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How Can Relocation Businesses Provide Visibility to Clients?

A company achieves visibility when customers feel that the business is fully transparent with its products and services. 

How can relocation businesses do that?  By making their brand proposition sharp and having relevant information on their products and services.

 A clear proposition is when businesses can communicate how products/services solve a problem, why customers should choose your company, and include the benefits of all products and services. One example is Uber’s “Tap the app, get the ride”. In six words, it has conveyed what customers need to know. Here are some other examples. 

How can businesses provide transparency to be more visible to clients

Relocation businesses can emphasise transparency in processes and communication to become more visible. Here are our six recommended ways: 

How relocation businesses provide visibility to consumers

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1. Own up to mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes relocation businesses can make is hiding or misleading customers about problems. By openly admitting fault, customers are more likely to forgive the company.

One example is when warehouses fail to keep fast pickup areas separated from bulk storage to save space. Having different items together creates clutter, making it challenging to locate merchandise and leading to wrong deliveries. So if things go missing in their care, relocation businesses must own up.

When admitting mistakes, businesses should use clear language and an empathetic tone. A good example is listening to former Samsung President and COO Tim Baxter apologising for the Samsung Note7 recall. Knowing that the brand can be transparent about mistakes leads customers to talk positively about the business, increasing visibility. 

2. Keep the information updated and avoid inconsistencies

Technological innovations can keep the information updated and avoid inconsistencies. Blockchain technology is a form of record-keeping where multiple recipients store and access data over a decentralised network. For relocation businesses, blockchain technology can support logistics that rely on documentation, communication and verification. For e.g. home purchase and sale, movement of goods, even expense records. 

Essentially, relocation businesses can manage the entire process on a blockchain. With such transparency, participants can be more efficient. 

Companies can match 3rd-party stakeholders based on demand and supply of shipping services. Cargoes can be traced in real-time to allow for efficient planning and optimisation of container space. Businesses can also make payments for completed tasks. 

Updated information affects the customer experience. United States Light E-commerce reports that 88% of Americans regularly or occasionally research products online before buying. If customers incur hidden fees and hear a return policy different from your FAQ page, they will lose interest in your products and services. In time, the visibility of your business will decline. 

3. Communicate during wait times 

Innovative businesses do not just minimise actual wait time but also the perceived wait time by communicating clearly. It’s imperative to manage how long customers think that they are waiting even if, in reality, they have not waited so long. 

Here are some suggestions companies can soften the wait: 

  • Enable 2-way real-time communications for clients to find out more about their delays. 
  • Send timely updates for customers to know that their turn is coming up.

Businesses can learn from delivery company DHL, which updates shipment status at every checkpoint. Customers can see when the courier has picked up their packages and loaded them with a tracking code. This transparency makes customers more eager to ship with DHL since they can anticipate the processes. 

Service always influences perceived wait time. When customers feel service is exceptional, they pay more attention to the brand. Brand visibility consequentially improves. 

4. Encourage feedback from customers and employees

Today, customers give more feedback than ever, thanks to social media. Excellent feedback shared generates more goodwill and visibility for the company. A bad customer experience provides the company with a chance to respond. Research firm Forrester puts it across as customers now have “the power to disrupt your business.” 

Yet, a survey reported in CampaignAsia showed only 36% of marketers in Asia-Pacific have a formal customer strategy or program in their organisation, and only 8% say they have comprehensive systems to understand customers’ needs. But giving customers a chance to feedback can be a crucial differentiator for businesses that want to achieve more visibility. 

Another area of feedback that relocation businesses should obtain is from employees. Employee surveys, positive affirmations, an open door policy are ways in which management can increase employee feedback. A positive employee culture where the company prioritises service excellence leads to better customer service, which provides more visibility. 

A great example is DHL’s Certified International Specialist (CIS) Program that trains employees in international shipping and service quality fundamentals. This program empowers employees with the knowledge to provide service excellence. When applied in real life, customers experience the difference and pay more attention, increasing brand visibility. 

5. Keep the promises your brand makes to customers 

Business visibility improves when companies show that they can keep promises. In a fast-paced world, people learn to believe in your company by keeping watch of your promises.

Marketing firm Fabrikbrand says brand promise is about assurance to customers on what to expect when purchasing your products and services. Essentially, it’s keeping to the commitment that your business will continue doing what sets you apart from your competitors. 

Companies need to deliver consistently to keep customers coming back with each interaction. If you claim efficiency as its tagline but take a long time to deliver, your customers will not return.

When a brand follows through, customers are ready to support the business, going to lengths to make the company more visible. On the other hand, broken promises lead to a damaged reputation and reduced revenue. 

6. Inform your customers of changes

Last but not least, businesses should keep customers updated about changes. The pandemic may have caused disruptions, and companies should provide complete transparency. Even without external disruptions, businesses should effectively communicate changes in products or services.

 Forbes recommends that businesses address unforeseeable changes, so customers know that the situation is genuine. Additionally, showing empathy is essential since customers may have been affected severely. The impact of a personalised, authentic voice is evident since research shows over 75% of customers say a personalised message increases their purchase chances.

How Moovaz Can Help

Overall, it’s important to show that the company prioritises transparency in its processes and communication to increase brand visibility. Without that, businesses will fail to gain stakeholder trust. Losing trust leads to declining business visibility, and that will certainly affect revenue in the long run. 

Here at Moovaz, we put our understanding of transparency into the relocation process. Our platform provides information from trustworthy sites for customers at every step of their relocation journey. Partner with us today to provide your customers with full visibility over their relocation process!

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