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recommended home internet providers in Singapore

4 Recommended Home Internet Providers In Singapore

Looking for the best home internet providers in Singapore? Having an internet connection is everything these days. Whether you’re working from home with multiple Zoom calls to attend, or bingeing the latest episode of your favourite K-drama on Netflix, having internet at home can be crucial.

When moving to your new home in Singapore, figuring out your internet provider is essential – especially if you have a new job that requires fast internet and connectivity. However, there are multiple things for you to consider before you invest in an internet provider, such as your budget, coverage and Wi-Fi speed required. This article will give you a rundown of important things to know, as well as point you towards some of the best internet providers in Singapore.

Things to know when choosing from home internet providers in Singapore


Choosing the fastest internet plan would be futile if your internet provider doesn’t cover your area. As of the third quarter of 2020, Singtel and Starhub provided the best 4G coverage experience across Singapore, with a score of ten points each. All four major mobile service providers in Singapore had 4G coverage experience scores close to ten points in the same year.


It’s important to figure out your budget beforehand. Of course, the faster your internet, the pricier it’ll be. While everyone would enjoy splurging on the fastest fibre connection or high-speed cable, it’s good to be prudent. Things to consider: Does your job require fast internet and the best connection? Will you be having multiple meetings at home? Or are you working in your company’s office? More importantly, is it within your price range? These considerations matter in order to make the most of every buck.


Once again, consider your internet usage needs. Do you need a high connection for your work-from-home meetings? Are you an avid gamer who requires speedy internet? If you find yourself outdoors most of the time, having the fastest internet speed in Singapore may be your last priority. Instead of choosing 5G plans with the fastest fibre connection, you could settle for the more reasonable 4G plans, instead. If you have a job that requires streaming or uploading videos, consider a high-speed internet plan instead.

3 main home internet providers in Singapore

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Before you scout mobile plan providers and purchase a plan for you, it’s important to know the basics of Singapore’s network providers. Singapore has three main network service providers – Starhub, Singtel and M1. Other popular network providers include MyRepublic, ViewQwest and WhizComms.

These network service providers also have cheap mobile phone plan options that are affordable for everyone.


Singapore Telecommunications Limited, most commonly known as Singtel, is a Singaporean telecommunications conglomerate. It’s one of the top major telcos in Singapore and is also Asia’s leading communication technology group. Singtel has a presence not only in Singapore but in Asia, Australia and even Africa – reaching over 21 countries for its business. Singtel prides itself as the fastest mobile network provider in Singapore, with the fastest download speeds based on Tutela Annual Report 2020 and speeds as fast as 1.5 gb/s.


Founded in 1998, StarHub Limited is a Singaporean multinational telecommunications conglomerate. Founded in 1998, it is listed on the Singapore Exchange. StarHub is a leading homegrown Singapore company that delivers world-class communications, entertainment and digital solutions. Starhub is also the second-fastest data provider in the country with the second-best coverage, and services close to 2 million mobile customers. It also has almost a third of the Singapore market.


M1 Limited is a Singaporean telecommunications company and one of the major telcos operating in the country. Founded in 1994, M1 is a subsidiary of the Keppel Corporation and Singapore Press Holdings through their joint venture, Konnectivity. It provides communications services like mobile, fixed line and fibre offerings to over 2 million customers. It has gained achievements such as being the first operator to offer nationwide 4G service and ultra high-speed fixed broadband.


Singtel is well known across Singapore and is one of the most popular internet providers in the country. It also provides a multitude of different broadband plans to suit your needs. If you sign up online, get free weekday and weekend installations that are worth $198.50 along with exclusive deals.

Its basic 1GBPS plan ($49.50 per month) includes:

  • Singtel GPON Optical Network Router/Terminal and a Wireless dual-band Access Point for new sign-ups
  • Router warranty extension for existing customers
  • Mobile Broadband (500MB)
  • Home Line
  • 1-year complimentary Singtel Home Protect

Want something faster or perhaps have a gamer in your family? Check out Singtel’s Gamer Bundle ($63.90 per month):

  • Singtel GPON Optical Network Router for new sign-ups
  • ASUS RT-AX86U WiFi 6 Gaming Router
  • wtfast Gamers Private Network service (Supported on PC – Windows 10)
  • Mobile Broadband (500MB)
  • Home Line
  • 1-year complimentary Singtel Home Protect

Additionally, if you’re new to Singtel, switching to Singtel can get you 5 months of free 1GBPS Fibre Broadband.

Check out Singtel plans here.


Disney fans will be pleased to hear that signing up with Starhub gets you free Disney+, along with 3 months of Amazon Prime membership with no extra charges. If you love freebies, be excited to receive a 4k Android TV if you sign up for a 2GBPS Broadband plan. Its 2GBPS Broadband plan ($62.90 per month) includes:

  • FREE 43″ 4K Mi Android TV
  • 2Gbps Broadband with FREE Smart WiFi Pro worth $399
  • Disney+ 
  • FREE service activation worth $56.71
  • Top up $8 per month (U.P. $16 per month) for additional units of Smart WiFi Pro

Looking for something more affordable? Or maybe you don’t use that much wifi? Check out Starhub’s 500 MBPS plan ($29.90 per month) that includes:

  • FREE service installation worth $90
  • Top up $4/month (U.P. $8/month) for Smart WiFi or $8/month (U.P. $16/month) for Smart WiFi Pro

Check out Starhub plans here.


M1 provides a variety of plans, including 2GBPS plans, 1 GBPS plans and also 500MBPS plans. You can choose either a 12-month contract or a 24-month contract that reduces the price per month. M1 boasts having an affordable price range despite having high-speed internet. Some affordable broadband speeds can be as low as $29.90 monthly for 500 MBPS. This includes 4G Mobile broadband and home fixed voice services.

Check out M1 plans here.


If you’re working from home, need cloud backups or have multiple users, we recommend getting MyRepublic’s 1 GBPS plan. It’s perfect for web browsing and checking emails, as well as media streaming for when you have those Zoom meetings at home. Check out the No Frills 1 GBPS Broadband plan ($38.99 per month) that includes a home phone line with unlimited local calls.

Check out MyRepublic plans here.

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