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Finding Opportunities Amidst Global Uncertainties | ChannelNewsAsia

Our CEO, Lee Junxian, was recently featured by ChannelNewsAsia as one of Singapore’s notable entrepreneurs, finding opportunities amidst global uncertainties.

Junxian recounts his early entrepreneur years, starting a snack stall during the 2008 global financial crisis. As market consumption decreased, Junxian and his co-founder had to develop new strategies to help their venture survive.

Fortunately, their efforts in doing so paid off, and the snack stall soon grew into a cafe chain, Reedz Cafe, operating in tertiary institutions and industrial parks. 

Now, Junxian finds himself facing a similar situation yet again, with the COVID-19 pandemic. His latest technology start-up, Moovaz, saw demand for its international moving services fall by as much as 90 percent. 

Thankfully, Moovaz’s extensive adoption of technology in offering end-to-end relocation services has enabled the start-up to survive well, thus far. 

The company is tapping on its wealth of data to solve emerging pain points in global mobility and cross-border logistics industries. It is also eyeing the new trend of remote working and tailoring its services accordingly. 

Moreover, Moovaz is leveraging on greater willingness among companies to cooperate, by expanding its partnership networks.

Junxian is not the only entrepreneur facing such a situation. Several other entrepreneurs in Singapore are leveraging on COVID-19 as an opportunity for their businesses to grow.

Ultimately, starting a business, especially during a crisis, requires the tenacity to navigate financial risks, and a true passion for entrepreneurship. 

Read the full article to learn more about what entrepreneurs in Singapore are doing to capitalise on the pandemic to grow their businesses.

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