledge base has been built over the course of the last 13 years, largely by expats themselves.

With more than 35k followers, ExpatExchange serves as an online community for expatriates worldwide (But has an entire section dedicated to Australia, which provides key information and articles on moving/living in Australia, healthcare, jobs, visa & immigration services, real estate etc and specific city guides e.g. Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney etc → allows vendors to target AU expat community)

Every month, their site welcomes between 250,000-350,000 visitors — international transferees, expats, HR and relocation professionals

You can gain a wider access to the expat living in Australia through Expat Exchange’s Socials:


The Finder Australia is the longest-running magazine publication for expatriates in Australia, which provides in-depth information about the local lifestyle, and what the country has to offer to expats in Australia. 

The Finder Australia covers a wide range of editorial topics such as Travel, Food, Home and Wellness, Expat Tips, Moving Your Life (moving tips, COVID-19 Updates), neighbourhood guides and exploring Australia. 

According to The Finder Singapore, the website attracts 650,000 users annually, with a total of 28,000 magazines distributed. Furthermore, The Finder also has around 5,000 active subscribers for their EDMs. 

You can gain a wider access to the expat living in Australia through The Finder Singapore:

  • Social media platforms: Facebook (with 10,656 followers) and Instagram (with 6963 followers).
  • Monthly magazine subscriptions
  • Email newsletters (EDMs)


Londoner in Sydney started in 2014 to guide expats into life in Australia. A Community-based site where readers can share their favourite places and hidden gems to explore in Australia, their articles offer help and reassurance for other expats trying to settle in another new country, such as tips on moving and living in AU.

With an entire section dedicated to expats, with various resources such as Australia visa tips, expat interviews, moving/backpacking AU tips and guides on different relocation services, one can consider reaching out to them for media collaborations. 

You can reach out to more Australia expats via Londoner in Sydney’s platforms: 

  • Social media platforms: Facebook (with 2700 followers), Twitter (with 464 followers) and Instagram (with 10,700 followers). 
  • New YouTube videos on AU life every week (with 583 subscribers)


ExpatBriefing is a Free online publication serving international expatriates and featuring world news, events, in-depth country information (from moving to living to repatriation and everything in between)

It provides country guide and free expat guides/articles on different service areas, such as Financial considerations, Taxation, Healthcare, Education, Immigration, Employment and Business, Accommodation and many others

You can reach out to more Australia expats via ExpatBriefing: 

  • Social media platforms: Twitter (with 2090 followers), Facebook (with 29519 followers)



PomsinOz Is the pre-eminent Australia migration forum on the internet, offering help and advice on visas, the migration process, and life in Australia. It also features articles on migration, living in Australia, jobs and careers, money and finance, transport, and general news. A forum space for discussion among expats, which receives nearly half a million visits per month from members and guests in over 157 different countries, one can reach out to Australian expats with PomsinOz via the following:

  • Social media platforms: Twitter (with 2191 followers), Facebook (with 7862 followers)
  • Email newsletter campaigns


The Accidental Australian provides a series of expat centric articles about Australia about taxes, jobs, and what to know about Australia before moving there. With an aim to aid expats in accessing the information, tools and services needed for them to make the move and get the best out of their lives abroad

With 3,386 subscribers on her blog, she publishes personable and relatable content given blog, open to working with guest posts, to tap on their platform for a greater reach. She covers a comprehensive breakdown of content about Australia, including Sydney, North/South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales.

You can reach out to more Australia expats via The Accidental Australian’s platforms:

  • Social media platforms: Facebook (with 2175 followers), Instagram (with 15,300 followers)
  • Blog


Expat Arrivals provides a guide to moving to Australia, broken down into service verticals for people to access information, contacts, and services needed to make the move and live abroad

With 246k page visits on a monthly basis, it is especially useful for target audiences moving from US/UK/India to Australia. It also boasts a comprehensive breakdown of different cities including Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane

Companies looking to reach a target audience of Australian expats can do so via Expat Arrivals:

  • Social media platforms: Facebook (with 5717 followers), Twitter(with 8217 followers)


Rebecca and The World is a blog that provides resources, guides, and tips for expat relocation categorized by countries and topics. Australia is one of the well-covered countries. It aims to share travel stories with viewers, aims to have the site as a go-to resource for planning itineraries, finding the best places to eat and delving into a city or country’s unique culture.

With a blog page catered to expat life covering tips and things expats will need to know before relocating, it covers a wide variety of content on the different regions, including Victoria, Melbourne

You can gain a wider access to the Australian expat network via Rebecca and The World: 


Easy Expat is a one-stop page with a series of resources with a series of features for an AUS Guide, covering from traveling to practical daily life (EG. babysitting, maid, healthcare, education etc) 

It covers a wide variety of service verticals, including pet relocation, maid services, accommodations, jobs and education. All of which are comprehensive and detailed. 

To gain a greater outreach with Singapore expats, firms can tap on Easy Expat’s platforms: 


Sydney Moving Guide is travel blog that covers content specific to expat travels in Australia, covering a wide range of topics like things to do and see in Australia 

The guide covers a wide series of topics, from start to finish of the relocation journey and categorizes information and articles by service verticals 

With a series of easy to understand, digestible articles for the reader to understand the topic, guides and articles are comprehensive as well, one can tap on their platforms to reach out to Australian expats:

In conclusion, these are some of the key media platforms that businesses can advertise with to the expat community in Australia. Reaching out to the right target audience is key in ensuring that your efforts are effective.

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