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FIDI Webinar: Sustainable Relocation – Why Global Mobility Must Take Action

With more companies hopping on the sustainability bandwagon, there becomes a pressing need for relocation businesses to ramp up their sustainability efforts.

On 16 September 2021, panellists representing the relocation industry sectors, including DSP and RMC businesses, highlighted the need for the industry to take immediate action to become more economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable and shared advice on introducing sustainable practices at a FIDI Focus webinar.

Today, let us share with you some key takeaways we’ve learnt from the webinar.

Firstly, let us get started with the formal definition of Sustainability.

What Is Sustainability?

Sustainability refers to development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In the relocation industry, it is crucial in keeping businesses alive.

Today, while some forms of sustainable practices are already being integrated into workflows among relocation businesses, it remains crucial for companies to cultivate the correct mindset among employees, to steer the company into achieving its sustainable goals.

Currently, packing companies are trying to reduce unnecessary packaging and utilising recyclable or eco-friendly packaging. Also, many companies recycle used materials and are exploring alternative sources of sustainable energy.

Given the value of sustainability today, every relocation business plays a pivotal role in propelling the entire industry forward into a sustainable one.

FIDI Webinar: Sustainable Relocation – Why Global Mobility Must Take Action
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Importance Of A Sustainable Relocation Business

Staying Relevant

In today’s world where the adoption of green practises among companies are becoming a norm, this further stresses the importance for businesses to incorporate sustainability into their existing workflows or risk losing out. Furthermore, having clear sustainable goals helps to appeal to partners and investors as these stakeholders generally consider a company’s sustainability approach before deciding whether they will want to partner or invest in the said company.

Attract New Talents

Today, a fair share of employees prioritize working for a sustainable business. As shared by the panellists themselves, some of them tend to only consider working in companies that already have some forms of sustainability practises or commitment in place. This means that in order for companies to attract the right talents, they will have to integrate sustainability into their DNA, or risk losing out to their competitors.

Survive In The Long-Term

Companies with business practises that are unsustainable are unlikely to survive through tough times as they will be faced with a plethora of constraint issues.

Tips To Measure Success In Sustainability

Integrating suitable metrics not only gives a company credibility when sourcing for partnerships, it also steers the company in the correct direction to achieve its ultimate goals.

Take Baby Steps

As a starting guide, companies are encouraged to take baby steps when it comes to measuring sustainability success. For instance, when evaluating energy efficiency, companies can test and monitor the effects of changing certain business processes and respond accordingly based on the most efficient option.

Incorporate Suitable Frameworks

Incorporating suitable frameworks can also help in measuring sustainability success. Business sustainability goes beyond business processes, but also encompasses areas such as employee well-being. This means that a simple survey to analyse Employee Work Satisfaction could also be a desirable indicator of sustainability, since employees are a company’s key asset.

Participate In Global Movements

On an international scale, some corporations have even become signatories to the UN Global Compact or have committed to becoming carbon neutral, thereby pledging their support towards sustainability.

How Can Relocation Businesses Integrate Sustainability Into Its DNA

Many businesses struggle between incorporating sustainability into its business process and profit maximisation, as oftentimes, sustainable options may not be the most cost-friendly options in the short-run. However, given the nature of sustainability, incorporating it into business processes will benefit companies in time to come.

Listed below are some useful tips shared by the panellists on how relocation businesses can integrate sustainability into its DNA:

1.       Use Recyclable Materials

Did you know that a simple act of switching from adhesives to paper tape for packaging purposes could accelerate recycling efforts globally? This is because normal adhesives tend to contaminate recycling processes, deeming the used packaging unsuitable for recycling purposes. In the relocation industry where packaging is most common, adopting such practises is a great first step in achieving a sustainable relocation industry.

2.       Pledge Commitment Towards Sustainability

Coupled with actionable protocols such as going paperless, having go-green campaigns to encourage employees to act in a more sustainable manner are good starters when it comes to integrating sustainability into a company’s DNA.

Additionally, organising hackathons and case challenges targeted at the challenges of sustainability for students also demonstrates the company’s commitment towards sustainability.

3.       Educate Employees On Sustainability Metrics

When analysing existing sustainability metrics, as far as possible, do try to rope in employees to get their take and suggestions on how to improve moving forward. This ensures that the management receives a diverse viewpoint and steers the company in the right direction towards achieving their sustainable goals.

4.       Consider Having Dedicated Sustainability Champions

Companies can consider formalising sustainability positions. This ensures that the company has adequate manpower for developing sustainability practises.

How Moovaz Can Help

At Moovaz, we value sustainable greatly and are fully aware of the values that it brings to various industries and the relocation industry specifically. As a relocation platform, we constantly strive for sustainability in the industry. 

Partner with Moovaz today and let us help your business adopt sustainable practices which, in turn, will propel their companies as well as the entire industry forward into a brighter era!

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