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Expats Repatriation Trends Around The World Due to Covid-19 and World Politics

Covid-19 has caused a drastic change when it comes to relocation patterns in the world. While many expats opted to move and relocate to different countries in search for a change in their lives for the past decade, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of expats to relocate back to their home countries. Of course, the Covid-19 is not the only reason driving this change. Other factors such as a change in employment regulations in a respective country as well as political instability are also some of the factors driving this change.

In Singapore, the tough measures during the circuit breaker as well as the prioritization of providing jobs for locals are some of the reasons expats are moving back to their respective countries. The level of uncertainty in the political situation Hong Kong influenced a number of expats to move out of the city. Other countries such as India and countries in the Middle East are repatriating their citizens back to their countries and prioritizing job offerings for them.

Although it sounds rational for expatriates to relocate back to their home countries, it is in fact difficult for individuals to return to their home countries as they would feel detached from their inner circle in their home countries, a phenomenon known as “reverse cultural shock”. Reverse cultural shock can lead to anxiety or depression amongst individuals especially then their career prospects are not going well.

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