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Vaccination in India

Guide To Getting Vaccinated In India Before Moving Abroad

When you are planning on moving out of your home to another country, checking up on your travel vaccinations is not at the forefront of your mind. You are caught up in all the excitement that you forget how important it is to get a vaccination in India before moving abroad.

Depending on where you are travelling, you may become enwrapped in multiple health issues that are only prevalent in your country of destination.

Here we have an extensive vaccination guide India for the Indians that are all set to move abroad. You might know how to move out of India, but what do you need before moving out of India in terms of taking care of your health.

So, if you don’t want to be laying sick as soon as you set foot in your new home country, you must check out our vaccination guide India here.

Vaccination Before Moving Abroad And Out Of India

Many Indians have been searching for ways how to move out of India. It could be due to economic, social, educational, or several other reasons. It is a good first step to make yourself clear on all the prerequisites for moving out of India.

However, most “how to move out of India” guides will talk about ways you can get a visa to a country or monetary stuff. They won’t talk about the topic of vaccination before moving abroad. We have got you covered. Keep reading to find out all the details in this vaccination guide India at Moovaz.

1. Know which country to move to

The first step in how to move out of India and vaccination in India is to know where to move. Maybe you have the scholarship to study in some country, are moving for educational purposes, or have secured a job in a foreign land. In the case of work or education, you would know where you are going.

If you have no such affiliation right now, you must decide which country you want to go to. Is it the USA or UK? Maybe somewhere in Europe or Asia?

Not every country has the same health issues except for the coronavirus, which is quite recent. Several places have separate diseases and health problems for which you need to vaccination in India before moving.

2. Vaccination before moving abroad – why you should do it?

Getting a vaccination helps your body fight diseases. It keeps your immune system updated so you won’t fall sick everywhere you go.

When travelling abroad, especially if it is the first time for you, you will be exposed to contagious and infectious diseases like yellow fever. So, you must make sure to get vaccination in India before moving out.

You should start gathering all the necessary information at least a month before moving abroad. There are several points to be taken care of.

You will probably need to book an appointment for vaccination in India with all the different ones. And the administering of vaccination before moving abroad should be done at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance. This is because vaccinations need time to start working and be effective.

Even in case of an immediate trip with no time to spare, you must consult your doctor to see if there are any last-minute vaccinations you should get.

 In any case, there are some general vaccinations that everybody should get while travelling. Keep reading for our vaccination guide India.

Vaccination guide India – Important vaccination before moving abroad

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Covid-19 is still going strong after more than two years now. But thankfully, we have the vaccination for the coronavirus. You must get a vaccination in India against a pandemic whether you are travelling or not.

Most countries won’t allow you to enter their premises if you don’t get a vaccination in India against the coronavirus. Even if you have some underlying health issues, you still need a detailed analysis by the doctor to confirm that you can’t have a vaccination in India under any circumstances.

However, you must know that some vaccines have been deemed safe for all kinds of underlying health issues so, there is a low chance that you will be let go without a vaccination card, especially if Covid is spreading rapidly in India, just like the current situation.

Other than the vaccination against the coronavirus pandemic, there are some general ones too which are considered as important vaccination before moving abroad.

Here is a general vaccination guide India to keep in mind.

1. Routine vaccination before moving abroad

Routine vaccination before moving abroad includes general vaccines that are usually administered to a person in childhood. They range from vaccination against diphtheria, Tetanus, Chickenpox, Flu, Measles and Mumps, Polio, and Shingles.

In the USA and most developed countries, people get vaccinated against these diseases in their younger years, and there might be some updates against one or more of these health issues. If you are already vaccinated against these issues, you might still want to check with your vaccination centre to ensure that you are up to date.

2. Covid-19 caccination before moving abroad

We have already talked about how the current pandemic deems it necessary for almost everyone to get vaccinated. All people above the age of 5 need to get a vaccination against coronavirus. You must consult your doctor before getting vaccinated, and he might even suggest the safest company vaccine for you, considering there are multiple options available with different efficacies.

The vaccination might be a single or double dose to get fully vaccinated. Nowadays, you might also have to get a booster shot to travel anywhere abroad.

3. Cholera Vaccination Before Moving Abroad

There are vaccinations to prevent cholera as it is still present in some countries of the world. You will mostly encounter cholera in underdeveloped or third-world countries. Even India has some cases of cholera. If you are travelling somewhere in Asia or Africa, you need to be particularly sure that you are vaccinated against cholera.

You can also stay clear of cholera simply by avoiding any unsafe or unhygienic food or water. Food found on the streets and in unclean corners of the road is not safe for consumption. So, make sure you have clean food and a clean source of water available.

4. Hepatitis A And B Vaccination Before Moving Abroad

Hepatitis A and B are common in India and some other parts of the world. All individuals above the age of 1 should be vaccinated against these diseases.

Infants of 6 to 11 months old must receive their usual dose of vaccination alongside a travel dose against Hepatitis. If an infant is under 6 months old, they will probably receive a dose of immune globulin.

Travellers above the age of 40 and have other health issues can get both the shot of vaccine and a dose of immune globulin.

5. Malaria And Typhoid

Typhoid fever may be contracted if you eat or drink something contaminated with germs. Also, if you are staying with family or friends, typhoid vaccination is necessary so you stay safe.

Malaria is also prevalent in some parts of the world. You can have a doctor prescribe some anti-malarial medications and take them before travelling out of India. Do your research on the part of the world you are going to check the condition of malaria.

You will need to start taking prescription medicines a few days before travelling to prevent getting them. You should also take some spare medication with you.

6. Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR)

The official vaccination guide India recommends that infants 6 to 11 months old get a Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine before travelling anywhere. This will not be counted in the child’s routine vaccination.

7. Rabies

Dogs are found everywhere. They are the most popular pet. However, not every dog bites. Some dogs, especially stary ones, might bite or scratch you. In this case, you can get rabies. There is not much treatment available for rabies.

It is best if you are vaccinated against it. If you are going on an adventure trip like on a wildlife spree, make sure you are vaccinated properly.

8. Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is caused by a mosquito bite. It can cause several symptoms like muscle ache and vomiting. You can prevent it by getting a vaccination jab that will last a lifetime. It needs to be administered at least 10 days before travelling. Some areas of the African and American continent come in high alert areas for Yellow Fever.

Cost Of Vaccination

The cost of vaccination ranges in a few thousand. Yellow fever might cost you ₹4000 to ₹5000. Vaccination for typhoid, tetanus, and diphtheria is for ₹2000 to ₹3000. Hepatitis vaccination will cost you ₹4000 to ₹5000. Covid vaccine costs between ₹1000 to ₹2000. Check with your nearest vaccination centre to get more details.

Travel Health Insurance

When you are working on how to move out of India, other than a vaccination guide India, get information on travel health insurance. Treatments and checkups in some countries are not cheap and can cost you a fortune. Travel health insurance can save a lot of time and money in your plan for “how to move out of India”. 

Bookmark this vaccination guide India and attach it to your “how to move out of India” planner. Take an audit of the health condition of the country you are moving to and seek your doctor’s help in getting the appropriate vaccinations.

After all, you don’t want a health issue to destroy your trip, especially if it’s preventable.

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