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Expats Market In Singapore: Top 10 Media Platform Most Expats Can’t Live Without

(This article was updated on 23 June 2021) Want to promote your business services or products to the expat community in Singapore but do not know where to start finding these Singapore expats? Fret not, as we provide you with the top 10 expat lifestyle media platforms for expats you can utilize to reach out to the expats in Singapore.

*This list is not placed in any particular ranking order. Feel free to contact us if you wish to partner with us.

 1. Expat Living Singapore  

Expat Living Singapore is a well-established expat living magazine (digital & in-print) in Singapore, providing expats in Singapore with a detailed overview and guide to the lifestyle in Singapore, from neighbourhood guides, schools, property, business and work to finance and environment. According to SimilarWeb, the website had monthly visits of 114.90k of which 77.32% of these visitors came from Singapore. 

Besides gaining exposure for your business through Expat Living monthly newsletter, magazines, guides, and  books subscription, you can extend your reach to the expats in Singapore through:

  • The website noticeboard, where Singapore expats can sell their items online to other expats living in Singapore. 
  • The Expat Living events. and competitions where active communications between expats in Singapore can be fostered.
  • Their social media platforms – Facebook (43,818 followers), Twitter (3,209 followers), Youtube (557 subscribers) , Instagram (23.4k followers), Pinterest (988 followers) and linkedin (1,379 followers). 

2. Honeycombers 

Founded in 2008, Honeycombers is one of the fastest-growing online lifestyle publications & digital production houses in Singapore, which aims to show both locals and expats how to live the good life in Singapore. Honeycombers offers rich content that provides tips for expatriates on moving to Singapore (e.g. co-living spaces in SG, best international movers, relocating tips), School Selections, and other lifestyle topics on Travel, Food, Things to do in SG, and more. 

According to Honeycombers, the website attracts more than 1,000,000 visitors monthly where 80% of their followers live in Singapore, 55% are expats and 45% are local Singaporeans between the age of 25-45 years old. Honeycombers also boasts a powerful and active database of 56,000 active email newsletter subscribers.

You can also promote your business services or products to the expats community in Singapore through Honeycombers:

3. Singapore Expats

Singapore Expats is the leading expat and property portal in Singapore, offering a one-stop residential Singapore property guide, renting procedure, and information directory for expatriates living or relocating to Singapore. Furthermore, Singapore Expats also provide guides for an expat on the international schools in Singapore.  

According to SimilarWeb, the website had around 197.60k visitors per month, where almost 70% of these visitors originate from Singapore. 

You can extend your reach to the expats in Singapore through:

  • The Singapore Expats Forum where many Singapore expatriates actively engaged in discussion on lifestyle topics such as “Property Talks, Housing & Rentals”, “Parenting, Family and Schools” and more. 
  • Their social media platforms – Facebook (with 44,875 followers) and Youtube (with 115 subscribers). 

4. Singapore Expat Women (SEW)

Singapore Expat Women (SEW) are a tight-knitted Singapore-based expat community for women, which focuses on bringing together women of all walks of life in Singapore. To foster a closer connection within female expats living in Singapore, the Singapore Expat Women often held various events such as International Women’s Day celebrations, girl’s night out at the bar, and more. Moreover, the website also covers various article topics on Health and Beauty, Business, Entertainment, travel & Leisure, Food, and more. 

As a business, you can extend your reach to Singapore expats and promote your services or products through the Singapore Expat Women’s:

  • Marketing program, where businesses can showcase their services or products to the community through sponsored posts on the groups such as Facebook Page, Magazine Articles, or SEW Bespoke Events.

5.  All About City - Singapore

All About City is an all-in-one platform that outlines the many various things an expat would need to know when living in Singapore. It specialises in information about public transport and happenings in Singapore. It provides a very comprehensive guide for public transport in Singapore. Furthermore, it provides articles outlining what events are ongoing in Singapore, and highlights multiple job platforms as well for Singapore expats to use.

As a business, you can gain wider access to the target audience of expats living in Singapore through The Finder’s:

6. Truly Expat Singapore  

An Australian expat who’s lived in Singapore and writes multiple blog articles about Singapore. This includes the best places to have a staycation in 2021. With a dedicated page on tips/hacks for the Singapore Expat community, the blog’s target audience is very well defined. It also covers content pertaining to immigration, visas, as well as accommodations. With a personal touch to the media advertising, this blog brings a strong brand voice that is relatable to the audiences. It has also received an award in the Blog Awards 2018. 

Businesses looking to expand their market and outreach with expats in Singapore can do so through Truly Expat’s:

  • Social media platforms: Facebook, (with 474 followers) Instagram (with 4035 followers) and Twitter (with 221 followers).

7.  The Finder Singapore

The Finder Singapore is the longest-running magazine publication for expatriates in Singapore, which provides in-depth information about the local lifestyle, and what the lion city has to offer to the global citizens in Singapore. 

The Finder Singapore covers a wide range of editorial topics such as Travel, Food, Home and Wellness, Expat Tips, Moving Your Life (moving tips, COVID-19 Updates), neighbourhood guides and exploring Singapore. Notably, The Finder Singapore also has an editorial section that features topics related to Kids in Singapore like international schools, fun activities for kids in Singapore, and more. 

According to The Finder Singapore, the website attracts 650,000 users annually, with a total of 28,000 magazines distributed. Furthermore, The Finder also has around 5,000 active subscribers for their EDMs. 

You can gain wider access to the expat living in Singapore through The Finder Singapore:

  • Social media platforms: Facebook (with 10,656 followers) and Instagram (with 6963 followers). 
  • Monthly magazine subscriptions.
  • Email newsletters (EDMs).

8. Georgia Caney: Blog/Vlog

A lifestyle travel expat vlogger/blogger with a significant following of 97,000, Georgia Caney’s reach is significant. With a personal touch to the media advertising, Georgia brings a strong brand voice to the ads done. Having produced Expat-centric content for a long time, her niche following is already established and strong. Georgia has a significant reach.  She has also written a Singapore Ebook Guide as well, making her well-versed with content pertaining to Singapore, which includes information with regard to accommodations, as well as the necessary things to note when relocating to Singapore. 

Companies and firms looking to gain wider access to the expat living in Singapore can do so via Georgia Caney’s:

  • Social media platforms: Youtube (with 116,000 subscribers), Instagram (with 30,350 followers) and TikTok (with 208 followers), 
  • Blog.

9. EasyExpat.com 

Easy Expat is a one-stop page with a series of resources with a series of features for an SG Guide, covering from traveling to practical daily life (EG. babysitting, maid, healthcare, education,etc) It covers a wide variety of service verticals, including pet relocation, maid services, accommodations, jobs, and education. All of which are comprehensive and detailed. 


You can gain wider access to the expat living in Singapore through Easy Expat’s:

10. Living in Singapore 

Living In Singapore is a Platform with plenty of resources on living in Singapore for expatriates, this website highlights a series of important considerations such as job recruitment agencies and accommodations, which are crucial considerations for expats who are moving to Singapore. It is comprehensive and has detailed information on the multiple things one needs to know prior to moving to SG. 

To gain a greater outreach with Singapore expats, firms can tap oh Living in Singapore’s:

In conclusion, these are some of the key media platforms for expats that businesses can advertise with to the expat community in Singapore. Reaching out to the right target audience is key, choosing the correct partner to work with case help you optimise the return on investment.

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