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How Has the Covid 19 Pandemic Affected the Relocation Industry?

The relocation industry is one that was perhaps one of the biggest victims of the Covid 19 pandemic. Companies across a variety of industries had to completely rethink their mode of operations and come up with creative new ways to function ever since the pandemic struck. The relocation industry, in particular, has had to adapt quite a bit and make many different changes.

The big change that almost all relocation-based companies have had to make is that they’ve had to digitize pretty much the entirety of their operations in order to make things easier for their clients. Since physical interaction was severely limited during Covid, companies had to rely entirely on virtual methods of interacting with one another such as Zoom calls and other similar methods. 

There’s also the fact that global mobility itself was affected a great deal during the pandemic due to the multitudes of travel restrictions that were put in place. Countries had to lock down their borders which is why relocation became borderline impossible in most cases so the entire relocation industry had to adapt a great deal throughout this entire period.

The Current Trends in the Relocation Industry Since Borders Opened Up

Fortunately, it seems that we’ve now reached a point where we can actually begin to put this pandemic behind us. With vaccinations steadily rising, countries all over the world have opened up their borders and more countries are following suit at an impressive pace. Ever since these borders have started to open, the industry has seen an array of different trends that we’re here to discuss in this particular article.

1. An Increase in Digital Nomads

This is perhaps one of the most common trends across pretty much every single industry, including the relocation industry. The Covid 19 pandemic has led to a significant increase in digital nomads all over the world. In the US, digital nomads saw an increase of nearly 50% from 2019 and this is an enormous figure that demonstrates just how much various industries have had to adapt to the pandemic.

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2. Moving Services Taking Extra Precautions While Helping Clients Relocate

There’s no doubt that the risk involved in helping clients relocate has gone up a fair bit ever since the Covid 19 pandemic struck. While we certainly have vaccines and more effective treatments now than we did in the past, we live in a different world now and most people are naturally far more cautious. This can be seen in various moving services that take much more precautions when helping clients relocate to different places. These extra precautions are due to the added risks that are involved in the relocation process in the aftermath of Covid 19

3. New Hires Seem to Be the Focus for Companies

According to a survey conducted by Neighbor, 24% of people in 2021 were relocated for completely new job opportunities whereas only 6% were relocated for an existing job. This demonstrates that companies are looking outside their usual areas of operations to hire top talent and get the best possible people for each individual role. This is certainly something that can be a driving factor in helping the relocation industry prosper in the aftermath of Covid 19 and it shows that many organizations are more than willing to globally relocate talent in order to progress further.

What You Can Do to Stay Up on the Latest Trends

Staying up to date with the latest trends in the relocation industry has become pretty much essential for any company that’s operating in this area currently because these trends are constantly shifting and developing. Things are certainly settling down after Covid 19 but the landscape is still somewhat volatile which is why country policies and several other factors keep changing. There are, of course, quite a few things that you can do as a business to ensure that you always remain up to date on the latest trends are never caught off guard by any new developments that occur in this space.

1. Constantly Follow Up on Government Travel Restriction Updates

This is perhaps one of the most essential steps that any business operating in the relocation industry can take to stay up to date with the latest trends. No matter how many different countries your business stretches across, it’s critical to ensure that you and your entire organization remain up to date on all the recent travel restriction updates so you can adjust and operate accordingly. The Omicron variant, for instance, has caused a variety of changes in travel restrictions across different countries, and companies that haven’t remained up to date regarding these changes have had to struggle.

2. Additional platforms to keep up with latest business insights

How Moovaz Can Help with the Latest Trends in the Relocation Industry

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