Professional nanny babysitting in Australia

How To Hire A Professional Nanny In Australia

Leaving your children alone at home in a new country can be frightening. And although daycare is an option, it can be really pricey if you’re enrolling multiple kids. Children would also feel uneasy and afraid due to a change in environment, especially when they’re adjusting to a whole new country. 

Since the government does not allow the hiring of live-in domestic helpers, hiring a nanny in Australia would be the best option. Having a reliable and trustworthy nanny will help alleviate any concerns you may have while you’re at work. Remember, it’s vital that your nanny gets along well with your child, all while also being stern to implement necessary routines like daily mealtimes.

How to bring your domestic helper to Australia

It can be hard for children to let go of their caretakers, especially if they’ve been with them for years. So while Australia does not allow live-in domestic helpers to be hired in the country, you can still take your domestic helper with you from your country to Australia under certain circumstances (usually not permanently!). 

If you’re visiting Australia for a short period as a tourist (or perhaps on a business trip), you may bring your domestic worker to apply for various visas. This also applies if you are a foreign senior executive or are visiting Australia on international relations. 

There is the Visitor Visa, which is a temporary visa given to tourists. This visa does not allow one to work or study for more than three months. Another visa available is the Temporary Activity Visa, which allows individuals to temporarily travel to Australia for work or activity purposes. Lastly, they can also apply for the Temporary Work Visa, falling under the category “Domestic Worker”. Visit [Types Of Visas For Australia and How To Obtain Them] (link article here when live) for more information on visas in Australia and how to apply for them.

However, bringing your domestic helper might not be applicable for you if you are staying in Australia for a longer period of time, or even permanently. In this case, a good alternative to a domestic helper would be hiring domestic services such as a nanny or au pair, or even regular cleaning services for the upkeep of your home.

What hiring a nanny in Australia means

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Wondering what hiring a nanny in Australia entails? We got you. A nanny is a professional caretaker who will look after your children in their own home. Nannies not only ensure your children’s safety but can also help with additional domestic duties such as meal preparations, taking your children on walks and scheduling nap times. Ensuring your children have a structured daily routine is important, and nannies can help implement that while you’re busy at work.

Employment contract

But before you hire a nanny in Australia, it is important to draft your employment contract. Your employment contract includes basic information such as your nanny’s salary and whether remuneration is hourly, daily or weekly. It should also include the expected working hours per week and information about potential overtime hours. You can also add ground rules to be followed when living in your house and professional behaviour that you expect from your nanny.

A job description within this contract is also a good idea. This allows you to list out the domestic duties you expect your nanny to complete, such as cooking meals, feeding, sending your kids to school, allocating nap times and taking them for walks. You can also implement rules about transportation in the contract, especially if your nanny is chauffeuring your children to school!

Payment and fees

Wondering how much should you pay your nanny in Australia? Take into consideration factors like experience or qualifications. If your nanny has plenty of experience, or has qualifications in early childhood, it’s important to remunerate them appropriately.

Another factor to consider is the duration required of their service. If you hire a full-time nanny, it’ll be pricer than a part-time nanny. (You’ll also be paying a higher price on weekends or public holidays!) If your nanny is working more than 30 hours a week, you should be paying for superannuation – money you pay workers to provide for their retirement.

Nanny agencies in Australia

1. We Need A Nanny

Though not exactly an agency, We Need A Nanny is a forum based in Australia where nannies and parents can interact. It allows parents to search for a skilled and reliable nanny that is suited to their needs. It also allows parents to search and view caregivers’ profiles, allowing you to choose your own nanny based on their qualifications. Parents can also post job offers, through which interested caregivers can then contact you.

For full access to the forums – where you can directly contact nannies for a job – parents need to pay a subscription fee of $10 per month. Not to mention, if you’re unhappy with the platform, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Locations where nanny services are available through We Need A Nanny include Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth and Brisbane. Start your registration here.

We Need A Nanny
Price: $10 a month to utilise the platform

2. Australian Nanny Agency

Australian Nanny Agency allows you to scout for a domestic worker of every kind, be it full-time nannies, travel nannies, nurses, maternity nurses, governesses or general household staff. As one of the leading nanny agencies in Australia, Australian Nanny Agency works closely with parents to find a trusted and reliable nanny in Australia. Its recruitment consultants also interview nanny applicants to review their qualifications, references and experiences.

Client registration fees start at $165. Job positions will be advertised for parents and agents can actively scout and contact suitable candidates via their large database. This fee is payable within 7 days and is also non-refundable. The estimated fee for a part-time nanny is $1650 per week.

Start your registration here.

Australian Nanny Agency
Price: Client registration beginning at $165. View more fees here.

3. Dream Nannies

Based in Brisbane, Dream Nannies is a professional nanny agency that is committed to ensuring its nannies provide quality care to the children of its clients. It is also a member of the Australian Nanny Association (ANA), an established company that provides support and advice to both nannies and parents. Dream Nannies recruits professional caregivers that not only have experience but also possess a positive attitude. It also does security checks and delivers first aid training to its nannies.

Client registration fees begin at $295 and are non-refundable. Once registered, Dream Nannies will advertise the available position and search its extensive database for a nanny that is suitable its clients. Nanny fees begin at $750 per week. Parents can also choose different options, such as after school care, live-out or live-in nannies.

Start your registration here.

Dream Nannies
Price: Client registration begins at $295. View more fees here.

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