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  • Fresh Feature Release: Achieve Greater Visibility By Customising Your Relocation Plan With Our New Dashboard!
Moovaz new dashboard

Fresh Feature Release: Achieve Greater Visibility By Customising Your Relocation Plan With Our New Dashboard!

Moovaz is back with the release of a new feature! Why? It is no doubt that many of us chase greater visibility over the process flow when indulging in services we are seeking. Sometimes, this increased visibility helps us to trust a brand more, eventually becoming loyal to the brand.

Such is more sought after by consumers in the relocation industry, in order to achieve a seamless and smoother relocation process. And Moovaz is aware of this. We are all about transparency, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology innovations to provide visibility to relocating global citizens like you.

The All-New Move Dashboard Experience Just For You

So, you might be wondering what is this new experience we have in-store for you? We shall not keep you in suspense any longer!

Below, you will find an easy guide on how to use our planner dashboard:

1. Set your origin country, destination country and move date. This sets the beginning of your move as these details on your origin, destination countries and move date will be flashed on your dashboard. Ultimately, you will have a clearer picture of your relocation process each time you log onto the platform.

2. Create your tasks or cards for the move. These tasks are automatically categorised under one of the countries; origin or destination country.

3. Find services for your tasks. Browse through our “Find a Service” page. You will find an ecosystem of vendors offering various service verticals.

4. Make any important memos. These memos are just notes to yourself should you need a place to scribble important details related to your move.

How will the Move Dashboard feature improve your experience?

Our new platform dashboard makes all things visible when managing your tasks, with an added touch of personalisation to your dashboard. Get in touch with what is uniquely relevant to you.

At a glance, you will see the countdown to the day of your move, tasks in progress and completed tasks on your dashboard. Start your worry-free relocation as you constantly keep task management in check! We have included filters which will make it easier for you to sort, view and track the pace of services engaged.

Overall Dashboard View - Home Page
Overall Dashboard View – Home Page

Have important notes related to your relocation, but not tracked on our platform? Easy. Create unique memos for your own note and view them on the dashboard. It could be information on useful contact numbers or other important reminders. Jot them down, and we will remember them for you!

Adding of Task Card to Dashboard
Adding of Task Card to Dashboard

Need to check on the latest updates for your relocation even when you are on the go? Moovaz platform dashboard prompts you with notifications to check your quotes and messages from vendors.

To integrate human touch into your relocation process, we have our Relo Buddies (Relocation Buddies) who will offer you any technical and emotional support throughout your moving journey. Our Relo Buddies are always here to help you to navigate the platform, making your experience a more meaningful one!

At this point, we don’t want to hide the most exciting feature from you any longer! Using the “Find a Service” function, search for vendors who match your requirements. For the search, feel free to explore our filters ranking vendors by costs or alphabetical sequence. Check out the information on each vendor and the corresponding cost indicators before engaging their services.

We hope to empower you with true information on relocation management companies to make informed decisions for your move. What’s more, these services will be categorised under either your selected origin country or destination country (eg. Singapore, Toronto shown below) for better organisation.

Getting a Quote - Find a Service Page
Getting a Quote – Find a Service Page

We also built a folder for you to have a clear overview of relevant documents exchanged between you and vendors, such as quotations and invoices (and more). Use it like a storage drive and sort your documents according to the their uploaded names, uploaded dates, whichever you find yourself more comfortable with.

My Folder Storage Space
My Folder Storage Space

Because at Moovaz, we want to serve you convenience and confidence in your moving journey.

What other cool features can you explore on the dashboard?

Create your own, simple, profile within minutes! Let vendors know your unique name, contact and email.

Did you know? You can also choose between task view and timeline view for the tasks on your dashboard. With this feature, you are bound to remember the more urgent tasks at hand and have your vendors deliver more timely.

Don’t you want to personalise the appearance of your dashboard too? We have some good news for you! Get to select your mood backgrounds for your dashboard from a collection of aesthetic wallpapers!

Task/Timeline View and Selection of Mood Backgrounds
Task/Timeline View and Selection of Mood Backgrounds

Just in case you were wondering, the new dashboard feature does not come at additional cost, like our current one. Improve your relocation experience with Moovaz platform this time, every time. Have you registered for your Moovaz account yet? If you haven’t…

Plan Your Journey Now! 

If you already have a registered account with us, explore and experience our latest Move Dashboard now!

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